Completed - Pokemon Sunday (2024)

For minor updates, just download the rgssad patch file and replace the version in your game project root folder.
For major updates, replace your whole folder with the full download (The save file is elsewhere)
Make sure the .rgssad, .exe, and .configuration file all have the same name; e.g. Sunday.exe, Sunday.rgssad

10/02/22 - v2.9.5
Download and replace the full game folder to update to this version
Fixes a game breaking bug with the Cherry battle
Moves Landorus T and Lucario to proper battle tower tiers
Adds close combat to Blaziken's moveset

09/19/22 - v2.9.4
Finally adds backsprites for Legends Arceus Pokemon
Adds mystery gift and custom trainer for Renegame_Master
Small bug and text fixes
Adds a few immersion QoL improvements and events, like a Geodude on R2 who throws rocks at you for no reason other than I found it funny.

06/04/22 - v2.9.3
Fixed a bug with Overqwil's typing and H-Decidueye's ability
Fixed a bug for randomizers (if you started a randomizer before this version, go reset the random assignment at the terminal in Cherry's lab)
Minor text fixes

05/20/22 - v2.9.2
Fixed evolution method for Kleavor
Labeled Enamorus as legendary to get the proper shiny rate

05/18/22 - v2.9.1

Fixed evolution method for Basculegion
Set spawn location for White Stripe Basculin
Fixed white stripe basculin ability
Included method to get Enamorus
Copied frontsprites of new PLA pokemon as temporary backsprites to prevent crash
Fixed a bug with U-turning into a pokemon with Illusion ability
Made it so Landorus-T is in competitive tier at battle tower

05/16/22 - v2.9.0
Legends Arceus Pokemon and moves (Currently no backsprites, waiting on Gen 8 sprite project)
Updated sets for battle tower
Pokemon exchanged for regional variants have movepool properly reset
Many small bug and text fixes
Changed/fixed some movesets
A bunch of way overdue Mystery Gifts
Custom trainers at the gold city tournament for @digass01 and @zagan

10/03/21 - v2.8.16
Adds Mr. Geets Championship team from the showdown tournament to the Gold City arena
Fixes a bug with misty terrain
Changes fly spot for Germanium Village to match postgame house
Adds a nurse outside battle tower
Carbon Slums gym trainers no longer move after defeated to prevent softlocks

09/05/21 - v2.8.16
Makes Furfrou forms not revert in PC box
Makes Griseous Orbs and Drives purchaseable for BP if radio tower quest is finished
Fixes and adds some shiny tiles
Adds a new custom trainer to the tournament for Shoeless
Makes the Custom Shiny Vivillon its own form, and restores normal shinies
Minor Text fixes

08/12/21 - v2.8.15
Max number of storage boxes increased to 100
Furfrou forms added, can be changed at gold city groomer
Groomer can do unlimited grooms per day but at $2,000 cost
Fixed a bug with Skydrop
Fixed 2 Vivillon front sprites
Added Mystery Gifts
Added a custom trainer for tigrangel for completing the national dex

07/03/21 - v2.8.14
Download the Patch into your game folder if you are on v2.8.11+ already. If you are on an older version, Download and replace the full game folder to update
Fixes a bug with Battle tower pokemon that don't have full movesets (like Ditto with just one move)
Small tileset and bug fixes

06/28/21 - v2.8.13
Bans Lightball Pikachu to Normal for Battle Tower
Fixes @Wooftydog#3177 Mystery gift
Adds new mystery gifts
Many small bug, tileset and text fixes
Adds graphic for Dream Ball

06/21/21 - v2.8.12
Fixes a bug with BP rewards
Makes it so you can cancel out of Arceus Shrine menu without being put into a battle even if pressing x

06/20/21 - v2.8.11
A bunch of small bug fixes for moves
2 new mystery gifts
Postgame requirements tweaked
Battle Tower Encrypted
Other small bug fixes

05/29/21 - v2.8.6
Adds new legendary Pokemon- Protosolaria! (Light/Ground Type)
Small bug fixes
Adds a new MG
Encrypts BT trainer data

05/26/21 - v2.8.5
Fixes a bunch of small bugs introduced in 2.8.0-2.8.4, primarily with battle tower but also the door in the first house

05/25/21 - v2.8.0
Battle Tower now located at the end of R16!
R16 Training Ground revamped
Quality of life fixes and small bug fixes
Will autorelocate save file from Generic RGSS Game folder to Pokemon Sunday Folder
2 new Mystery Gifts
Special Thanks to Smaster and Mr Geets for their Contributions to the battle tower update

05/10/21 - v2.7.1
Properly fixes the cemetery music bug

05/09/21 - v2.7.1
Fixes the new tournament mode to autoheal between battles
New Tournament Option in Gold City- vs Custom Trainers
Earn BP for items!
Removes Custom Trainers from league tryout tournament
New Custom trainer for Smaster
Several new Mystery Gifts
Adds Utility Umbrella, Eject Pack, and Room Service items into the code/game
Fixes a bug where the cemetery legendary quest would continue playing music after event- even after game closed and restarted. If you have this bug return to the cemetery and interact with any of the special graves and it should resolve

04/10/21 - v2.6.3
By popular demand, removes Ice type weakness to Light, and adds Light resistance to Ice instead
Changes IV master to be able to set IVs to any value rather than just max them
Minor QoL fixes including adding some moves to move tutor
2 new Mystery Gifts

04/02/21 - v2.6.2
Adds some long overdue mystery gifts
Minor text and bug fixes
Adds a new custom trainer for lazez who became champion as every type
Tweaks a few move pools e.g. adding Iron tail to Photowyrm, more light type moves to Serperior

02/22/21 - v2.6.1
Adds one more mystery gift and fixes a moveset on Klinklang MG

02/21/21 - v2.6.0
Adds a dexnav style route encounter list in the Pokegear, which is given at the rival battle in the cemetery. If you are past the 4th gym it should be added automatically
Adds a rival encounter after the boron gym
Adds 4 new mystery gifts and 2 new personal trainers
Fixes a bug which made choice items not lock properly if you u-turned into a Pokemon with the choice item
Fixes a bug where Galarian rapidash had galarian slowpoke's cry
Fixed a bug that could get you locked in Mewtwo's dungeon
Changed the tournament so that you encounter only 1 custom trainer, always in the second round.
Minor bug, graphical, and text fixes
Tweaks Arceus and Blacephalon move sets so they don't have self destructing moves when you encounter them

02/01/21 - v2.5.16
Fixes two newly added overworld pokemon that can cause crashes

01/31/21 - v2.5.15
Adds a bunch of new custom shinies from @Galacta
Fixes a bug where sometimes all of the elite four spots could be taken up when you were supposed to be in.
Adds 7 new mystery gifts!
Minor QoL and text fixes

01/27/21 - v2.5.14
Fixes lag in battle (or if you are on 2.5.13, out of battle as well
Nerfs difficulty of Tournament and elite four by 3 levels on easy mode
Prevents user made custom trainers from appearing in easy mode tournament
Trainers use a fixed team of 6 rather than rotating their pokemon for easy mode tournament and e4.

01/26/21 - v2.5.13
Reduces lag from battle animations by loading them into cache (May slow down game once at first to save all animations to cache)

01/24/21 - v2.5.12
New Special Tournament trainer for sliversky for becoming champion as all 19 type
New Mystery gift scyther with new shiny sprite
Fixes longtime bug that game would crash after intro played through
Changed remaining EBS move animations to Reborn animations

01/13/21 - v2.5.11
Added a new MG
Makes it so that static encounter legendaries that are defeated will respawn after becoming champion
Added Throat Spray as an item
Minor text fixes

01/08/21 - v2.5.10
Fixed a bug with the elite 4 if you battled them for the first time it could crash
Added back sprites for Calyrex Riders/horses
Tweaked trainer card badge icons

12/20/20 - v2.5.9
4 new light type moves!
Blinding Rush- light type wild charge
Solar Fists- BP 40 light type double hit
Shimmer Sphere- BP 65 special move that has a 35% chance of lowering special defense
Holy Sword- Light type night slash
New custom trainer for Matt for becoming every type champion
Tweaked some pokemon movesets based on request
Tweaked some e4 pokemon to make them more competitive
Fixed braille text at the back of the caves for Regieleki and regidrago
Added Light Gem to game
New mystery gift
Fixed whirlwind/dragon tail style moves to end wild battles
Changed Mega Flygon's ability to Adaptability
Fixed AI to acknowledge Primal abilities to give immunity to water/fire, and Light is immune to fire

12/12/20 - v2.5.8
Minor text, bug, moveset and graphical fixes
Fixes Revive to work on Shedinja
Makes sure all sinks have flavour text
Adds healing bed to postgame house

12/05/20 - v2.5.7
Changes how Mystery Gift codes are claimed
Adds 6 new mystery gift codes
Adds a special trainer for LHFF for completing the living (all forms) national dex
Adds an automatic backup for save files
Relocates an out of reach hidden item in the Gold city Pokemon Center
Fixes a few sprites

11/16/20 - v2.5.6
Fixes Fiery Wrath from Physical to special
Adds 3 Mystery Gifts
Fixes a misplaced tree
Fixes one trainer in the league tryout tournament
Fixes Triage

11/14/20 - v2.5.5
Download the Patch into your game folder if you are on v2.5.3+ already. If you are on an older version Download and replace the full game folder to update
Adds a special trainer into the game for Mastro Kastro for finishing the national dex
Adds missing code for Triage into the game
Fixes Natural cure/ regenerator to work for switch outs caused by Uturn/roar etc.
Adds Zygarde's signature moves to move tutor
Fixes a minor bug with the elite 4 that could allow the same person to be in two spots at once.

11/09/20 - v2.5.4
Makes both Shellos/Gastrodon forms available
Fixes an off by one bug in Randomizer mode- if you have already started, go to Cherry's lab and talk to the screen behind him, say yes when it asks to reshuffle random order.
Fixes (For real this time) the Argon Radio quest if you had already finished, you can now get the final quest

11/09/20 - v2.5.3
Fixes Mega Charizard Y stats
Adds 2 new mystery gifts
Fixes previous attempt at resetting Radio Quest
Fixes Unfusing certain legendaries if they were first in the party

11/08/20 - v2.5.2
Adds a player's personal trainer to the tournament for becoming champion specializing in all 19 types
Fixes stats for some of the new Crown Tundra Pokes
Minor mapping tweaks and text fixes
Fixes Rider Abilities
Makes it so that if you already finished the Radio quest, it will jump back so you can get the griseous orb

11/07/20 - v2.5.1
Major bug fixes from 2.5.0 for R10 and Barium Cemetery
Battle bg fixed for new map
Mapping tweaks
Added Galarica Wreath
Evolution items now respawn once per day

11/07/20 - v2.5.0
Crown Tundra Update- All crown tundra Pokemon
New Area of R10
Previously missing battle items such as Seeds, Eject button
Rebalances G-max and fakemon Megas to be +100BST with no HP changes the way normal megas are
Adds missing Psychic type e4 challenger
Adds missing Poison Memory
Adds Griseous Orb
Renames R15 training area to R16
Changes fixed moves from trainers in Randomizer mode to reflect new species
Minor bug, text and mapping fixes

10/15/20 - v2.4.5
Minor bug fixes for Embargo, Destiny bond, Psychic Terrain
New Mystery Gift code

10/13/20 - v2.4.4
Fixes a bug introduced in 2.4.2 that prevented mystery gift Pokemon from coming with their Hidden abilities
Adds a new mystery gift
Boosts shiny chances for starters and legendaries

10/11/20 - v2.4.3
Tweaks Vulpix and ninetales move pools to add more light type moves

10/07/20 - v2.4.2
Adds a custom trainer for Naphy, who completed the game as a mono type champion for all 19 types
Adds a mystery gift
Makes original starter Pokemon come with Hidden Ability
Tweaks some Pokemon movesets
Adds missing graphics for roaming legendary tracker

09/30/20 - v2.4.1
Adds the ability to turn off Randomizer and Nuzlocke Challenge modes off from Cherry's lab
Fixes a slight bug with Pokemart sell screen
Changes to Battle, bike, pokemart audio to be compatible with WINE for Mac/Linux
Buffs safari ball catch rate
Changes Callisto's ace from Raikou to Zapdos
Adds Sitrus berry to Silver market and the berry Island
Minor QoL upgrades
Fixed a bug where escape rope trigger point wasn't properly turned off in one location
Adds placeholder cries for Yamselia, Nimbee and Yimbee

09/26/20 - v2.4.0
Adds new Randomizer mode for random encounters/trainer battles
Improves the PokeScan Roaming Legendary tracker- now shows an icon if it is on the same route as you
2 New Fakemon- Nimbee and Yimbee!
Fixes Rotom-Lamp's party icon
Tweaks backsprites for Chordalux and Galefront
Fixes a bug where if you lost to the champion on your first attempt, it can hard lock your game
Fixes a bug where if you lose on Route 1 before healing you can soft lock your game
Minor text and QoL fixes
2 New mystery gifts

09/19/20 - v2.3.9
Download the Patch into your game folder if you are on v2.3.7+ already. If you are on an older version Download and replace the full game folder to update
Fixed a bug with the move Lash Out
Minor tileset/text fixes fixes
Adds 3 New Mystery gifts

09/17/20 - v2.3.8
Fixes a small bug that could prevent championship run mono types from being properly registered on the trainer card.

09/13/20 - v2.3.7
New Sprites for Clowd, Storrm, Chromasp, and full Cauldream line!
Fixed missing Careful mint from shop

09/05/20 - v2.3.6
Fixes Shiny rate at daycare to desired level

09/05/20 - v2.3.5
Adds 2 more mystery gifts
Adds remainder of gen 7 sprites from smogon sprite project
Fixes a bug with Mega Appletun
Changes Necrozma-Solgaleo fusion to Psychic-Light type
Makes Flame Body and magma armor stack additively so you can have up to 5X egg hatching speed
Makes shiny odds 1/20 if you have a shiny non-ditto parent for breeding
Adds a cap on the number of claimable mystery gifts at 32

08/31/20 - v2.3.4
Adds a Mystery gift
Fixes mega grimmsnarl master and adds Grimmsnarl shiny frontsprite
Enables ditto with Hidden Ability to pass on HA to offspring

08/28/20 - v2.3.3
Fixes a bug for the move tutor introduced in 2.3.2

08/27/20 - v2.3.2
Adds another Mystery gift
Fixes Frogadier abilities
Minor text fixes
Adds the rest of the sprites from Gen 8 sprite project
Adds Event only moves like V-create and hold back to move tutor

08/24/20 - v2.3.1
Adds performance updates from Pokemon Reborn to slightly decrease lag

08/20/20 - v2.3.0
Adds a regional form for Taillow/Swellow
Adds move animations from Pokemon Reborn
2 new mystery gifts
Minor Bug fixes

08/17/20 - v2.2.4
Fixes a bug where the minerals which respawn in Iron town can cause a crash if the respawn happens while you are on a nearby map other than Iron town

08/16/20 - v2.2.3
Download the Patch into your game folder if you are on v2.2.1+ already. If you are on an older version Download and replace the full game folder to update
Adds a final missing 30th Zygarde Core
Makes it so that you can use items in the qualifying tournament
Adds a new mystery gift

08/12/20 - v2.2.2
Adds trainers with Skarmory
Adds way to get regular skarmory
Makes minerals in Iron town respawn daily

08/11/20 - v2.2.1
Download and replace the full game folder to update to this version
New Skarmory regional form
Minor text fixes

08/08/20 - v2.2.0
Adds new regional variants for a few Pokemon! More to come soon
Buffs wild Pokemon level in most places
Adds a mystery gift
Silver town Pokeball store now adds more options with more gym badges
Minor quality of life changes and text fixes

08/02/20 - v2.1.22
Download and replace the full game folder to update to this version
Adds several sprites such as shiny alcremie backsprites, alcremie mints backsprites, G-max urshifu sprites, Kubfu, Urshifu backsprites.
Removes cost to change type of custom ball
Buffs e4 and tournament prize money
Fixes shortcut on Route 2

07/30/20 - v2.1.21
Download the Patch into your game folder if you are on v2.1.19+ already. If you are on an older version Download and replace the full game folder to update
Adds in Soul Heart ability which was apparently never coded.
Adds a shortcut on Route 2
Makes it so HM-like moves such as Strength can be forgotten without going to move Deleter

07/26/20 - v2.1.20
Fixed an issue with special shiny tiles which caused them to not work properly
Increased Hippopotas spawn rate on Route 2 North

07/26/20 - v2.1.19
Fixed graphical bug on R15
Added Power items (weight, belt, e.g.)
Added EV bars to summary screen
Minor text fixes

07/25/20 - v2.1.18
Fixed Regenerator and Natural Cure abilities
Added two new mystery gifts
New slot machine art courtesy of Shade
Fixed legendite to prevent evolution while held
Changed R15 to make it easier to select which Pokemon to battle
Fixed certain fossils
Fixed Crabrawler evo to Mt. SIlicon summit location, or Ice stone
Minor bug fixes
Minor text fixes

07/19/20 - v2.1.17
Download the Patch into your game folder if you are on v2.1.13+ already. If you are on an older version Download and replace the full game folder to update
Fixed a bug I introduced to the bag in 2.1.16

07/18/20 - v2.1.16
Added Mega Chordalux. Sprite courtesy of Shade
Fixes Germanium Bike rack (click on sign to reset the rack)
Adds party sprites for Gmax mega evos
Other minor bug fixes

07/15/20 - v2.1.15
Fixes a bug with the e4 and champion that was fixed in 2.1.5, but somehow reverted in more recent versions, likely due to a dropbox syncing error

07/15/20 - v2.1.14
Fixes a bug in the AI for Aurora Veil which makes opponents of high skill level not be able to move.
Minor text fixes

07/14/20 - v2.1.13
Adds a new mystery gift!
Fixes a bug with radio prize check for Darmanitan
Nerfs Galefront's Hidden Ability to not start rain on battle entry
Fixes Mega Diancie trainer
Makes Ultra Necrozma a Mega Evolution
Minor bug fixes with trainers, fuser, hiddenitems and moves

07/12/20 - v2.1.12
Fixes Lycanroc evolution (Though I do not require own tempo rockruff to get Dusk form)
Adds Griseous Orb
Adds a few shiny tiles to maps that didn't have one
Resets shiny tile flash every day
Adds Necrozma and Kyurem fuser at the museum

07/11/20 - v2.1.11
Added a Pokeball Remasker in Carbon Slums
Made IVs appear by default on Pokemon Summary screen
Fixed Galar Darumaka evolution
Fixed Eiscue Noice face reverting back after battle
Added all Vivillon Patterns

07/10/20 - v2.1.10
Fixes metronome (move)
Adds Soul Dew, Oval Charm, Reveal Glass, Prison Bottle and Gracidea Flower in a revamped Argon Radio tower

07/09/20 - v2.1.9
Fixes for a few moves and abilities that caused them to activate or display twice, or just not work
Adds Bottle Caps and Gold Bottle Caps for IV training (Casino prize)

07/08/20 - v2.1.8
Minor textual fixes
2 New mystery gifts

07/08/20 - v2.1.7
New Fakemon- Flying type Eeveelution Hoveon (evolves with Dawn Stone)- In collaboration with WillMewlYou aka Phoenixwuffs
Eevee can now be caught earlier (Route 9 vs Route 13)
New mystery gift

07/07/20 - v2.1.6
Fixes a bug with masterball
Fixes Zamazenta form change with Rusted Shield
Minor graphical and textual fixes

07/06/20 - v2.1.5
Fixes a critical bug with the champion

07/06/20 - v2.1.4
Fixes Rusted Sword and Shield
Fixes battle sprite naming for Minior and Silvally
Adds a mystery gift code

07/05/20 - v2.1.3
Adds a new mystery gift code
Fixes EVs and Trainer IDs for mystery gift Pokemon
Makes it so other Pokeball types besides the Route specific balls are unusable in challenge mode
Makes certain types of items sellable
Minor graphical and textual fixes

07/05/20 - v2.1.2
Adds Mega Urshifu
Fixes Mega Meowth, Mega Slowbro, and Mega Toxtricity
Changes meowth in the Steel type gym to the right form
Adds ability capsules
Adds Rusty Sword and Rusty Shield
Fixes galar slowbro party icon

07/01/20 - v2.1.1
Fixes some small bugs with patch 2.1.0
Adds a new mystery gift code
Adds a panorama view from the top of the argon Casino

07/01/20 - v2.1.0
Major Update!
Ultra beast postgame quest added
New Battle backgrounds
Hyper Leveler for faster move grinding.
New Locations- Beryllium Island, Ultra Space
All Isle of Armor Pokemon and moves added
Added mint system to change natures
Added a move tutor that has every move that has ever been a TM/TR/Move tutor move which is not already available as a TM in game
Fixed some bugs with the Elite four
Fixed a graphical bug that displayed IVs wrong on the Pokemon summary page

06/26/20 - v2.0.13
Adds Crabrawler as an encounter which was accidentally left out
Fixes a bug with the move Obstruct
Adds a mark on the trainer card for finishing the game in Nuzlocke mode
Fixes a small bug with the Alola Pokedex

06/26/20 - v2.0.12
Fixed a bug which could cause cause you to not be able to get starter Pokemon
Fixed a bug which let you move in intro cutscene
Fixed a bug where you could get into an area of Diglett's cave in the early game that you shouldn't be able to
Added 3 new Mystery Gift codes
Added more gen 8 backsprites- just missing new Isle of Armor ones now

06/24/20 - v2.0.11
Fixed a bug which could cause the Pokedex to crash when looking at the area of certain Pokemon
Fixed Steel type to properly resist Fairy
Added some Gen 8 Back sprites

06/22/20 - v2.0.10
Added more checks to make sure the no item battle rules implemented in the Elite 4 don't get stuck on

06/21/20 - v2.0.9
Fixed one of the champion's Pokemon that could cause a crash

06/07/20 - v2.0.8
Added a feature that allows you to give up your title as champion so you can rechallenge as a new type specialist without throwing the match
Prevents pokemon with Poisonheal ability from taking poison damage in the overworld
Changed Mega Butterfree to Bug-Fairy and Mega Charizard G (Gigantamax charizard sprite) to Pure Fire type
Fixed incorrect graphics for two trainers
Fixed Light/Fairy Pokedex Labels

06/06/20 - v2.0.7
Fixed a bug where mega evolutions sometimes didn't revert after battle

06/05/20 - v2.0.6
Fixes a bug with Sunstone
Adds a new mystery gift code!

06/04/20 - v2.0.5
Fixes a bug with the egghatching animation introduced by switching to essentials v17.1
Return of version number to options screen

06/03/20 - v2.0.4
Fixes a bug with using the pondpatch to surf
Fixes a bug with the Germanium Bike Rack (if it is glitched, read the sign near the bike rack)

05/31/20 - v2.0.3
Mega Flygon!
Fixes another legendary event that was slightly bugged
Fixes Female Trainer Card
Adds a mystery gift code
Fixes a bug that prevents access to a TM on Route 15

05/28/20 - v2.0.2
Fixes a legendary event that had a minor bug
Removes screen size adjustment at start of game

05/27/20 - v2.0.1
You do not need this patch if you started a new game on 2.0.0.
If you are upgrading from v1.2.6 or earlier, you will need this update. Install the full game, or if you already downloaded 2.0.0, install the patch.
Adds an NPC outside of Pokecenters that will fix items, Pokemon, and the pokedex broken from migrating to the Gen 6-8 PBS files

05/26/20 - v2.0.0
Gen 6-8 Update!!
Switch from Essentials v16.2 to Essentials v17.1
Many small text, graphical and bug fixes
All gen 6-8 Pokemon except Ultra Beasts, Hoopa, and Cosmog line (Coming soon)
New Rotom Lamp Form
New Castform Sandstorm Form
New Elite 4 Trainers
Pokemon choices that Elite 4 trainers can choose from 9 each, so battles vary
Elite 4 members and some trainers now have Mega Pokemon
Switch to Static Sprites from animated sprites
Major sprite revamp for Photowyrm, Chordalux (Now Chromasp), Chromas (Now Chordalux), and Galefront
Minor Sprite revamps for Storrm and Clowd.
Rework movesets for all Pokemon to include light type moves/TMs
New Requirement for final postgame battle/acquiring Arceus: See every legendary pokemon instead of every pokemon (Not yet possible until I add Hoopa and Cosmog line)
New easy mode: More XP from battles, further benefits coming soon

Known issues with v2.0.0+
Sirfetch'd evolution currently is just level up with leek, instead of 3 crits
Ultrabeasts, Hoopa, and Cosmog line not yet added. Coming soon in new postgame plot
Some gen 8 Pokemon do not yet have back sprite art, so they use front sprites instead. These will be updated as Smogon makes them.

Upgrading from previous versions:
There is an NPC that will fix a bunch of things that can break during transition. You can find him outside any Pokecenter (v2.0.1+)
Any fan made moves will be overwritten by gen 6-8 moves. A TM or move tutor can fix most pokemon.
You won't have trainers to give you locations of seen for gen 6-8 Pokemon, but I added a section on this page listing locations of Pokemon
Some legendary events may be reset, but this just means potentially more legendaries for you! I don't think any legendary events will disappear from this

05/15/20 - v1.2.6
Small graphical and text fixes

04/28/20 - v1.2.5
Small graphical and text fixes

04/21/20 - v1.2.4
Fixed a bug where I accidentally introduced a blockade on Route 3

03/31/20 - v1.2.3
Added another mystery gift.

03/29/20 - v1.2.2
Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in the fighting gym if you saved and quit between trainers.

03/16/20 - v1.2.1
Buffed final battle levels
Added mystery gift code

01/26/20 - v1.2.0
If you are on a version prior to 1.2.0 you need to download the full game (top).
Major overworld graphical updates, especially Helium City, Boron Village, Routes 2, 3, 11, 12, Victory Road.
Patched it so that pools reset by default on entry into gym 5

12/09/19 - v1.1.14
Patched Fling and Copycat which are bugged in Essentials 16.2
Fixed item needed for Electabuzz evolution

12/08/19 - v1.1.12
If you are on a version prior to 1.1.12 you need to download the full game (top)
Fixed a bug where if you talked to the comissioner as champion you could not decline taking on a challenger
Added a Fly Spot to Route 15
Fixed a bug where an exit to Regirock's cave was in the wrong spot
Added a mystery gift for Bug
Fixed lots of Pokemons evolution moves

12/03/19 - v1.1.10
Fixed a bug where you could get locked out of e4 if you left after attendant moved aside
Added icons graphics for Nuzlocke mode balls
Fixed Shin's Blissey in E4 and tournament
Fixed Alakazam's Evolution Move

12/01/19 - v1.1.9
If you are on a version prior to 1.1.6 you need to download the full game. If you are on v1.1.6+ you can download the patch
Deleted incorrect text on Deoxys form changing pillars
Fixed a bug that prevented certain legendaries from showing up in the postgame
Added a mystery gift
Changed Woman in Mewtwo's puzzle to look different in first room

11/30/19 - v1.1.7
Fixed a critical bug that prevented you from getting back into e4 if you were kicked out

11/30/19 - v1.1.6
Download full game for this patch
Fixed mystery gift woman not giving out Mega Ring
Added abilities for Primal Kyogre, Groudon, Mega Rayquaza
Sunbeam no longer mistakenly treated as a sound based move
Tile passability fixed

11/29/19 - v1.1.5
Fixed missing link in apricorn trade side quest

11/29/19 - v1.1.4
Adjust Ice type resistances to gen 6 standard
Fixed ledge which jumped both ways in Diglett's Cave, and an event in Diglett's cave
Fixed pokemon getting healedi n PC in challenge mode
Nerfed Pokemon League tournament battle 1 slightly

11/27/19 - v1.1.3
Removed an event used for testing
Added more Escape Rope points
Adjust Steel type resistances to gen 6 standard
Patched missing fairy typing for Ralts line and Mawile
Added version number to Options Menu
Graphics Patch contains fixed Grovyle Sprite
New Mystery Gift Code

11/24/19 - v1.1.2
Patched a bug that could trap you in the elite 4.
Minor text fixes
Escape rope fixes

11/16/19 - v1.1.0
Mega evolutions now included!!
Master Mega Trainers appear scattered around the region after making it to the Pokemon League! Claim your Mega Ring from the Mystery Gift woman at platinum heights.
Defeat the Mega Trainer of the respective Pokemon to receive its mega stone.
Small text fixes

6/27/19 - v1.0.10
Small bug fixes

6/26/19 - v1.0.9
Fixed a bug where the Pokemon League Tournament is not properly reinitialized if you lose on the 2nd or 3rd trainers

6/25/19 - v1.0.8
Fixed a bug where you cannot rebattle eighth gym leader if you lose.

6/24/19 - v1.0.7
Fixed a critical tileset blockage on Route 14

6/12/19 - v1.0.6
Added a mystery gift code
Raised game corner prices
Tweaked lithium town
Nerfed cemetery difficulty after 10 failed tries to escape

6/9/19 - v1.0.5
Added a mystery gift code
Nerfed Gym 1 slightly
Buffed Grass spawn rates in Argon City some

6/2/19 - v1.0.4
Added some Mystery gift codes
Improved Argon City some
Added more interactiveness to objects especially in Germanium Village

4/29/19 - v1.0.3
Added some Mystery gift codes
Added missing water encounters for Routes 10, 13

4/27/19 - v1.0.2
Added and altered Turbo script by Wootius (press alt up to two times to increase gameplay speed 1.75X or 2.5X)
Made legendite accessible earlier in game
Altered some trainer text

4/23/19 - v1.0.1
Forgot to upload necessary .dll file

4/22/19 - v1.0.0
First posted

Completed - Pokemon Sunday (2024)


What is the strongest Pokémon? ›

Arceus is, without a doubt, the most powerful Legendary Pokémon. This Normal type Mythical Pokémon is the creator of the universe and thus the closest that the Pokémon world has to a god. When it hatched from its egg, Arceus brought with it time, space, and antimatter in the form of the Creation Trio.

How many Pokémon games have there been? ›

While many games have been lost to time or shut down, there are still 137 titles that have existed, with more to come.

Who is stronger, Mew or Mewtwo? ›

In a fight between Mewtwo and Mew, the winner would be Mew. Both Pokemon have immense power and physical attributes, but Mew emerged victorious since he has far superior intelligence over his clone.

Who is the weakest Pokémon? ›

What is the first weakest Pokemon? The first weakest Pokemon is Shedinja, with a base stat total of 236. Although it has a 90 attack, this feeble creature only has 1 HP, which means it instantly dies after getting one hit.

How old is Ash Ketchum? ›

Ash Ketchum of the Pokémon anime is canonically 10 years old. That's as true back in the first episodes in Kanto as it is in Ash's final Aim to Be a Master miniseries episodes. But suppose time had been flowing for Ash all this while--how old would he be if that were the case?

What is the most catchable Pokemon game? ›

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon Has The Most Accessible Pokémon

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon take the crown by having a total of 790 Pokémon accessible by trading and the Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Bank app.

What Pokémon can't you catch in yellow? ›

Jessie and James appear with Ekans, Koffing, and Meowth. These three can't be caught in Pokemon Yellow.

Who can defeat Arceus? ›

The best Pokemon Go Arceus counters are Terrakion, Mega Heracross, Keldeo, Mega Blaziken, Lucario & Mega Rayquaza.

Who can beat Mewtwo? ›

Mew, the original Pokémon from which Mewtwo was cloned, can defeat Mewtwo with its DNA that allows transformation into any living creature. Others like Rayquaza, Ho-Oh, and several other Legendaries have the potential to defeat Mewtwo in battle, but there are still many that are weaker than this powerful Gen 1 Pokémon.

Can Arceus defeat Mewtwo? ›

Arceus is literally the Pokemon that created the universe, so even putting him in a Pokeball is incredibly disrespectful. If gamers are going to, though, then he's a good one to use in a fight against Mewtwo. He's got great stats, and can use a Ghost Plate to become super effective against Mewtwo.

Who is stronger, Arceus or Goku? ›

Wiz:And apart from all that,Goku is still limited in power,while Arceus is indefinitely powerful. If he wanted,Arceus could solo the Dragon Ball Z and Super verse. And Nintendo too.

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