Katt Williams’ 10 Kids Are The Reason Why He Has A Comedy Career (2024)

He may have revealed his thoughts about every person in the comedy industry, but Katt Williams is pretty private about his kids. Though, the 52-year-old comedian talks about parenting very candidly.

Katt Williams was born as Micah Williams in Cincinnati, Ohio, and had a strict upbringing. He became emancipated at the age of 13 and went to Florida to jumpstart his comedy career. He rose to fame performing in comedy clubs and became a mainstream hit. He starred in Friday After Next, was a recurring guest on Wild ‘n Out, and provided the voice of A Pimp Named Slickback in The Boondocks.

With wildly popular Netflix specials out, the comedian cemented himself on the pop culture hall of fame with his three-hour interview with ESPNFirst Takecorrespondent Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay where he pretty much went through the roster of every comedian out there and spoke his truth.

During the conversation, he also talked about fatherhood and how it impacted his lifestyle and comedy.

Katt Williams’ Kids

Take a look below on what Katt Williams said about his kids.

  • How many kids does Katt Williams have?

    Katt Williams has a total of ten kids. The comedian shares one biological son Micah, with ex-wife Quadirah Locus. Williams also has seven adopted kids.

    “I got five daughters, I got five sons,” Williams told Sharpe on Club Shay Shay.

  • He has one biological son, Micah

    Katt Williams’ 10 Kids Are The Reason Why He Has A Comedy Career (1)

    Micah Williams is Katt Williams’ son with a woman named Quadirah Locus. Micah was born in 1995. The two married, but in an interview with The New Yorker, Williams claimed that he raised him as a single father.

  • His son Micah is the reason why he has his stage name

    In an interview with The New Yorker, Katt revealed that the reason why he named himself Katt was because of an unfortunate accident with his son.

    Micah dropped his bottle while Katt was holding him and knocked out his front teeth. To help him during his comedy sets, he wore a hat onstage so that the brim would cast a shadow over his mouth. He called himself Katt in the Hat and shortened it to Katt.

  • Katt Williams adopted at least 7 of his children

    From his relationship with Quadirah Locus, Katt Williams had adopted her children from her previous relationship. According to Distractify, Katt adopted to shield them from the foster care system.

  • Katt Williams talked candidly about adopting

    In his famous Club Shay Shay interview, Sharpe interrogated why the comedian had so many kids.

    “That’s a lot of kids — for a man that’s as busy as you are, travels as much as you do, [is] on the road as much as you are, spends a lot of time — I mean, it’s not easy. Maybe it just so comes so natural to you… but that’s a lot of responsibility, Katt,” Sharpe said.

    Williams responded, “Right, but if there was a God, what would he think about you if you did that? Let’s say, for example, that God is real, and let’s say he be looking at what you do. What would he say if you did that?” To which, Sharpe said that he would find his actions to be “kind” and “generous.”

    “My whole life, since I was telling you when I was young, and they was asking me what I wanted to be… I wanted to be God’s friend,” Williams said. “That’s a weird thing if you a atheist… but if you believe in God and I tell you that I wanted to be God’s friend… you could understand where I’m at… I got exactly what I was trying to get.”

  • He was in a custody battle with his daughter, Leanne

    According to TMZ, Katt Williams was in a legal battle with Crystal McGhee over their adopted daughter Leanne. The gossip site reported that the comedian had visitation rights alternate weekends.

  • Katt Williams wants his kids to have a better childhood than what he had

    William told Sharpe that he didn’t want his kids to grow up with the same strict childhood he had. “Basically, in raising kids, you just try to give them a better manual and an outline of how life works than your parents gave you,” he explained. “I didn’t do good by leading by example, but behind the scenes, that’s never what I was pushing. They understood that because of my stance, a certain thing would come my way.”

    “And so accountability and responsibility is part of what you are teaching,” he added. “Even if you are doing the greatest thing in the world, there is a thing called ‘no good deed goes unpunished.’”

  • Katt Williams was married twice, technically

    Katt Williams was married to Quadirah Locus who he had his first child, Micah with. The two later divorced.

    In addition, he was in a “legal union” with Eboni Gray. TMZ reportedthat Gray had asked thecourtsto annul her alleged domestic partnership with William in 2016. The site reported that Gray wanted the annulment because Williams.was of “unsound mind” while they were together. However Williams claimed no romantic involvement.

  • He's been in plenty of relationships

    As well as his marriages, Katt Williams has been in relationships with Jhonni Blaze, Arica Kane, Hazel-E, and Maryse Selit.

    After his first marriage, he told Sharpe, “Most people that are not married is because they’re afraid of commitment. It’s not like that for me. The whole time I wanted to be married I had kids, so I had to try to fill my wife’s place before she got there… I gotta be doing laundry, washing dishes, reading stories, having to nurture.”

Katt Williams’ 10 Kids Are The Reason Why He Has A Comedy Career (2024)
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