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Eren swallowed down his nerves.

This really wasn’t how he expected his night to go.

Considering Levi’s reputation, he expected his proposition to be met with two possible responses: Either a curt “Gross. Absolutely not.” or a “Sure, bend over and let’s get this over with.”

Levi’s careful consideration and conflicted expression set him off balance. But it was that conflict that he zeroed in on. Levi was considering it, he just needed to know that Eren really wanted it. And he really did.

“I need a drink.” Levi said, standing and making his way to one of his shelves. He pulled a bottle of caramel-coloured liquor off the shelf with two glasses. He set them on the table and poured them each a small amount. He pushed one towards Eren.

“For your nerves.” He said. Then he picked up his own glass. “For mine.”

He tossed back the drink and winced at the burn.

Eren followed suit, not wanting to fall behind. He didn’t know what Levi had to be nervous about, but knew this wasn’t the time for questions.

“Get up.” Levi told him.

Eren stood, feeling the alcohol slosh in his stomach. He hoped it would kick in soon, he was suddenly terribly, horrifically nervous. Now that it was actually happening, all sorts of insecurities popped into his head. What if he was bad at it? What if Captain Levi didn’t like his body? Was it going to hurt?

“Come here.” Levi took one of his hands and led him to the bed in the corner. Eren went willingly, blinking as if he expected to wake up any moment. Levi pushed him down by the shoulders, never breaking eye contact. Eren noticed the way his hair fell haphazardly over his brow, the fine sheen of perspiration on his upper lip. Also, his sharp frown.

“You’re sure?” Levi asked again.

Eren gulped and nodded, his hands fisting in the bedding.

Levi took a step closer, nudging Eren’s legs apart with his boot. He came into Eren’s space, his lithe form slotting there perfectly.

Levi moved his hands to Eren’s shoulders almost hesitantly. But once the connection was made, he seemed to come alive. His hands rubbed Eren’s shoulders, trying to ease some of the tension, before he leaned in close.

Their lips only a breath away, he whispered, “We can stop at any time. If there’s something you don’t like, just tell me.”

Eren went to nod his understanding, but was cut off when Levi moved in. Slowly, so deliberately, he pressed his lips to Eren’s. Just a chaste kiss, closed-mouthed and yet it sent a warmth cascading through Eren’s body, tumbling down into his belly. He sighed at the contact. Levi slotted their lips together, stuttered breaths mingling between them.

Levi moved slowly, gradually easing Eren’s mouth open. His hands found their way into Eren’s grown-out locks and carded his fingers through his hair in pace with his lips. It felt...nice. Like he was melting into Levi with each press of their mouths together.

Tentatively, Eren raised his hands and rested them on Levi’s hips. Levi just moved closer. Encouraged, Eren followed his instincts and dipped his tongue out - just lightly, just to get a taste of Levi’s lips. Levi hummed and deepened the kiss, sliding his own tongue into Eren’s mouth and gripping his hair tighter. Levi’s tongue in his mouth and his show of enthusiasm made Eren’s guts tighten and he felt the heat pooling between his legs as his blood traveled south.

He couldn’t believe this was really happening. Captain Levi was kissing him. Captain Levi was pressing closer to him with every passing moment. Soon they’d be touching...everywhere.

Eren’s control started to slip. He gripped Levi’s hips, sliding his hands roughly up the hard muscles of Levi’s back, wanting to feel, wanting to be closer. He also wanted to please. With Levi’s many other lovers in his mind, he didn’t want to be remembered as a bumbling kid, too scared to touch him. Levi groaned, leaning into the touch. He pulled off Eren’s mouth and looked down at him.

“Yes,” He said clearly through labored breaths. “Like that.”

The lust that oozed from Levi’s words went straight to Eren’s co*ck. He could feel it straining in his pants and longed to reach in and take it out.

Somehow he managed to figure out that wasn’t the right move. Instead, he moved his hands lower to Levi’s ass and gave it a rough squeeze. He couldn’t stop himself, it was right there, and it had always looked so tempting in those uniform pants. A broken moan fell from his mouth and, embarrassed, he looked up to Levi to see if he’d made a mistake.

Levi’s face looked down at him in clear surprise, but he didn’t seem angry. He raised an eyebrow and just said, “Oh.”

Eren didn’t have any time to consider what that meant because Levi pushed him down onto the bed, hard. He stared up in wonder as Levi first loosened, then shucked off his cravat and immediately began unbuttoning his cuffs.

“Well?” He said, setting his cufflinks on the stand by the bed and starting on his top buttons. “Strip.”

Eren yanked off his shirt in one swift motion, not wanting to miss one frame of Levi undressing in front of him. Undressing for him. Levi actually smirked. Maybe it was that encouraging smirk or maybe it was just his hunger, but he couldn’t stop himself from reaching out and grabbing Levi by the belt the moment his hands had touched the leather to remove it.

He pulled at the belt like it offended him, snapping the leather from the hook. Levi’s hands came on top of his.

f*ck. Too eager.

Eren looked up, expecting to see Levi’s disapproval. But Levi’s eyes were hooded and he still wore that smirk, as menacing as it was charming.

“Slower.” He instructed.

Eren shivered. That tone was so close, too close, to one Levi would use with him during training. He obeyed with renewed determination to do this right. He slid Levi’s belt all the way off, keeping the pressure light and his pace controlled. Until the very end, when he couldn’t help but tug it off and watch Levi’s hips sway with the movement.

Levi looked pleased.

Eren went to unbutton Levi’s pants when he noticed the bulge. He didn’t know how he hadn’t noticed it before, had Levi been hiding it somehow, leaning it away from him?

Eren reached out and laid his palm on it.

“Hah.” Levi’s eyes slipped shut, mouth hanging open and chest rising and falling quickly.

This is why he’s so popular. Eren thought as he unbuttoned Levi’s pants and pulled them down over his hips. He never imagined Levi would be so open, so responsive given how often he does this. Bitterly, he wondered if Levi acted like this with all his partners. Despite proposing this arrangement himself, Eren still wanted to feel special, somehow.

“You don’t have to be scared of it.” Levi husked. There was a shaky excitement lacing the words.

He likes this. Eren thought. He wants me to touch him.

And all thoughts of other people touching his Captain flew out of Eren’s head.

He pulled Levi by the hips until his nose was pressed into the crevice of his hip, breathing him in through his underwear. Vaguely, he worried that Levi might find it weird but he really couldn’t stop himself. If he did something wrong, he had faith that Levi would correct him.

“f*ck, Eren...” Levi breathed, his hands finding Eren’s hair. So slight it was almost imperceptible, he pressed himself against Eren’s face. A groan fell unbidden from his lips.

“Clothes off. Now.”

Eren’s hands flew to his fly and he had his pants off by the time Levi had shed his own and folded them once before throwing them on a chair. Eren was touched by the carelessness. Now just down to their underwear, Levi saved Eren the question and bent over to pull his underwear off, leaving himself completely bare.

Not to be outdone, Eren reached for his underwear but stopped when Levi straightened up. There was the body Eren was plenty familiar with, but different. Larger than in his memory, smaller than it could possibly be given the strength of it. And there, sprouting from a dark patch of hair - a co*ck. Captain Levi’s co*ck, hard enough to graze his navel and leave a glossy trail against it.

“Let me.” Levi said, reaching down to where Eren lay half on the bed and tugging his underwear down. Purposefully fast, if Eren could discern, judging from the way Levi’s lip twitched at the sound his co*ck made when it slapped against his abdomen.

“You’ve grown up so much.” Levi said, his voice filled with awe as he gazed down at Eren laying on the bed. Eren’s co*ck twitched. He’d been working hard to build muscle and it felt incredible to have his efforts noticed by his Captain.

And then Levi was crawling onto Eren’s lap, causing Eren’s brain to short-circuit. Everywhere their skin touched Eren felt himself lighting up, sparks crackling just under his skin. Levi straddled Eren and pulled him into a bruising kiss, which Eren clumsily returned. He was halfway sitting up, with Captain Levi writhing naked in his lap. This was better than he ever could have hoped for, more erotic than even his most fervent fantasies.

His hands grasping Eren’s hair by the root, Levi kissed him open-mouthed and frantic. He ground their co*cks together, moving in a rhythm that had Eren stuttering his hips.

Levi pulled off his mouth. “I wish I knew you were coming. I would’ve prepared...”

It took Eren a moment to understand what Levi meant, and his co*ck pulsed at the implication when it became clear. Levi would...Levi would let him...

He would bury his co*ck into his Captain tonight.

Eren blushed when he thought about the preparation Levi had alluded to, considering that he might bear witness to such a lewd and intimate process.

He must do that sometimes. Prepare himself for...other partners.

Eren felt the jealousy rip through him. He grabbed Levi by the ass and latched onto his neck. He just wanted to be closer, he wanted all their skin to be closer, touching everywhere. He wanted Levi to feel him, no one but him, inside and out.

Levi, luckily, took Eren’s possessiveness for enthusiasm and just kissed him back even harder.

“We don’t have much time, do we?” He teased.

Eren let the dig roll right off him, because Levi was right. He was ready to burst.

“No, please...I want...I want...” Eren thrusted his hips up, his co*ck seeking friction it couldn’t quite find.

“What do you want, Eren?” Levi all but purred.

Hesitation doesn’t get you anywhere. The gorgeous man currently writhing in his lap taught him that. “I want to be inside you.”

“Thought so.”

Taking Eren’s hand with purpose, Levi let his mouth fall open and slipped two of Eren’s fingers into his mouth. He sucked on them, staring at Eren through sooty lashes over pink-tinged cheeks. Eren had never seen a more erotic sight and marveled at how easily his experienced Captain blushed.

Levi withdrew Eren’s fingers from his slack mouth and led them around himself, arching his back as he did. Eren’s breath stuttered in anticipation as Levi led his fingers to his hole.

“Have you done this before?” Levi whispered and Eren knew what he meant.

“No.” Eren breathed out. He sighed as his finger began to rub over Levi’s hole.

He pushed the first digit in, eager, unable to wait for direction. Levi made the tiniest of whimpers deep in his throat and Eren couldn’t believe he was being treated to such a sound. Forcing himself not to move too quickly, he sunk his finger into the tight heat of his Captain. Levi tensed around him but didn’t complain.

Levi moved back against Eren’s fingers, directing him with the tilt of his hips. Even though he was lacking in experience, Eren had heard the talk in the barracks. He prodded, he delved, and when he curled his finger experimentally, Levi tensed.

Eren paused, afraid he’d hurt Levi. But Levi just let out a shaky breath, “Yes, right there.”

Eren rubbed the spot again and was rewarded with a small moan. He brushed over it a few more times, petting it and drinking up all the little noises Levi was making in the back of his throat and trying to hide.

“Add another.” Levi directed, moving in time with Eren’s ministrations. He averted his eyes, playing shy. “You need to...stretch me.”

Eren was glad for the direction, because as much as he was enjoying fingering Levi, his co*ck was anxiously awaiting what came next. He withdrew and went back in with two fingers.

There was almost no resistance, which Eren took to be a good sign. He repeated his motions, delving and scissoring and curling into that spot that made Levi groan. Even though Levi no doubt did this all the time, Eren wanted to be thorough. The way Levi was writhing on top of him, moving in time with Eren’s thrusting fingers, made Eren breathless. He didn’t want it to ever end.

He never imagined it would happen like this, never thought he’d get to take his Captain apart piece by piece with his inexperienced fingers. Sweat glistened on Levi’s expanding chest and Eren couldn’t resist tonguing a pert nipple. Levi’s shudder reverberated on his lips.

“E-Eren,” Levi breathed, running his hands over Eren’s firm shoulders. “I’m ready.”

Eren looked up. Levi’s eyes were lidded, his lips wet. He looked debauched, hungry, slu*tty. Eren’s co*ck ached in a way it never had before. He wanted it inside Levi, wanted it deep inside of him.

Levi pulled Eren’s arms from around him and pushed Eren down onto his back. He picked up a small vial from the bedspread - where had that come from?- and poured the liquid from it into his hand, letting it pool between his fingers. Then he hitched himself up and took hold of Eren’s co*ck.

“Ah-” Eren gasped at the feeling of Levi’s slick fingers on his sensitive flesh.

“Are you ready?” Levi asked.

Eren nodded, willing himself not to come as Levi spread the oil up and down his shaft, rubbing the head with his thumb.

“We’ll go slow.” Levi promised.

And then he was lining Eren up, smearing the co*ckhead over his slippery hole. Eren gripped the sheets, staring up at his gorgeous Captain. Levi’s hair fell in front of his eyes and he looked at Eren with so much want that Eren thought he might explode.

Then Levi planted his hands on Eren’s chest and started to sink down. They both grimaced at first. It was so tight on Eren’s co*ck it was almost painful, but he relished the feeling, glad that he didn’t shoot his load the moment he was inside Levi.

Moving torturously slow, Levi sank down. His eyes were closed tight as he took in Eren’s hot length, hissing through his teeth until they were finally flush. Only then did he open his eyes and look down at the young scout.

Levi’s heat surrounded Eren’s co*ck, choking him like a vice. He wished he’d had time to stretch Levi more, somehow knowing that he could pound into him with abandon if he had. But he suspected Levi had wanted it like this, probably knowing it would give Eren the best chance of lasting more than a few moments, possibly even enjoying the feeling of Eren’s hard co*ck parting his tight walls.

Eren’s co*ck throbbed at the thought of Levi wanting it like this, wanting to feel Eren spearing him. His hips bucked up of their own accord, causing both of them to groan and grit their teeth. Levi lifted his hips an inch and sunk back down again, the slide easier this time, and that was when Eren lost his grasp on his control.

His hands snapped to Levi’s hips, wrapping around his Captain’s small frame easily. He thrusted up once, his co*ck wanting to be buried as deep as it could go into that unforgiving heat.

“Ah!” Levi cried out, brokenly. His fists curled on Eren’s chest, nails digging into the skin. Levi was so light, despite his strength, and it was easy for Eren to lift him up and pull him back down onto his co*ck.

He didn’t want to hurt Levi, but he trusted the man to tell him if he took him too rough or went too fast. Levi was always happy to correct Eren’s mistakes on the field and Eren knew this was no different. So he lifted him up again with both hands and f*cked him down onto his co*ck, rough and hungry. He didn’t even realize he was growling as he did it.

“Ah-ah, f*ck Eren.” Levi gasped, eyes wide as he realized Eren wasn’t waiting for directions anymore. One of his hands curled around his bobbing co*ck. Eren’s eyes shot to it, lips parting as he watched the small pale hand wrap around the angry red member and start stroking.

Encouraged, aroused and overwhelmed by the need to keep f*cking his co*ck into Levi’s hole, Eren started driving into him with abandon. He couldn’t believe how it felt, the Captain was his, all his, only his. He pulled Levi down onto him as he bucked up, creating a push and pull that made his gut twist. He realized suddenly that he was about to come.

“Ah! Captain, I’m...I’m...” Eren grunted, f*cking Levi down onto his co*ck harder and harder.

Levi’s hand moved faster over his co*ck, eyes clamping shut as his abdomen tightened. “f*ck, Eren, yes.”

Eren felt Levi tighten up around him and he drove in deep before holding him there. Levi’s hand stilled and he yelped, loud and without composure, as thick ropes of cum shot out of his straining co*ck. It covered Eren’s chest, landing hot and thick on his sweat-slicked skin.

Eren had done that. He’d made Levi come on his co*ck. It was Captain Levi’s spend now dripping down his chest and pooling around his navel.

That was it for Eren. He thrusted once, twice, three more times before he pulled Levi tight against him and spilled inside, hot and deep. He gripped Levi’s hips hard enough to bruise, chasing a primal need to go deeper. His brain exploded in a nebula of sensation, the bliss networking out from his groin to the rest of his body. Nothing, nothing, had ever felt like this. Tightening and expansive at once, like they were now one person but somehow outside of their bodies at the same time.

He came back down to the sound of Levi’s ragged breaths. He could feel their hearts beating fast and out of sync. He slowly became aware of the sweat cooling on his body, the hair sticking to his forehead, and the sticky wetness where he and Levi were still connected.

Still catching his breath, Eren let out a shaky sigh. Or maybe it was a laugh. He wasn’t quite sure. He’d just come inside his Captain, inside Levi. It was like a dream come true...

Except he was starting to feel...nervous, now. The fog was clearing and made way for the outside world to come tumbling in. Maybe now that Levi had had his fun, he’d revert back to his usual self and dismiss Eren promptly. Eren lie down, to keep Levi in his arms, to hang onto him for a bit longer...

But Levi was already pulling away. Eren released him, knowing he had no chance of keeping him where he wanted him. They weren’t lovers. They couldn’t be lovers, because to Levi this was just...release. He did this with everyone. Now that the rush was over, Eren felt sick with the realization that Levi had probably done this out of pity. He felt his eyes begin to sting.

“Ugh, we’re disgusting.” Levi groaned as he pulled them apart. He lifted himself up and Eren felt himself slip out of his Captain, soft and inert.

The stinging intensified and Eren tried to blink it away. It only got worse when he realized Levi was staring at him. He felt hot all over.

“Eren?” Levi asked in a tone Eren had never heard before. He blinked the tears out of his eyes, but that only made them fall down his face.

Before Eren could slap his hands over his eyes, and hide from this mortifying moment, Levi had moved in. He put his hands in Eren’s hair and pressed their foreheads together.

“Hey...” He said in that gentle tone again. “I didn’t mean anything by it. You’re not disgusting. know how I am...”

Eren blinked, trying to focus his vision. He wasn’t sure what Levi was saying, wasn’t really sure why he was even crying, but he’d give anything to hear Levi speak to him in that familiar way again.

“We need to clean up because we’re absolutely filthy, but don’t think for a minute that I’m not glad we are. You did a very good job, Eren.”

Levi laughed, a short, hoarse sound at his own confession. Eren couldn’t help but laugh himself at hearing such a beautiful noise.

“Yeah?” He dared to ask in a thick voice.

Levi leaned in and kissed him. Slow and thorough, without the frantic need from before, but with something sweeter. His lips were wet and his tongue teased Eren’s own, chasing away his fears. Eren felt his co*ck filling out and felt it bump against Levi’s.

Levi pulled back with a little chuckle and an annoyed look that seemed entirely put on. “And that’s why we need to clean up. As great as that was, I’m not gonna be able to go again. You were a little rough on me.”

Eren went hot at the implication. “I’m so sorry.”

“Don't be.” Levi said, leaving no room for argument as he crawled off of Eren’s lap with a groan. “Just sit there while I get something to clean us up.”

Eren lounged on Levi’s bed, feet on the floor, come cooling on his chest and groin, as he watched Levi retrieve what he needed from a nearby shelf. He looked much smaller now, and, if Eren wasn’t mistaken, a little unsteady at the knees. Filling his water basin, he efficiently cleaned himself with a damp towel.

Eren didn’t complain when Levi wiped him down, even though the water was cold and the towel rough. He couldn’t believe the care he was receiving, the attention. He never wanted it to end. He wanted it again. He wanted Levi all to himself.

He thought again of Levi’s other partners...did Levi treat them this way? With this kind of care and consideration? Or was it because it was Eren’s first time? He didn’t want Levi to coddle him like some sort of child. It came into direct conflict with how badly he wanted to show Levi what he could do to him, what he had done to him just a few minutes before.

He grabbed onto Levi’s wrist. “You don’t have to...I mean, just because it was my first time doesn’t mean you have to...”

“Tch. Says the boy who was just crying.” He looked Eren in the eye. “You really think I’d be doing this if it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing?”

Eren actually thought about it for a moment. Whatever his reasons, Captain Levi obviously really liked having sex. Even with first-timers, it seemed. As much as Eren wanted to possess Levi now, keep him all to himself, it wasn’t his right.

“No, you do what you want and I respect that. I really do, Captain.”

Tch. Don’t call me Captain.” Levi said immediately but Eren caught a little blush staining the bridge of his nose.

“You’re incredible.” Eren professed, in awe. Levi responded by wiping the towel up Eren’s co*ck quite roughly, eliciting an unsexy yelp.

“And you,” he said as he cleaned Eren thoroughly. “Are a horny brat who needs to let an old man rest. Just because we’re off duty tomorrow doesn’t mean I’m going to let you sleep in all morning.”

Had he just implied that Eren would sleep here?

Satisfied with the state of cleanliness achieved, Levi tossed the towel into a basket in the corner and turned around to face Eren. His hands were on his hips, his soft co*ck resting gently against his thigh. He seemed completely at ease with his nudity.

“Come on,” Levi made an impatient gesture. “Get in, I want to go to sleep.”

Eren shuffled awkwardly under the covers, causing Levi to tsk and straighten the blankets before crawling under them himself. He put out the light, leaving them in total darkness.

Eren felt Levi roll over onto his side. Just as he was about to settle in on his back, he heard Levi’s gruff order.

“Get over here.”

Which is how Eren found himself spooning his Captain, who he was now realizing he was probably actually in love with at the same moment he realized Levi was completely unavailable in the way that he wanted him. Eren lay awake listening to Levi’s breaths evening out until at some point, he drifted off as well.

Rumors - Feral_Faucet - Shingeki no Kyojin (2024)


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