It was time for me to get out of this house, If we really loved each other then we needed to talk it out and right our wrongs. I had blocked him on my phones so I couldn't see his location. I remembered that I was still sharing my location with him on my iPad. I went upstairs to change into something comfortable, I wore a Dennis Rodman graphic tee and black tights.

I came downstairs so that I could get the cookies off the cooling rack, I put them in a container and then paused my music cause when I got back home ima vibe and then go to bed.

Anyways, I had checked Ja's location and he was at the gym. I grabbed the keys to my BMW off the counter. I hated this weather it's so damn hot for no reason. As soon as I walked out of the house the sun started cooking me like I'm already black enough. When I got into my car, I pressed the push start button and then I buckled up. I turned the AC on high cause it's too hot for it to be on low. I waited till my car was cool, ian pulling off till it is cool in here. I turned on LOVE ME AGAIN, the lyrics just hit for some reason. It was the remix this time but with Mariah the scientist and Lil Gotit.

"They didn't know it was you and me. Right or wrong, but I never leave. I could let you go, but it won't be long." I sang with Mariah. Whew, she always carrying somebody on their song.

After the song had went off, DIFFERENT PAGES started playing. My favorite part was now playing.

It ain't nothing but understood that I let a nigg* play me

Won't let you do it twice, won't do the same thing

Won't let you make it right, no need in changing

No need in claiming me

And as much as you know it pains me

Ion know why but I started crying cause I could relate to these lyrics. I feel like when we were in high school our relationship was better. Ja didn't cheat and he didn't lie. That all started when he got drafted and when I had that miscarriage. He used to be so faithful, there were times when he was nonchalant but now he's just dark and cold. I knew that there was no changing him.

I cried softly while driving to the gym, I arrived at the gym. As I walked into the gym, I spotted his Rolls-Royce, a shiny behemoth in the parking lot. Entering, I heard the familiar sound of Jamel's workout playlist, bass pumping through the speakers. He was lifting weights, his body glistening with sweat, muscles flexing with each lift. Our eyes met, and I knew he could see the sadness I felt. The argument had left me wounded, and he knew it. He put the weights down and approached me, his tall, muscular frame intimidating yet comforting.

Without a shirt on, his bare chest gleamed, and I couldn't help but remember all the times my head lay on that chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. I held out the container of cookies, unable to speak as tears welled up in my eyes. He took the cookies and set them aside, then pulled me into a tight embrace. My face buried into his naked chest, his strong arms around me, feeling safe and loved despite our recent rift. I started crying, letting out all the hurt and frustration of our separation. He smelled so good, a mix of sweat and his signature cologne, and I inhaled deeply, savoring his scent.

"I'm sorry, baby," He whispered, his deep voice rumbling through his chest. "I never meant to hurt you. I love you mama, I'm sorry, can we talk, please?"

I nodded, unable to speak, and he suggested we go back to my house. I agreed, wiping away my tears, and we left the gym, hand in hand, a silent truce as we headed to my car. He had given the keys to his car to his homeboy. The drive to my house was tense but hopeful. We sat in silence, both of us processing our emotions and preparing for the conversation ahead. As we entered my house, the tension rose, and we sat down on the couch, facing each other.

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