An Enterprise of Evil - The Treacheries of the Galactic Corporation - EmmaTheOnly (2024)

Chapter 1: The Start of a Shining Journey!


After both Team Rocket and Team Aqua had used the power of radio waves and sonar in their bids for world domination, the international police grow concerned that rogue radio waves spotted throughout Sinnoh might mean that another similar scheme was being hatched. With the Galactic Corporation becoming an increasingly scandalous enterprise each day, just what kind of role do they seek to play? With Falkner, Cynthia, and others at the organization's neck, just what are they really playing at? Lucas, Dawn, and Barry all seek to get to the bottom of their treachery as well - for better or worse.


Stuff pertaining to Sabrina later on in the story will likely be edited out eventually. I had decided to have her act as a linking part to the previous story, but I ultimately decided things would be less messy if I just made Sabrina's stuff tied to 'The Adventures of Red' storyline. Apologies in advance, for whenever she does appear. She doesn't have TOO much significance to the overarching plot regardless, so there's that, at least.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

*In a small town called Twinleaf, in a nearby region of Japan called Sinnoh, a young man named Lucas watches the end of what looked like a recap of a pretty important-looking Pokemon battling tournament on TV with his best friend, Barry.*

Mr. Pokemon, speaking into a camera: Well…in all my years of presiding over the Pokemon League, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Conference end like this. In the end, after achieving victory over the toughest of opponents in the Indigo League, our victor simply…walked away from her title? Truly, these are unprecedented times…but did you see those Shiny Pokemon she battled with?! To think that one person could be so lucky, in finding so many Shiny Pokemon! Let’s go back, and look at some clips of them in action!

Barry, shaking his head in disbelief at the replayed footage of Red Ravine that started rolling: Dude…have you ever seen a cooler looking Gyarados?! I want a cool-looking Pokemon like that too!

Lucas, nodding: That IS a cool Pokemon…but I’m more worried about what was going on with her after the battle. Like…why’d she run off like that?

Barry, shrugging: I dunno…but girls are weird! You know how it is, right?

Lucas, shaking his head: I guess…but she did have really cool Pokemon, at least. I wonder just how rare Pokemon like that are, anyway…

Barry, shaking his head: I dunno! But hey, you know that old Professor guy, up in Sandgem Town? Maybe HE knows something about the weirdly-colored-Pokemon phenomenon!

Lucas, deciding to play along with Barry’s sudden new obsession, in hopes of forgetting about seeing the Champion girl crying her way off the stage entirely: Er…yeah. Think we should go ask him?

Barry, nodding: I mean, he IS the local Pokemon expert around here, right? I doubt he’d mind tellin’ us what he knows!

Lucas, scratching his head: Are you sure? From what I’ve heard about the guy, he can be more than a bit intense…

Barry, getting up off the floor: Lucas, please…you worry too much! Heck, how about I race you over there, while we’re at it?

Lucas, sighing: Another race? What is it with you, and races all the time?

Barry, grinning: Well, why be somewhere tomorrow when you can be there today instead?! See you in Rowan’s lab, Lucas!!

Lucas, stumbling to try and keep up with his friend’s sudden dart out of his house: W-Wait!! You didn’t even count to three this time!!

*As Barry starts barreling his way through Route 201, he ends up running head-on into another poor trainer, as they both fall to the ground, and rub their heads.*

Barry, after rubbing his eyes a bit: Yeesh, sorry about that…when I start running, I don’t really- woah…

*The young girl, also rubbing her eyes, looks upwards to see who had run into her, before realizing that she had fallen…in a pretty compromising position, considering she had been wearing what was quite a tiny miniskirt.*

An Enterprise of Evil - The Treacheries of the Galactic Corporation - EmmaTheOnly (1)

???: Who even…wait…gah!! D-don’t you dare look at me until I get back up, you perv!

Barry, getting up, all in a panic: W-wait!! I didn’t mean to- I mean, your undies, they were just like…unavoidable, and-

*The girl walks up to him and gives him a big slap in the face, before heading out past him, as Lucas, finally catching up, snickers at the scene.*

Lucas: Dude, what just happened there? That chick…did she just go up and smack you?!

Barry, rubbing his cheek, which still had the shape of the girl’s hand imprinted into it: Yeah, yeah. Guess that’s what I get for tryin’ to be first, eh? Let’s just…make the rest of the way to Sandgem Town together, yeah?

Lucas, chuckling: You just want my protection if more chicks decide to go up and slap you some more, huh? Talk about a problem most guys would kill to have! But hey, we’re nearly there now anyway, right? After we stop in, maybe we can grab a bite to eat, before heading back to Twinleaf.

*The pair arrive at Professor Rowan’s Lab, where they notice a group of scientists, who seem completely enamored by…something, in a back room.*

Scientist: Incredible…! Their coat, it just…shines!!

Barry, looking alarmed: Wait…it…shines?! I’ve gotta see that too!!

Lucas, trying to burst ahead of Barry: …Barry, don’t go making a scene in here! Isn’t the guy who runs this lab, like…this Region’s Pokemon Professor?!

*The pair push away a couple of scientists, as they both stare in awe at the sparkly Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup standing around in a small observational area.*

Professor Rowan, clearing his throat: Excuse me, young men! It is quite impolite to be pushing people around, you know! Do young people these days truly have no manners?!

Lucas, smiling embarrassingly: Oh, sorry! You see, we-

Barry, putting his face all up on the glass encasing: -We wanted to learn more about Shiny Pokemon, is all!

Professor Rowan, shaking his head: Graceous, my granddaughter must have already started blabbing about these new Pokemon that arrived at the lab today, eh? Well, if the Skitty’s already out of the bag…yes. The newest batch of arrivals at my lab…turned out to have recessive genes that seem to cause their coats to sparkle. Anyway, seeing as this is quite the statistical anomaly here, I’ve decided that it’d be best to keep them here for further research.

Barry, looking absolutely heartbroken: Wait…you’re just gonna…keep them?! But…aren’t you the guy that hands out Pokemon to any old kid that comes in asking? These Pokemon will need homes too, you know!

Professor Rowan, remaining outspoken: Yes, and that’s why they will be staying here, in this lab, with us. Pokemon like them don’t appear too often, after all!

Lucas, grabbing Barry’s shoulder: Well, I think what my friend here is trying to say is…you can’t just let these Pokemon spend their days in a lab here, you know! I mean…what will their colorations look like upon evolving? These Pokemon will never evolve just from…sitting in a lab all day! But if a Trainer were to say…battle with them a bunch…then maybe…maybe people will get to see what their Shiny forms look like! That’d be a win for both the Trainer, AND the scientific community, right?

Scientist, rubbing her chin: Well…the boy DOES make a good point, you have to admit. What do you say, Professor?

Professor Rowan, upon closing his eyes for about ten seconds: …Fine. I will let you boys each take one of these three Pokemon, of your own choosing. However, only on two conditions. One…I want you both to take on the Pokemon Gym Challenge. That way, you’ll be able to actually have these Pokemon here evolve. And two? You both will take a Pokedex, and use it to record the stages and data of these unique Pokemon for me. Well?

Barry, putting his fist up in acceptance: Are you kidding?! Of course we’ll do it!! Right, Lucas?!

Lucas, chuckling: Haha, of course! Thank you, Professor!!

Professor Rowan, nodding, as he hands both boys a Poke Ball, along with a Pokedex: Indeed. Well, if you two manage to find any more Shiny Pokemon throughout your journeys, please, be sure to update me through your Pokedexes as soon as possible! My grandaughter, Dawn, who I’m guessing you two ran into on the way here, told me to ‘leave all the data to her’, when I told her that she, too, was allowed to get her own Pokedex. Alas, I doubt that any one Trainer could manage to go and fully document all of Sinnoh’s Pokemon on their own. That…is why I wish to enlist the help of even more promising young Trainers. Together…I wish to be able to fill out a Pokedex that’s just as bountiful as the ones from other parts of the world, for our own, humble Sinnoh region.

Barry, looking stoked, as he uses his newly-gotten Poke Ball to capture the Shiny Chimchar from within the enclosure: Hey, just count on us! We’ll help document and chronicle every single Pokemon out there, Shiny OR otherwise! Come on, Lucas! Let’s get out there, and win ourselves some Badges, like proper Trainers!

Lucas, nodding, as he has his Poke Ball absorb the Shiny Turtwig inside: Sounds great to me! Say, Professor? What Gym do you think we should tackle first?

Professor Rowan: Well, Roark is, as I’ve heard the kids say, ‘easy as dirt’. He is, also, admittedly, the most local of Gym Leaders, as well. Perhaps it would be best to start your journey with him, perhaps?

Barry, nodding: Hey, he’s the guy over in Oreburgh, right? We know where that is! Wanna change plans, and eat once we get there, instead?! I’ll race ya!

Lucas, smiling, and rolling his eyes: Honestly? I wouldn’t expect any different, knowing you…


Lucas' Current Team:
Shiny Turtwig

Barry's Current Team:
Shiny Chimchar

Chapter 2: Hired Help


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

*Dawn, going her separate way after her encounter with Barry, ends up heading to Verity Lakefront.*

Dawn, thinking to herself: Stupid boys, always trying to be peeping tom’s! Boys like that make my blood just boil! But…mother says that becoming angry like I do just ruins my complexion…whatever that means. Still…maybe I should cool down on the lakefront over there, before I go over to grandpa’s to get my first Pokemon later. I wouldn’t want my Pokemon’s first experience with me to just see me seething with rage, after all. I’ll just sit over there like when I- oh, is someone else here too?

*Noticing her approach, an older man with blue hair turns to her, with an expression-less look on his face.*

Blue-haired man: Are you, too, here to ponder what could lie under this vast lakefront?

Dawn, hesitating a bit in responding to the odd man who had been sitting in the grassy field in front of her: Uh…yeah, I guess.

Blue-haired man, turning his face back to the lakefront: I see. Tell me, young one. Why do you suppose we feel the need to look to nature when things don’t seem to be going our way?

Dawn, thinking to herself: He could tell I was upset just from one glance? I guess I’m really ‘wearing my heart on my sleeve’ like mom says, huh?

Dawn, shaking her head, as she sits down next to the oddly-blunt man: Well…maybe it’s just something about nature, that we feel compelled to seek the answers in. Maybe that’s why staring at this lake…helps me to feel a bit more…at ease, you know?

Blue-haired man, closing his eyes: So…you think that nature…has the power to make you feel something? …Illogical. There must be another explanation.

Dawn, shrugging: Hey, it seemed pretty logical to me! Didn’t you come here looking for some kind of feeling too?

Blue-haired man, remaining motionless: …No. I came here to look for the being they call Mesprit. The Pokemon that’s said to be the being who brought the power of emotions to the people of this world. …Tell me, young one. Why do we hate?

Dawn, shaking her head: I…I don’t know…

Blue-haired man, finally opening his eyes again: Honestly, I’m not sure either. But, I do know one thing. The ability to do so was a mistake. A mistake that I intend on fixing…by going back in time.

Dawn, as her eyes widen, as she bites on her tongue to stop from laughing: Wait…you know of a way…to go back in time…?!

Blue-haired man, getting up off the ground, continuing to stare down at the oceanfront: Potentially. The theory, admittedly, is buried in legends…but if those legends are correct…Mesprit will prove to be quite the essential piece in my plans to fix the world. But for now…

*The man looks down at the Poketch on his wrist that was flashing red and white.*

Blue-haired man: …It appears I’m needed, as it would seem. Honchkrow, we must return to Veilstone City. Fly me back there with haste.

.*Dawn watches, as Cyrus calls out his large bird, as the pair Fly off to Sinnoh’s biggest city in mere moments.*

Dawn, looking quite confused about what she’d just seen: Geez…talk about dramatic! As if anyone could seriously manage to control time itself, let alone a Pokemon being able to! Wait, now I’m getting a message on my own Poketch?

*Upon navigating to the Poketch’s video call feature, she stares at her grandpa, Professor Rowan, on the other end, looking perhaps slightly-less-intense than usual.*

Dawn: Hey grandpa, what’s up? I was almost over to Sandgem Town when I…er…ran into someone.

Professor Rowan, nodding: I see. Well, it’s just that…well, remember when I mentioned those Shiny Pokemon that arrived at my lab this morning? Well, these two young men, as strange as it may sound…convinced me to part ways with them. As such…if you’d like the last one for yourself…she’s still in the lab, waiting for her new Trainer!

*Professor Rowan aims his camera towards a happy, yet somewhat lonely-looking, light-blue Piplup.*

Dawn, beaming: Oh my gosh…that thing’s so adorable!! Of course I want her for myself!! I’m headed over right now, grandpa!!


*When Dawn arrives at her grandpa’s Pokemon lab, she notices yet another odd man, also sporting blue hair, who seemed to be talking with her grandpa about something.*

Dawn, running up to the pair: Oh, grandpa! I came as fast as I could, once you told me that the little Piplup there could travel with me! I didn’t get here too late, did I?

Professor Rowan, looking troubled: Oh…that’s right. Yes, the Piplup I promised you should be in the other room to the right there. You’re more than welcome to capture her, then. Here, use this Poke Ball.

Dawn, taking the Poke Ball that her grandpa hands her: Um…thanks, but…don’t you usually watch when a Trainer and Pokemon decide to set off on a journey together?

Professor Rowan, nodding: Yes, usually I pride myself in officiating such journeys. However, this man…Falkner, I believe his name was…has come all the way from Johto, in search of a wanted criminal. Seeing as how I know Trainers from all over the Sinnoh Region, of course he saw fit to begin his investigation by hearing what I knew about the guy…

Dawn, looking surprised: Really? Well…if I’m going to be going off on a journey with Piplup here soon…maybe I could help you look for him!

Falkner, chuckling: Well, as much as I’d appreciate that, I can’t very well accept help from someone about a third of my age. Besides, I doubt you’ve seen a strange, expressionless, blue-haired man in his late 20’s anyway, right?

Dawn, shrugging: Actually…I might have…? See, on my way here, I stopped at the Verity Lakefront, and had a weird conversation with this weird guy that seemed to fit that description, mumbling about…Legendary Pokemon of some kind who could…control time and emotions? I don’t know…it was really weird, and after our conversation, he called out a Honchkrow, and flew back to Veilstone City…

*Both Professor and Rowan and Falkner exchange concerned glances, as Falkner steps closer to the girl.*

Falkner: Forgive me, for not introducing myself to you properly. My name is Falkner. I used to be the Gym Leader of Violet City…but nowadays, I volunteer to help serve the international police force, as we look to take down problematic individuals, who we fear could become a problem if left unchecked.

Dawn, looking quite surprised: The international police? I thought that organization was just something written about in fiction!

Falkner, chuckling: Haha, nope. We’ve always been quite real, but for our own reasons, we like to keep the existence of our operations on the down-low, especially in cases that involve huge mega-corporations, like the Galactic Corporation. And from what you just told me…it sounds like you just had a conversation with their leader, Cyrus.

Dawn, gasping: Wait…he was THE Cyrus?!? AKA, that weirdo billionaire who, despite having billions, somehow can’t afford to buy a personality?!

Falkner, trying to hide his amusem*nt of Dawn’s realization: Yep, that’s him alright. As I’m sure you’re well-aware, the Galactic Corporation has never exactly been the poster-child for being a spotless company. Quite the opposite, in fact. That’s why the international police have been doing a deep-dive on them, and their business ties. Just recently, we were able to hack into their servers, and what we found in them…definitely was enough to put them firmly on our radar. That’s why I’ve been trying to track down where their leader’s been headed. I just would have never guessed that he’d be just lazing about on a lakefront, of all places…

Dawn, shrugging: Well…hey, how about this? If you give me your Poketch number, I can call you if I ever run into him again!

Falkner, whispering into Professor Rowan’s ear: …What the heck is a Poketch?

Professor Rowan, sighing: I’ll…explain it once we continue our conversation…alone. Dawn, go capture your Piplup, but promise me, you will NOT seek to track down that criminal on your own.

Dawn, looking a bit upset: Hey, I’ll do what I like! Besides, I managed to talk to him just fine last time, didn’t I?

Falkner, nodding: Indeed, you got lucky that time, but I worry for anyone who would have to deal with him or his subordinates usually. Please, listen to your grandfather, and don’t go after members of the Galactic Corporation on your own. They’re far too dangerous.

Dawn, storming off to the room that the Shiny Piplup was in, Poke Ball clenched in her fist: You know what? I’ll bring that man to justice if I ever see him again, all on my own! I’ll show both of you that I’m just as capable as any adult is! Hmmph!

Professor Rowan, shaking his head: Forgive my granddaughter…she can be a bit…headstrong, at times.

Falkner, shrugging: What kid isn’t, at her age?

Professor Rowan, closing his eyes: I…don’t think you understand just how…rebellious she can be, I’m afraid. You see, I don’t believe that words alone will be enough to stop her from doing something dangerous, if she puts her mind to it.

Falkner, shrugging: Well…you did just give her a Pokemon to go on a journey with. Doesn’t that carry some inherent risks in and of itself?

Professor Rowan, sitting down in front of a computer: Indeed…but knowing my granddaughter however, she may actually be set on trying to personally bring that man to justice now, all on her own. And surely you, of all people, realize just how dangerous the Galactic Corporation is.

Falkner, gulping down a lump in his throat: That’s correct…but you were the one who enabled her, by giving her a Pokemon just now, in the first place…

Professor Rowan, getting out of his chair once again, upon hearing Falkner’s comment: I gave that Pokemon to her because she became 10 a few days ago, and a pair of boys earlier today managed to convince me to let go of those Shiny Pokemon that were brought to my lab a few days before. I’m confident that she has the skills to become a decent Pokemon Trainer. I’m less confident, however, in her abilities to take on an actual criminal organization! And let me be the first to tell you, that if she gets hurt while meddling in their affairs, I will personally work to dismantle the international police with my own two hands!

Falkner, backing away from the imposing Professor: W-well…you do know how to make a point…but I can’t exactly go around babysitting one rambunctious Trainer, when I have more important matters to investigate…

Professor Rowan, sighing: Well, in that case…here.

*Falkner feels the brush of money rubbing onto his hands, as he glances down at what the Professor seemed to be offering him.*

Professor Rowan, in a serious tone: 500,000 credits now, and 500,000 credits more by the time my granddaughter’s managed to obtain a fully-evolved Pokemon. By then, I won’t be quite as worried about whatever mischief she may end up getting into. Regardless, do not let her know what you’re up to, but even more importantly, don’t let her get involved with those Galactic Corporation freaks. Think you’re up to the task?

Falkner, sighing: The international police don’t accept bribes. …We aren’t supposed to, at least. But I’ll admit, it beats the wages I got from the Pokemon League, in my usual Gym Leader gig. …Fine, but all of this is completely off the record, alright?

Professor Rowan nodding, as he notices Falkner take the money from his hand: Of course! As long as nothing happens to my granddaughter, I think we’ll both be quite satisfied in the long-run, I would imagine.

Falkner, nodding slowly: Y-yep. You have my word…nothing bad will happen to that girl on my watch.

Falkner, thinking to himself: Especially if I want to retire early…because this old guy is absolutely loaded!!


Dawn's Current Team:
Shiny Piplup

Chapter 3: Flying to Greater Heights!


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

*To the east of Jubilife City that evening, Lucas and Barry head to Route 203, in their efforts to head to Oreburgh City, where Lucas hears a strange noise.*

Barry, chuckling, as he strikes a silly pose: What’s that? You’ve never heard that cry before? The cry…of the mustached, swordsman Pokemon of legend?

Lucas, shaking his head: Cut it out…there’s no way such a cool Pokemon like that exists near the big city, of all places.

Barry, elbowing his friend, while keeping his finger above his top lip extended: Oh, but it’s true! That ‘DELELELELELELE-WOOOOOOP’? Zat…is ze cry of ze frightening swordsmith, just as he’s about to slice his foe to pieces! With a slish and a slash, zee noble, zee aristocratic Bug of legend will-

*Interrupting Barry’s bravado, Dawn juts in with a laugh, as she approaches the pair.*

Dawn, shaking her head: Are you really trying to hype up Kricketune to this poor, naive newbie of a Trainer here? Even I know that those things are one of the most pathetic fully-evolved Pokemon out there! Why anyone would bother training one is beyond me…

Lucas, looking kind of surprised: Hey, aren’t you that girl we met earlier?

Barry, looking disappointed: Oh, come on, lighten up, would ya? Sure, those things are weak, but you have to admit, they have quite the unique sort of appearance, ya know?

Dawn, chuckling: If you judge every Pokemon by their appearance, you won’t get very far as a Trainer. And even I know that!

Barry, looking annoyed: Oh yeah? Well in that case…I challenge you to a Pokemon battle, right here and now…without even being able to see what Pokemon you’ve went and captured yet!

Lucas, looking a bit surprised: Barry, I thought you said you were going to try and keep Chimchar healthy until you reached Oreburgh City!

Barry, waving off his friend’s concerns: Yeah, well…she’s annoying me, alright? Anyway, Chimchar, show her that cool Ember move you learned from fighting Turtwig just a bit ago!

Dawn, snickering: A Chimchar? This’ll be even easier than I thought it’d be! Piplup, get out here, and shoot out some Bubbles at him!!

*Try as Chimchar might, he finds himself unable to pop Piplup’s many Bubbles with his flaming Embers, as they, along with himself, end up getting extinguished, as Chimchar does as well, causing him to faint. A few stray Bubbles also end up dislodging the rocks above the Oreburgh Gate, sealing off the only path to the city the pair had intended on reaching.*

Dawn, high-fiving her Shiny Piplup: Alright, Piplup! You did great!!

Lucas, looking disappointed about the tunnel leading to Oreburgh had its entrance caved in: Yeah…I’d go as far as saying she did a bit too good, honestly. How are we gonna reach Oreburgh now?

Dawn, shrugging: Don’t know…don’t really care, either. Wait a sec…that Chimchar looks a little different than the ones I’ve seen before. Don’t tell me…were you two the boys that my grandpa was talking about? The boys that…he gave those sparkly Pokemon to?!

Barry, looking disappointed: Well, yeah, I guess. Not that it really matters, since this little guy seems to keep getting owned in battle pretty much every time I send him out. He even lost to my best friend’s Turtwig, if you can believe it…

Dawn, trying to contain her laughter: …Haha…wow. Well, I guess it’s true what they say, about Shiny Pokemon not being stronger than any other ones! Well, while you two dolts go and try and catch your silly Kricketunes, I’M going to catch myself a criminal!

Lucas, crossing his arms, with a smirk on his face: A criminal? You? What makes you think you can pull something like that off?

Barry, nodding in agreement: Yeah! The only criminal I can see you catching is someone on the run from the fashion police! I don’t suppose you actually have any experience with actual criminals, do you?

Dawn, smirking: As a matter of fact I do…from just earlier today, in fact! See, before I got my Piplup today, I headed to Verity Lakefront, to do some…self-reflecting! Anyway, while I was meditating, and focusing on my inner beauty, and self-peace or whatever, I met this totally-strange blue-haired dude, who seemed to be too cool for emotions, or whatever. But like…we totally bonded, and all that! It wasn’t until after we parted ways, that my grandpa told me he was actually this man named Cyrus…AKA, the head of the Galactic Corporation. Which, in retrospect, I guess I should have known, from all the memes and stuff I’ve seen about the guy online, but…

Barry, trying to contain his laughter: Wait…you’re seriously telling me…you met THE Cyrus, of Galactic Corporation fame…and you DIDN’T hit him with the ‘too rich to afford emotions’ joke?! Man…what I wouldn’t have done to see his face after being hit by that one!!

Lucas, chuckling: Yeah…that, or the one about how he can’t afford a day without controversy lately! Seriously…allegations of energy stealing, Pokemon theft, and possible government extortions? Has there been a day that the Galactic Corporation HASN’T been in the news lately? All wonder you found him all alone, in front of a lake. He probably needed to find his inner peace even more than you did!

Dawn, shrugging: Well…at least you guys seem to believe me. Still…I just feel bad that I didn’t know who he was back then. But now that I do…I really want to help arrest him, and bring him to the authorities! Say…would you two want to-

Lucas, interrupting her: -Pass. That sounds like a pretty dangerous job, having to go up against the entire Galactic Corporation, like it sounds like you want to do. Even if I had powerful Pokemon by my side, I still don’t think I’d want to tempt fate by getting on their bad side, you know?

Barry, nodding in agreement: Yeah…what he said. Sorry…

Dawn, turning away from the pair: Yeah? Well…I wasn’t expecting your help anyway! Besides, if I happened to come across their leader once before, what’s stopping me from finding him again? Now that I have a Pokemon by my side, the world’s my Cloyster, right? Come on, Piplup! We’re leaving-

Voice, a few feet above them in the sky: Oh no you aren’t! Skarmory, get me down there!

*The trio look shocked, as Falkner reveals himself, by backflipping off of his Skarmory from mid-air, and landing on his feet, in an impressive display.*

Dawn, looking confused: Hey, you’re that international police guy from earlier, right? What are you doing out here?!

Falkner, scratching the back of his head: You know, I’d prefer that you wouldn’t throw my title around like that…

Barry, looking somewhat freaked out: Hold on…you’re part of the international police? Does that mean…that we’re in trouble?!

Falkner, shaking his head: Oh, no, of course not! I was just Flying by on Skarmory here, and I overheard that you kids were…wanting to take on the Galactic Corporation! While a noble goal, I can’t exactly advise for Trainers of your caliber to get involved with them, with what they seem to be doing, with experimenting in radio waves, and calling forth dangerous Pokemon! That’s why I’ve come to tell you that you shouldn’t go and-

Dawn, rolling her eyes: Don’t lie to us - grandpa told you to spy on me to make sure I didn’t go and do anything reckless, didn’t he?

Falkner, shaking his head, and sweating profusely: What?! O-of course not!! No, the real reason I’m here is…to help with the whole cave-in situation! You see…although there IS another path through the mountain a few miles from here, by the time you’d get to Oreburgh on foot, it would be way past midnight, and everything will be closed, if you go that route. Instead, how about I show you two a way to get there in an instant?

Dawn, crossing her arms, looking skeptical: A way to travel through a cave in no time flat? Impossible.

Falkner, chuckling: I wasn’t talking about going through the cave! No, what I want to show you both is…how to go OVER the cave! Take a look around this place! See all these bird Pokemon around us? Why don’t you go up to a couple of them and catch them? After you do, I’ll show you something neat!

Dawn, looking around at the wildlife around her: Well…Starlies are pretty cute, right? She should make an adorable second member to my cute Pokemon team! Starly, I choose you!

*Dawn throws her Poke Ball at a wild Starly, who, thankfully, reciprocates her feelings, and lets the Ball capture her.*

Lucas, throwing his Poke Ball instead at a nearby Murkrow, on the hunt for some food: That one looks pretty cool, right? I choose you, Murkrow!

*Just like Starly, Murkrow seems to happily accept being captured.*

Barry, eyeing up a more colorful-looking avian than the prior two: You guys are so dull, picking the dull-looking ones. If I’m going to be training a Flying-type, it’s going to be one with personality! Which is why…I choose you, Chatot!!

*Just like the prior two catches, Chatot lets himself be captured quite easily, as the Ball clicks shut.*

Falkner, nodding: Great! Now then, I want you both to take a copy of this HM disc, and insert it into their Pokeballs, by pressing the button…here!

*The trio do so, but they all look quite confused about why the disc then ejects back out.*

Dawn, looking concernedly at the disc that Starly’s Poke Ball ejected back out: Um…did my Pokemon…reject it? Or…

Falkner, smiling: Oh, don’t worry about that. See, HM CDs, as opposed to TM CDs, let you use them multiple times, so just keep them handy in your bags if you want to use them again! Anyway, those discs actually let your Pokemon learn new moves! So, try calling out your Pokemon again, would you? Try telling them to Fly you somewhere!

*The trio of Trainers do so, as they all look quite surprised, as all three Pokemon seemed to be beckoning them to grab onto their feet!*

Dawn, looking confused: Hold on…so you’re saying it’s actually safe to actually be Flying around Sinnoh like this?!

Falkner, shrugging: That’s how nearly all Pokemon Trainers get around where I’m from, and I’d be shocked if it was any different in Sinnoh, honestly! It may seem scary at first, but with the power of flight by your side, anything is possible!

Lucas, upon pulling out a Town Map with his free hand that wasn’t holding onto Murkrow’s leg: Well, if that’s the case, I know where I’m headed! Murkrow, take me to Oreburgh City!

Barry, barely managing to hold onto his Chatot’s tiny talons: Y-yeah…follow his Murkrow, and take me there too!

Dawn, scoffing: Well, while you meatheads go and do your Gym stuff, I’m going to go take down the Galactic Corporation! Starly, Fly me straight to the Galactic Corporation’s HQ, in Veilstone City!

Falkner, trying to stop her, before she has Starly Fly away in a hurry: Wait, what did I just-

Falkner, thinking to himself: Ugh, forget it…she wouldn’t listen even if she did hear me. I’ll just make sure to Fly Skarmory back a few hundred feet behind her, and give her plenty of space. She won’t even know I’m around…until I need to be, at least.


Lucas' Team:
Shiny Turtwig
Murkrow (Fly)

Barry's Team:
Shiny Chimchar (Ember)
Chatot (Fly)

Dawn's Team:
Shiny Piplup (Bubble)
Starly (Fly)

Falkner's Team:
Skarmory (Fly)

Chapter 4: Rock-Solid Teamwork!


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

*At the Oreburgh City Gym, both Lucas and Barry make their way to Roark, after he watches them take down all the other Trainers in his Gym.*

Roark, chuckling: Well, I must say, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a Trainer come in training one of those things! Kricketune may look cool, but when you really get down to it, their capabilities in battle are…quite lacking, as I’m sure you’ll soon see.

Barry, in a frenchman’s voice: Zee, what is it, with zee people always throwing shade at zee buggy swordsman of legend? Kricketune, you’re leading off zee charge on our front. Lucas, you know who to send out by now, right?

Lucas, nodding: You bet. Turtwig, get out here, and Withdraw into your shell!

Barry, looking quite enthusiastic: Great! Kricketune, Slash it over to Roark’s side of the field, now!

Roark, shaking his head: How is attacking your friend’s Pokemon going to help either of you in the long run? Geodude, seal Kricketune inside a Rock Tomb from afar! And Onix, get in close to Turtwig, and rock it with your Megahorn!!

Lucas, as his eyes glow brightly: Go ahead and do that - that’s just what we were planning for! Once you get close to Onix, climb to the head, then use Absorb!!

Roark, gasping: What?! Wait, are you two-

*As Turtwig Withdraws into his shell, Kricketune Slashes it away with force, sending it colliding towards the massive Onix on the battlefield. Now, up close and personal with the massive behemoth, Turtwig manages to climb his way to Onix’s face. Being in such an awkward spot for Onix now, he finds himself unable to hit Turtwig with his massive Megahorn anymore. Instead, Turtwig digs his tiny claws into Onix’s massive head, and begins to Absorb all the moisture out from Onix’s face, as all the details in his skull begin to dry out…as the massive Onix soon collapses to the ground, having been essentially rendered as nothing more than a pile of rubble now. In the meantime, Geodude begins tossing Rock after Rock towards the area of Kricketune, always seeming to miss their target, as each of the massive rocks land cleanly in the ground, all around Kricketune…almost as if the Rocks were being missed on purpose.*

Barry, chuckling: Has Geodude got sand in his eye? We haven’t gotten hit once yet! Not that I’m complaining, though! Use this opportunity to do a Swords Dance, Kricketune!!

Roark, sneering: Checkmate! Geodude, finish up the Rock Tomb, now! And Shieldon, get out here, and fire a Flash Cannon against that Turtwig!

Lucas: Turtwig, you know what to do against special attacks, right? Start charging up!

Roark, shaking his head: You fool…most people would have their Pokemon try and avoid an attack like this…and yet, you choose to have your Turtwig face it head on? How bold…let’s see how this works out for you!

*Kricketune begins to perform a delightful jig, as he twirls his little hand swords all about, in an effort to raise his attacking prowess. Unfortunately for him, however, he fails to notice the large, incoming rock hurtling down towards him, in the center of all the rocks that had landed all around him. In the end, this massive rock ends up taking Kricketune down for the count. Initially, things seemed to be going just as badly for Turtwig, Lucas initially thought…but once the smoke from the Flash Cannon beam clears away, he sees Turtwig still hanging in there. In fact…it looked almost as if he was finally ready to unleash some sort of big attack.*

Barry, nodding with enthusiasm: Aha, I know what you’re planning on having Turtwig do, Lucas! Chimchar, get out here, and join in on the fun, with a Flame Burst!!

Roark, looking somewhat impressed: I haven’t seen many Pokemon still left standing, after having to endure what they usually would assume to be a glancing blow from Shieldon’s Flash Cannon. But just because most Trainers assume Shieldon’s power to be physically-based, I get away with that attack far more often than most people would think. But, you’ve seen his power now, and you know one more hit will take Turtwig out! Fire out another Flash Cannon, Shieldon! And Geodude, now that the formation is already in place, use Rock Tomb on his Chimchar!!

Lucas, smirking: The joke’s on you Roark, because while you were explaining all of that, Turtwig’s had more than enough time to charge up…his Solar Beam!! Do it, Turtwig!!

Barry: Chimchar, scratch that previous command! We’ve gotta get rid of those rocks all around here first! Use Power-Up Punch to clear away those boulders, while also strengthening your-

*Before Chimchar can do any such thing, Geodude tosses over a Rock from just above the Chimchar’s compromised position, as Chimchar then quickly faints. Turtwig, however, is easily able to obliterate Shieldon with his massive Solar Beam, netting a KO for both sides that turn.*

Barry, still looking quite self-assured: Well, we’ve got him down to his last two Pokemon now, so that’s gotta mean something, right?

Lucas: You bet it does. Turtwig, wanna try that other move we planned out with Barry?

Turtwig, nodding: Turtwig.

Roark, chuckling: See, the funny thing about a combo…is that they work best when your opponent doesn’t know they’re coming! Cranidos, you’re up next! Ram into Turtwig with a Headbutt, before he can try anything funny! Geodude, get another Rock Tomb boulder ready for his friend’s next Pokemon!

Lucas: Turtwig, fire out your Lech Seeds!

Barry, smiling: That’s your cue, Budew! Use Water Sport on those Leech Seeds, to help them grow real quick!!

*Turtwig proceeds to fire off a spread of Leech Seeds, not towards his opponents, but the arena itself. Budew, likewise, quickly covers the field in a spray of Water. Cranidos and Geodude, initially not seeming to care about said combo, carry out their attacks as normal. The Rock Tomb from Geodude makes quick work of Budew, while Cranidos tries to bash Turtwig, who easily manages to dodge the attack, thanks to not having to worry about his own attack hitting.*

Barry, smiling, and closing his eyes: I still have Chatot who I could call out…but I think the battle’s pretty much over already.

Roark, chuckling: A Flying-type, and a little Grass-type that’s looking to just barely be standing. I agree with your friend…you might as well just surrender at this point.

Lucas, smiling: I wouldn’t say that…

Roark, looking confused: Why would…oh…oh my, what is…

*Roark looks stunned, as he notices what appeared to be a glowing jungle of grasses growing just beneath the arena, its light glowing brightly in spite of its rocky surface. Suddenly, Geodude drops to the ground, along with Cranidos, to his utter disbelief.*

Roark, looking stunned: What the…how did-

Lucas, smiling: Surprised you, did we? See, Leech Seeds can be potent if planted onto your opponent, yeah…but they can be utterly devastating if they’re instead planted all around an entire arena like that!

Barry, putting his arm around his friend’s neck: You betcha! And who do you think taught him such a cool trick like that? It’d be me, heheheh!! Although…I guess I should give Gardenia some credit too, as I did sorta copy that strategy from one of her matches I watched before.

Roark, chuckling: Well, I guess that defeat is on me, after all! Shame on me for not taking into account one of my contemporaries’ own strategies! Well, seeing as you two already seem to know all about Gardenia, I guess you already know that she’s the next Gym Leader that Trainers typically take on next, right?

Barry, grabbing his Badge, then dragging Lucas along by the arm out of the Gym: You bet! Which means that we’ll be headed over to Eterna City next! Well…after our Pokemon heal up that is, heh heh! Lucas, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Lucas, rolling his eyes, as he struggles to keep up with Barry’s pace: Please…the only reason you requested that double battle was so that you had a chance of winning!

Barry, grinning: Well, it worked, didn’t it? Oh, wait, we didn’t get our Badges yet, did we? Mind handing us a pair to commemorate our victory with, Roark?

Roark, scratching the back of his head: Oh, yeah! Not sure how I almost managed to forget to give you those- wait…ugh, that’s right…there…might be a small problem with that, actually.

Lucas, looking worried: Don’t tell me you ran out of Badges…

Barry, chuckling: How can a Gym Leader run out of Badges? It’s not like the Coal Badges he gives out are made of actual coal, right?

Roark, chuckling: Well, they are, actually! Well, part of it is, at least! Heck, that’s why sometimes, I gotta go back to the Oreburgh Mines, and dig some more up! But…it’s getting pretty late today. Wanna take a raincheck on those Badges today? If you want to stay the night here in Oreburgh, I can meet you at the Pokemon Center around noon tomorrow, with a fresh pair of Coal Badges for you two!

Barry, whining: What?! We have to wait that long?! What am I supposed to do tomorrow morning until noon? Watch boring, old-people morning shows?!

Roark, rubbing his chin: Well, if you truly want to be entertained for a bit…I suppose I could give you both an Explorer’s Kit, to let you explore Sinnoh’s Grand Underground…father might be kinda mad if he finds out I gave you one, though.

Lucas, sounding curious: The…Grand Underground? What’s that?

Roark: Well, back in the day, before Sinnoh got recognized by the Pokemon League, we, the people of this great land, dug underground in preparation to construct many different gas pipelines, all throughout Sinnoh, to generate a majority of the region’s income. Once the League evaluated the region, and declared it as a new addition to the Pokemon League Circuit, we decided to halt the construction of the pipeline, on account of all of the tourism that naturally came with that development. As a result, much of Sinnoh’s underground has been fully hollowed out, and is perfectly traversable by both Trainers and Pokemon. Plenty of rare species of Pokemon now make their home in the catacombs below Sinnoh but, the walls of those depths also contain many rare metals - coal included! If you’re feeling up to it, you could even try seeing if you can mine a couple ores down there! If you get to me around say…9 AM tomorrow at the Gym, I can probably make you a couple Badges in say…10 minutes, probably, if you want to start heading to Eterna City as quickly as possible!

Lucas, looking excited: Rare Pokemon?! Well, I think I know where I’m going! Maybe I’ll even find some more Shiny ones while I’m down there! What about you, Barry?

Barry, nodding: Yeah, sounds like a ton of fun, honestly! I’m just hoping we can find those coal ores along the way too…because I can hear Gardenia’s Gym calling my name right now!

Roark, smiling, handing them both an Explorer Kit: And…there you go! Hope you two manage to find some cool stuff in there! See you two tomorrow!


Lucas' Team:
Shiny Turtwig (Withdraw, Absorb, Solar Beam, Leech Seed)
Murkrow (Fly)

Barry's Team:
Shiny Chimchar (Ember, Flame Burst, Power-Up Punch)
Chatot (Fly)
Kricketune (Slash, Swords Dance)
Budew (Water Sport)

Roark's Team:
Geodude (Rock Tomb)
Onix (Megahorn)
Shieldon (Flash Cannon)
Cranidos (Headbutt)

Chapter 5: A Galaxy-Level Break-In!


Why is Sabrina a wanted criminal? Sounds like you need to catch up with the previous story in this series! It'll become important here later on, along with the Elaine stuff. ^^

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

*Flying his Skarmory several hundred feet behind Dawn and her Starly, Falkner arrives at Veilstone City not long after he sees Dawn guiding Starly back down to the ground there. Upon catching up, however, Falkner panics, upon not seeing where Dawn had gone off to.*

Falkner, scanning every inch of Veilstone City’s streets, upon arriving in their skies: Well…this could be problematic. With the sun having set already too, my job isn’t going to be getting much easier, I guess. But…Dawn DID say she was heading straight to the Galactic Corporation’s HQ, so…maybe if I head there…but…ugh, surely someone there would recognize a Gym Leader like me though, and wonder why the heck I’m touring up the Galactic Corporation. That is…unless…hey, Skarmory. Take me to the Metronome Style Shop! With a new outfit, maybe…maybe no one will recognize me!

*Skarmory nods, and Flies him down towards the clothing store, where he changes into a dashingly red outfit, of sorts.*

Skarmory, turning to Falkner, upon leaving, looking unsure: Skar kar…skarmor kar…

Falkner, rolling his eyes: Give me a break, Skarmory. I didn’t have time for all that. Dawn could very well already be inside the Galactic Corporation building by now, and- hold up…do my eyes deceive me, Skarmory…? Or is that really…

*Falkner’s heartbeat skips a few breaths, as he witnesses none other than Sabrina herself, walking down a nearby sidewalk on the other side of the road, looking completely at peace, and unbothered.*

Falkner, shaking his head: Y-you’re seeing her too, right Skarmory? Like…taking down the Galactic Corporation would be big news and all…but Sabrina…she’s literally a terrorist now, at this point! If I was able to bring her in, then…then…I’d probably be promoted to the head of the international police agency itself!

Skarmory, also delighting in his fantasy: Skar…kar!!!

Falkner, moving his pointer finger to his mouth, to quiet down Skarmory: Shhh…keep cool. We can’t let her know that we’re on her trail, either. Let's just follow her for now, and see where she goes.

*For the next 30 minutes or so, both Falkner and Skarmory stay several hundred feet behind Sabrina, as they track her every turn, until she arrives at her destination. Falkner stands still in shock, once he sees her effortlessly be able to enter inside of the Galactic Corporation’s HQ.*

Falkner, whispering to Skarmory: …Unreal…she was just…let inside like that?! If I can prove that they intentionally let her in there…I could easily bring down the Galactic Corporation solely based on terrorism charges, and-

???: Hey! Falkner, what are you doing stalking that poor woman, huh?!

*Falkner and Skarmory gasp, upon seeing that Dawn had managed to walk in on their conversation.*

Falkner: …Dawn?! W-what are you doing-

Dawn, rolling her eyes: Isn’t it obvious? I was going to bust into the Galactic Corporation’s HQ here…but they were already locked up for the night…or so I thought! Clearly, that lady just went in there, so…maybe there’s a way in there after all!

Falkner, shaking his head: I wouldn’t be surprised if she was given a Key Card or something. If we’re going to get inside, we’re likely going to need to be a bit more forceful…

Dawn, as her eyes sparkle: Wait a sec…are you saying that you want to break into the HQ as well?!

Falkner, nodding: Yes…but on my own. I don’t need assistance from someone half my age…especially in a mission as dangerous as this one.

Dawn, chuckling: Oh yeah? Even if I’ve already gotten one of their Key Cards?

Falkner, standing in shock, at the card that Dawn was dangling in front of him: How…did you even get one of those?!

Dawn, chuckling: Simple! I scared off one of the nearby workers with Starly here! He was only training a few little Bug-types, and with that Fly move you had me teach Starly, taking him out was a breeze!

Falkner, shaking his head, looking troubled: Dawn…you can’t just…go and have battles with criminals like that…

Dawn, rolling her eyes: And why not?! Because it ‘isn’t safe’, or whatever?

Falkner, nodding: Yeah, that, and if you beat one of them, there’s probably several hundred others just waiting around the corner. And if you’re unprepared to handle too many battles in a row-

???: -that’s when you realize you’ve been f*cked. That’s how you were going to end that sentence of yours, right pretty boy?

*Dawn and Falkner both turn around in horror, upon noticing that a man with dark blue hair, fashioned into horns, had been listening in to their conversation, along with his Toxicroak.*

Falkner, looking quite serious: So…the blue-haired leader’s shown himself, huh? Skarmory, get ready to whip up some Razor Wind, if this guy doesn’t surrender peacefully!

Dawn, shaking her head: Wait, Falkner! He has blue hair…but he isn’t the guy I met at Lake Verity!

Blue-haired man, cackling with delight: My, it sure does say a lot, when a little girl knows more about your enemy, than a member of the international police! Or should I call you…Falkner?

Falkner, shaking his head: Impossible…how the heck are you guys already onto us?!

Blue-haired man, grinning: We’ve already dealt with one of your little operatives a few days ago now. Some weird guy in a trenchcoat. English…definitely seemed to be a second language to him. Ring any bells at all?

Falkner, as his eyes widen: Looker?! Don’t tell me you-

Blue-haired man, glaring at the pair: Please…if that guy was really the best your little organization had to offer…I fear that you’re in for a very rude awakening, my friend. Not that I plan for either of you to be awake much longer as is! Bronzong, get out here, and unleash your Hypnosis!! Toxicroak, go in for some Poison Jabs!

Falkner, shaking his head: I don’t know what the Galactic Corporation is planning here…but whatever it is, it can’t be good! Skarmory, Razor Wind, now!!

Dawn: Starly…I think we’re a little outmatched here, so…Fly me to the top of the Galactic HQ, instead! If we can’t get in from below with just our Key Card…maybe we can get in through the top!

Falkner, shaking his head vehemently: Are you crazy?! You’re going to get yourself- ahh!

*Skarmory’s Razor Wind makes the air around the blue-haired man’s side of the field sharpen up, and feel painful, especially whenever the wind in the area picks up. Toxicroak gets cut-up by the attack pretty harshly, but still manages to leap into the air, to smack Starly out of the air, and slamming her to the ground, in a single Jab. Bronzong, not minding the Razor Wind at all, due to its Steel-type exterior, seems content enough in just putting Skarmory to sleep.*

Blue-haired man: Kadabra, get out here, and guide a Focus Blast into that sleeping Skarmory there! Bronzong, unleash your Psychic powers!

Dawn, frowning: Piplup…use Water Sport to cover our escape!!

Falkner, shaking his head: Dawn, what kind of move are you…ugh, forget it…Skarmory, switch out for Pidgeotto, and then hit Toxicroak with your Wing Attacks!!

*Piplup spits out a small stream of water, which wettens the ground underneath them, causing the soil to get all muddy on the other side of the battle. Dawn and Piplup try to use this to their advantage, as they try to flee the area, but Piplup soon gets surrounded by a pink outline of energy, and dragged towards Bronzong. Kadabra, meanwhile, successfully guides a sphere of Focus Blast energy straight into Pidgeotto, managing to KO it.*

Blue-haired man, grinning with delight, upon seeing the captive Piplup being held captive by his Bronzong: Well, I’m sure Cyrus will be most pleased to see such an oddly-colored Pokemon like this Piplup end up in our hands! Bronzong, Teleport it back to the HQ! And Kadabra, keep the Gym Leader’s Pokemon at bay, with your Psychic abilities!

Falkner, shaking his head: Noctowl, we won’t let this guy win! Hit it with a Night Slash, and- Dawn, what the hell are you doing?!

Dawn, looking back at Falkner, as she trudges through the muddy ground, towards their adversary’s side of the field: What? I’m not just going to let them take Piplup away from me now, am I?!

Falkner, watching as Noctowl blows Kadabra away with its attack: If you’re not careful around an attack like that, it won’t just be Piplup that gets…Teleported…

*Falkner watches helplessly, as Bronzong tips itself over by 90 degrees, and fires a Teleportation beam from its rear. It manages to absorb not only the captive-in-mid-air Piplup…but Dawn, as she jumps into the beam’s path as well. Having both disappeared from view, the blue-haired man lets out a sinister laugh.*

Blue-haired man: My, it looks like Bronzong and I have caught more than we ever bargained for tonight…both a Pokemon AND a human hostage? It’s been weeks since we’ve gotten THAT lucky! I don’t suppose you’ll want to follow her now, would you?

Falkner, sighing as he calls back Noctowl: I would…if only just to make sure the girl stays safe, at the very least.

Blue-haired man, bowing to Falkner: You have my word, pretty boy. Everyone in the Galactic Corporation gets looked after…in a cell, that is! Bronzong, you know what to do!

*Bronzong then aims his bottom towards Falkner as well, as he lets himself be captured by the criminal, rather than fighting, and letting Dawn fend for herself inside the building.*

Blue-haired man, speaking into a walkie-talkie on his belt: Mars, come in. I’ve found a few more prisoners for you to deal with.

Mars’ voice, on the other end: Seriously, Saturn?! We were just about to test out the boss’ new radio transmitter, with that Sabrina lady!

Saturn, sighing: Yes, yes, I know. I’m quite excited to see how the device fairs too, but I think you’ll be happy to know that one of our captives is none other than a member of the international police!

Mars, sounding less annoyed now: Wow…another one already, huh? Looks like Team Galactic’s really been on their radar lately. Think the boss is going to put his plan into action soon?

Saturn: Hopefully. But until then…feel free to make sure our guests feel at home, would you?

Mars, in a seductively evil tone: With pleasure.


Dawn's Team:
Shiny Piplup (Bubble, Water Sport)
Starly (Fly)

Falkner's Team:
Skarmory (Fly, Razor Wind)
Pidgeotto (Wing Attack)
Noctowl (Night Slash)

Saturn's Team:
Bronzong (Hypnosis, Psychic, Teleport)
Toxicroak (Poison Jab)
Kadabra (Focus Blast, Psychic)

Chapter 6: The Galactic Corporation's Grand Underground Experiments!


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

*Deep in Sinnoh’s Grand Underground, which Lucas and Barry promptly decide to explore after their Gym Battle, the pair marvel at not only the spacious caves lying out before them, but of the many different Pokemon within them, as well!*

Lucas, enamored by the ecological miracle: Incredible!! I’ve lived in Sinnoh my whole life, but I never realized…just how many Pokemon made their homes down here!

Barry, nodding in agreement: Yeah…there’s even evolved Pokemon down here, too!

*The pair’s admiration is cut short, however, by a nearby rumbling, quickly making its way through the tunnels yet closer to them.*

Barry, looking around worriedly: Uh…Lucas? Do you…know of any Pokemon that could shake the ground this hard?!

Lucas, pulling out his Pokedex: Well, if it’s a Pokemon, it’s likely a REALLY big one. Let’s see…wait - there it is now! It’s…

Barry, pointing at the Pokemon in terror: It’s…an Onix! I’ve heard too many horror stories about what those things have done when they burrow into mining facilities!! We’re dead meat!!

Lucas, taking out a Poke Ball: Not if I can help it! Turtwig, come on out, and fire your Razor Leaves at it!!

*Turtwig does so, managing to wound the charging Onix considerably. However, even after sustaining some deep injuries from the attack, the Onix stays fixated to the direction it had been originally heading, and ends up passing the group, apparently not even noticing the wounds on its body now.*

Lucas, scratching his head: Well…that was weird. Never seen a Pokemon just completely ignore being attacked like that. And those wounds…surely Onix would feel slices THAT deep into its body, right?

Barry, as a lightbulb seemed to light up in his mind: Wait…remember what Falkner mentioned to us earlier? Maybe…maybe that Onix is chasing after radio waves…or something!

Lucas, shaking his head at Barry’s suggestion: Radio waves? This far underground? Maybe you should head back to the surface and go to bed, Barry. Everyone knows radio waves can’t travel underground!

Barry, giving his friend a dirty look: Lucas, we Flew into the sky while holding onto birds that were many times smaller than ourselves. Is it really so far-fetched that there’s some sort of radio frequency that can travel under the Earth, too?

Voice, approaching the pair from nearby: Oh, for Arceus’ sake…what are a couple of children doing in these mines at this time of night?! Who…who even let you down here?!

*Lucas and Barry turn around, quite surprised to see an older man in his 50’s walking about in the tunnels, wielding a worn-out shovel.*

Lucas: Oh, that would be Roark, I guess. He gave both of us an Explorer’s Kit to dig our way down here!

Older man: Did he now? Well, I hope he realizes that as a Gym Leader, he’s supposed to be givin’ Badges to kids, not full-blown excavation kits!!

Barry, shrugging: Well, he wanted to, but he ran out of Badges, so he told us to mine up some coal so he could fashion us up a pair of new ones.

Lucas, squinting: Say…you know…you actually look kinda like him! Are you-

Older man, sighing: Yes, I’m his father. If you two are taking on Sinnoh’s Pokemon League, I suppose I’d have met you two sooner or later, it seems. The name’s Byron. I’d just love to stay and chat, and learn about what else my son irresponsibly gives to minors, but right now, I’m in the middle of tracking some Pokemon around here that just seem…I don’t know…a bit off, compared to most of the others you’d see ‘round here?

Lucas: You mean like the Onix from a minute ago?

Barry, nodding: Yeah…that thing just ran right past us…even after Turtwig there sliced some Razor Leaves deep into its body! It seemed to be in an awful hurry to go…somewhere!

Byron, looking surprised: So…you two saw it too?! Well, can’t really be a coincidence now, can it? Come on, let’s follow and see what’s botherin’ ‘im.

*The group heads down the tunnel that Onix had traveled into, as they soon come across a light shining down from above in the tunnel.*

Byron, looking directly above them: Looks like those Pokemon mighta left the Underground via that hole there. I can get out by havin’ my Magnezone Levitate me outta here…but do you two have a way out?

*The pair nod, as they call out Chatot and Murkrow. With the help of their Pokemon, the group finds themselves in Veilstone City, near the Galactic building near the center of the city, with several members of the corporation watching as they exit the hole that the Onix had likely dug.*

Saturn, grinning, as he watches the group surface, from underneath their hole they’d dug: My, what have we here? Didn’t think we’d manage to dig up a few lousy Trainers, during our little experiment…

Crimson-haired Galactic Admin, scoffing at the attempt to calm her down: Oh, pipe down, Saturn! I know that guy! You’re Byron, of the Canalave City Pokemon Gym, right?

Byron, nodding: My reputation precedes me, it seems. Might I ask what you lot are doing out here, at this hour?

Mars, sneering: I could ask you the same thing, old man!

Saturn, laying a calm hand on Mars’ shoulder: Calm yourself, Mars. I highly doubt these people want any trouble, now. Allow me to introduce ourselves. I’m Administrator Saturn, of the Galactic Corporation. The other Admins here are Mars, who needs to learn to hold her tongue, and the lovely Jupiter, to my left.

Jupiter, nodding formally: A pleasure to meet you three.

Byron, nodding: Likewise. Now, with the formalities outta the way, would you three bother explainin’ why that Onix down there was in such a hurry to come…here? To the middle of some…city, in the middle of the night?

Saturn, shrugging, stepping forward: Ah, I suppose there’s no hiding anything from you, now is there? See, we, at the Galactic Corporation, wish to utilize energy in a way that no one else has before. And, one method we were testing was via radio waves, that can travel through anything - even deep underground, as our experiment tonight has managed to show us! Even as we speak, more and more Pokemon are making their way out of the earth! With this kind of power, we might just have a way of using Pokemon as a…sort of renewable resource, of sorts!

Mars, continuing to sneer: Yeah. Bet you coal miners hate words like that, huh?

Byron, slamming his shovel into the blacktop they stood on: Perhaps you don’t realize just how much coal can really do fer ya in your everyday life!

*Jupiter puts her hand on Mars’ shoulder, just as Saturn had before. She quickly shoves her hand off of her, however, and walks towards the group.*

Mars, spitting to her side, continuing to approach Byron: Look gramps, I may have been too late to join Team Magma, but trust me, I know what an anti-environmentalist looks like when I see one. And frankly, I don’t like the look of you one bit!

Saturn, walking over to the pair, and pulling the two apart: Enough! Mars, what would our President say if he saw how you were acting right now?

Mars, looking ragefully at Byron, before closing her eyes, and taking a deep breath: He’d say…that we shouldn’t let our emotions get the better of us. I know. But…I still can’t just…let this guy go. Not without a Pokemon battle, at the very least.

Saturn, closing his eyes: …Well, there’s nothing wrong with a battle, I suppose. You DO realize that man is a Gym Leader, though, right? Your Purugly might be strong, but against an opponent like Byron?

Mars, scoffing: Shut up! He’s lucky this is all I’m gonna do to him. Purugly, use Body Slam!!

Byron, reaching to his belt: Steelix, you’re up! Heavy Slam!!

*Steelix, being absolutely massive compared to Mars’ fat cat, manages to easily overpower Mars’ ace Pokemon, sending it flying, only to collapse to the ground, having fainted, as Mars runs up to her fainted feline.*

Mars, picking up her Pokemon, her eyes looking soggy: Purugly! Purugly, speak to me, damn it!!

Purugly, opening her eyes a little: Pur…row?

Mars, quickly calling her back into her Poke Ball: Grrr…taking out my Pokemon in just one hit?! I oughta-

Saturn, quickly stepping in front of Mars: Well, now that this little battle is over, it’s getting quite late, and I certainly wouldn’t want any of us to risk breaking curfew, now would I? Please, allow me to formally apologize for any trouble we’ve caused tonight. We were merely testing our little radio signal over there, but I surely didn’t mean to escalate things quite like…this. If there’s anything I can do to-

Byron, turning away from the Administrators: -We’re fine. The situation’s been cleared up, right? Come on, kids. I’ll pay for your stay at a Pokemon Center tonight. You two dig?

*The pair nod, as Byron calls out his Magnezone, who Levitates the group off to a few blocks away from the main square, where they pay and head into a Pokemon Center for the night.*

Byron, turning away from the pair, after paying their fee: Well, I’ll be headed back to my place now. You two be safe, until we meet again, yeah?

Barry, looking confused: Wait! You’re just…heading back to your place…after an encounter like that?

Lucas, shaking his head: I don’t get it! Those people in the Galactic Corporation were doing SOMETHING shady, right? Surely you’re not just gonna let them get away with…whatever they were trying to do!

Byron, shaking his head, without facing the pair again: Kids…I know you both are still young yet, but trust me, when I say that…you don’t wanna get involved with people like them.

Lucas, looking distraught: But…they WERE doing something illegal, right? Surely forcing Pokemon to burrow right for their base could have severe implications-

Byron, slamming his shovel into the floor: Kids! Let me make myself clear - the Galactic Corporation is always getting involved in one shady activity or another over these last few months. With so many investigations currently ongoing regarding their higher-ups, it’s only a matter of time until the police deal with ‘em. As such, I can only advise you two to let the boys and girls in blue do their job. The Galactic Corporation isn’t a group that mere kids should be tangling with. Have I made myself clear?

Barry and Lucas, both looking to the ground, sighing: Yes, sir…

*As Byron leaves the Pokemon Center, the pair turn to each other, looking determined.*

Barry, being the first to speak up, as soon as the doors between them and Byron had closed: …As if! There’s no way we can just ignore those guys after seeing what we saw tonight! Just imagine what else they might be up to, if they’re messing around with radio waves like that!

Lucas, nodding, after a yawn: You got that right…but we’ve had a really long day. Let’s get some sleep first, and then we’ll meet here in this lobby in the morning. Once we’re renewed and focused…that’s when we’ll go and see what the Galactic Corporation is actually up to!


Mars' Team:
Purugly (Body Slam)

Byron's Team:
Steelix (Heavy Slam)

Chapter 7: Sabrina's Surprise Return!


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

*That night, Cyrus calls out the summoned Onix inside of his office, from within its Poke Ball. Sabrina crosses her arms, at the sight of the towering rock snake.*

Sabrina, nodding briefly: So, your transmitter is capable of summoning Pokemon, then.

Cyrus, nodding, before withdrawing Onix back into its Poke Ball: Indeed. But, in having displayed its power for you, we managed to draw some unnecessary attention to our activities. It’d be bad enough if it was just those two kids that saw it happen, but that Gym Leader from Canalave City witnessed the experiment as well. Although it was a success…I don’t wish to tempt fate over such frivolous matters. I, too, plan to meet a powerful Pokemon soon, who will help me reshape the word. But no mere radio waves will be enough to summon forth the Pokemon I desire…

Sabrina, glaring at Cyrus: Then sell the damn transmitter to me, and allow me to be held fully liable for what I do with it.

Cyrus, shaking his head: That transmitter is massive, and is essentially hard-wired into this HQ’s energy grid. Even if I were to sell it to you, moving it would almost certainly be impossible. As long as it’s on the Galactic Corporation’s property…I can’t allow you to do that.

Sabrina, covering her hands in green-colored psychic energy: I don’t think you’re in the position to be denying me anything, Cyrus…

Cyrus, narrowing his eyes at Sabrina: If you’re threatening me, I hope you realize I’m a strong Trainer in my own right. Honchkrow, stand by on guard.

Sabrina, chuckling at Cyrus’ bravado: A Honchkrow, huh? Well, wait until you get a load of my own Flying-type! Ho-Oh, unleash your Sacred Fire!!

Cyrus, sweating at the sight…or heat, of the massive, fiery Flying-type: Dear Arceus…what in blazes…? Honchkrow, unleash a Night Slash!

*Honchkrow Slashes a Dark blade of energy towards Ho-Oh, who merely brushes off the blow, before blowing out a massive stream of Fire into Honchkrow, quickly KOing him.*

Cyrus, picking up the walkie-talkie on his belt: This isn’t good…guards…admins…everyone, to my office, at once. Things have gotten complicated with our…guest.

Sabrina, grinning evilly: Calling for backup, are you? Big mistake. Suicune, Entei, Raikou! Help Ho-Oh bring this whole place crumbling down!!

*Elsewhere, in the HQ’s secret prison bay, located just below the first floor, but only accessible via a secret stairwell, the pair of Guard Grunts that had been overseeing Falkner and Dawn’s capture, hear Cyrus’ message on their comm devices. With not a moment of delay, they quickly head to a nearby stairwell, in an effort to assist Cyrus, following his call for help.*

Dawn, sighing, speaking to Falkner, in the next cell over, now that the guards were gone: Well, looks like those two are gone finally…but how are we going to get out of here, without my little Piplup? She was so cute…and powerful, too! But now, all I’m left with is that stupid Starly you had me catch before…

Falkner, sounding amazed: Hold on…you managed to keep hold of one of your Pokemon?! They stripped me of my own, before throwing me into my cell here…

Dawn, nodding: Yeah…it’s probably because I kept Starly’s Poke Ball in my bag, since I didn’t plan on battling with it at all. I mean…she is pretty weak…

Falkner, sounding grateful: Hey, even one Pokemon is capable of pulling off miracles, if pushed to their maximum limits! Being a Gym Leader has taught me that much, at least! If we can find a way for your Starly to slice through these metal bars, then-

*Suddenly, the pair hear a large explosion, echoing forth what sounded like a good dozen floors or so above them.*

Dawn, sounding somewhat scared: That…didn’t sound good, did it?

Falkner, shaking his head: No…no, it didn’t. But we can’t just stay in here, and let ourselves be destroyed by…whatever’s going on. Tell me…does Starly know Heat Wave yet?

Dawn, sounding confused: Heat what?!

Falkner, sighing: Clearly not. Here, you can borrow my TM disc for the move. Just insert it into the Poke Ball, like the HM disc from before.

*Falkner reaches out from behind the metallic bars, and slides the disc along the floor, over to Dawn’s cell. Reaching for it, she injects the disc into Starly’s Poke Ball.*

Dawn, sounding unsure: Okay, Starly…unleash your…Heat Wave, was it?

*Startly nods, before gathering up all the Heat in the room around them, and redirects it all into the metal bars, quickly melting them away.*

Falkner, looking ecstatic about Dawn managing to escape: Excellent! Now, just get me out of here, and we can search this place for wherever they stashed our Pokemon, and get out of here!

Dawn, nodding: Yeah, I know. Starly, use your Heat Wave on those bars, too.

*Starly does so, allowing Falkner to escape his cell too. The pair then head for the stairwell next, but while climbing it, they both hear…and feel the shakings of another massive implosion on a floor above them. Except this time, it sounded closer to the level they were on.*

Dawn, sounding worried: Are you sure we should be trying to save our Pokemon right now…when this building is sounding like it could collapse at any moment?

Falkner, shaking his head: If you wish to save yourself, I will refrain from casting judgment your way. But as for me…I cannot forsake the safety of my partners…my friends.

*Dawn stops for a moment, as Falkner continues dashing up the stairs, as she thinks about how much she’d grown fond of her Piplup, just during her first day of owning her.*

Dawn, clenching her eyes shut: Damn it, Piplup…just why do you have to be…so darn cute?! I…I can’t believe I’m doing this…but I’m going to go rescue you…if it’s the last thing I do!

*As Dawn quickly darts up the steps, quickly catching up to Falkner’s position. Sabrina, meanwhile, abandons her own position, and upon burning up Cyrus’ office with the help of Ho-Oh, upon his defeat, she Flies it to the surface of the building, where she takes hold of the transmitter herself, in an attempt to call forth a Pokemon from Underground, solely with her own power.*

Sabrina, focusing all of her energy into the transmitter: If you don’t want me to operate it normally, Cyrus…then I’ll just have to take matters into my own hands! In fact…Alakazam, assist me with this endeavor!

*Together, the pair channel their psychic energy into a transmission that causes quite a headache, to everyone in the area.*

Dawn, holding her hands over her ears, as she stops in her tracks: Ugggh…what’s going on now?!

Falkner, doing the same: No clue…but I doubt- wait…no, these sounds…they’re just like the ones I heard last week in Johto, when Sabrina was hijacking the airwaves!!

Dawn, sounding worried: So you’ve heard…sounds like these before?!

Falkner, nodding painfully: Y-yeah…but that’s the least of our worries…if this transmission goes on for too long, everyone who hears it, who isn’t a psychic, is just going to turn into a mindless drone! That;s why…we need to figure out where our Pokemon are ASAP!

*As the pair continue climbing up the stairwell, the ground beneath them begins to violently shake, with Dawn falling onto her knees, due to holding her hands over her ears; and not using them to hold onto the stairwell.*

Dawn, looking momentarily winded: Aagh!! Explosions above us, earthquakes below us…where do you think we’ll be safer, Falkner? Er…Falkner…?

*Dawn gets back on her feet, and goes up to Falkner, who was now standing completely still. Dawn quickly realizes what had happened, however. Unlike her, Falkner had been gripping the stairwell with his hands, and as such, the transmission had taken hold over him, and effectively paralyzed him on the spot.*

Dawn, shaking her head: No…no no no no no, this isn’t good…not at all. We still have to rescue Piplup, and-

Fierce voice from nearby: RAAAAAADOS!!!

Dawn, nearly falling to her knees again, from the soundwaves of the unknown beast: Now what’s going on out there?! Ugh…screw Falkner, I’m going on ahead of him!!

*Nearby, in the Veilstone City Pokemon Center, Barry wakes up in the middle of the night to both the transmission, and the roars of the unknown beast. Panicking, Barry runs straight to the room that Lucas had booked, and bangs on the door.*

Barry: Lucas…Lucas!! You’ve gotta wake up…it’s urgent, man!!

Lucas, yawning, as he opens the door up to Barry: Calm down, man. I know I was already awake…but that doesn’t mean I want to be…what the heck is going on out there, anyway?

Barry, hardly being able to get ahold of himself: It’s just…the big…the red…Red Ravine…the Gyarados…it’s here, man!!

Lucas, as his eyes widen: You’re kidding, right? That Gyarados belonged to a Trainer, didn’t it?

Barry, nodding crazily: Yeah…I thought so… but it’s here! Well…it was closer to the Galactic Corporation HQ, when I saw it, but…it’s here all right!

Lucas, with a tinge of desire in his voice: So…it’s just rampaging around, or something? If that’s the case…maybe it isn’t even the same red Gyarados!

Barry, shrugging: I don’t know…but if someone’s gonna catch it…I’d want it to be one of us, you know? So let’s stop daddling, and go capture it!!

*The pair of boys quickly leave the Pokemon Center, and make their way to the northeast corner of the city, as more and more smoke begins to cloud their sight.*

Lucas, shaking his head: Yeesh…I know that city’s can have polluted air sometimes…but don’t you think this is a bit much? Even for a city like Veilstone?

Barry, horrifically pointing at the shadow just ahead of them: Um…Lucas…? Did we take a wrong turn…or is this where the Galactic HQ used to be…?

Lucas, shielding his eyes from all the incoming smoke: I mean…if I squint, I can make out some of it still, at least…but it definitely isn’t all there anym-

Bestial voice, echoing from behind the smoke: RAAAAAADOS!!!

*The pair of boys gasp, as a massive Hyper Beam lights up the area, and is fired right towards them. Neither Trainer remembers to call out a Pokemon, due to being a Trainer for less than 24 hours now at this point, they both merely cover their faces with their arms, in defense. Seconds pass, and Lucas lowers his arms, and looks to his left, to see if Barry was okay. However, Lucas couldn’t seem to find a trace of his friend, no matter what angle he looked.*

Lucas, sounding increasingly worried with each passing second: Barry…? Barry…BARRY?!

*Rising out of the smoke-covered night skies, Lucas can faintly make out the outline of the Shiny Gyarados that Barry had told him about. As the beast lets out another roar, however, he can hear a soft, pained-sort-of moaning voice behind it.*

Lucas, thinking to himself: That noise…is someone nearby hurt? I’d try and defeat this thing, but…I don’t think either Turtwig or Murkrow are up for a task like this…

*Lucas, standing frozen in disbelief, makes himself an easy target to the Gyarados’ continued rampage. It then suddenly begins to close in on him, and yet…Lucas couldn’t come to grips to get his body to respond fast enough. Just when he thought all hope was lost, however, a large shadow dashes in front of Lucas, in an instant.*

Feminine voice, from beyond the omnipresent smoke: Garchomp, Dragon Claw!!

*The shadow protecting Lucas slashes a massive claw at the rampaging beast, knocking it to the other side of the curb.*

Feminine voice: Now, kid! You wanted to catch that thing, right? Well, now’s your last chance! Do it, or I’ll land the finishing blow onto it!

Lucas, stuttering, as he pulls out a Poke Ball: Uh…sure. Go, Poke B-

*To Lucas’ shock, however, the crimson Gyarados suddenly disappears from before his eyes. Behind its large body, a radio transmitter, now burning up in flames, illuminated a small area around its blazing ruins. In its radiance, he notices a woman lying on the ground, who’s hands seemed covered in a green energy, of some sort.*

Lucas, realizing she must have been who he heard was in pain, from behind the Gyarados’ path: Who…what are you-

*Suddenly, however, the woman who the feminine voice belonged to stretches out her arm in front of Lucas, to stop him from getting any closer to Sabrina. Dressed in a classy, black outfit, she had a powerful-looking presence, to be sure.*

Black-clad woman: Halt. That woman is all kinds of dangerous, kid. Garchomp and I will handle things from here.

Sabrina, chuckling, as she picks herself up off of the ground: Am I really so dangerous, after that rampaging beast ended up destroying the one thing I came to Sinnoh for?

Black-clad woman, glaring at her: Well, you did decide to go and capture the beast for yourself, didn’t you?

Sabrina, grinning: Well, while it’s true that I captured it…let it be known that I simply captured it as a…favor, to a friend of mine, in a completely different region. I’ll be on my way now…Miss Champion.

Lucas, gasping, as he realizes who had saved him: Hold on…you’re…Cynthia?!

Cynthia, shaking her head at Sabrina: Not on my watch, Sabrina. You’re going to answer to the authorities, like any other criminal I’ve brought in. Garchomp, Dragon Claw!

Sabrina, cackling: Please…your Garchomp is fast…but not fast enough to stop my retreat! Alakazam, Teleport me out of here!!

*As Garchomp goes in for an attack, Alakazam appears in the blink of an eye…before disappearing, along with Sabrina, just as quickly.*

Cynthia, closing her eyes: Damn…so she got away from us again, huh?

Lucas, speaking up after a moment: M-miss Champion…? Who exactly…was that, just now?

Cynthia, shaking her head: She’s a wanted criminal, hailing from the Kanto-Johto area of Japan. She recently tried to pull off that very same trick in Goldenrod City, just a few weeks back. Thankfully, she was stopped that time, too…but I fear for what may have happened if we weren’t lucky enough to have a random Gyarados pop in, to rain on her parade…

Falkner, from somewhere nearby: Cynthia…? Cynthia, is that you?!

Cynthia, nodding to Falkner, as the pair re-unite: Falkner…it’s good to see that you’re safe. We hadn’t received any updates from you for over 12 hours now. …We were starting to get a little worried, honestly…

Dawn, looking confused: Hold on…Falkner…how do you know the Champion of the Sinnoh League herself?!

Falkner, shrugging: Well, as it turns out…we’re both members of the international police force!

Cynthia, glaring down at the man: Falkner…you didn’t need to let them know that.

Falkner, sighing: I…kinda told both of them my own identity already, I’m afraid. Sorry about that…

Lucas, shaking his head: Forget about any of that…have any of you guys seen Barry around here anywhere? I haven’t seen him since…that beast went and fired one of its massive Hyper Beams straight at us…

Falkner, frowning: Barry’s here too? Well, so much for you guys not getting yourselves involved in all of this…

Dawn, gasping, as she points to a nearby tree: Wait…isn’t that him over there?!

*The group shuffles over to the tree that Dawn had pointed to, and sure enough, Barry was lying up against it, barely looking conscious. His skin and clothes had been noticeably charred from the Gyarados’ massive Beam of energy.*

Cynthia, closing her eyes: Those injuries look quite severe…but if we get him to a hospital quickly, he may still make it. Quickly, load him up onto my Togekiss. I’ll Fly him over to the Jubilife Medical Hospital as quickly as possible.

*The group does so, and as they lay Barry onto Togekiss’ backside, Cynthia pilots straight back to Jubilife City, as Lucas calls out for his own Flier, in Murkrow, to ferry him over as well. Falkner and Dawn, having managed to locate their stolen Pokemon, Fly close behind as well, on Skarmory and Starly respectively.*


Sabrina's Current Team:
Ho-Oh (Sacred Fire)
Suicune (Ice Beam, Surf)
Raikou (Thunderbolt, Thunder, Signal Beam)
Entei (Fire Blast, Solar Beam, Crunch, Rock Smash)
Alakazam (Psychic, Teleport)
Shiny Gyarados (Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam)
Gengar (Shadow Ball, Double Team, Will O' Wisp, Focus Punch)
Mismagius (Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Perish Song)

Dawn's Current Team:
Shiny Piplup (Bubble, Water Sport)
Starly (Fly, Heat Wave)

Chapter 8: With Age, Comes...Restraint?

Chapter Text

*As the sun begins to rise from Team Galactic’s night of terror, Cyrus summons his Admins into his office…or at least, what was left of it, for an emergency meeting.*

Cyrus, closing his eyes: Mars…Jupiter…Saturn. From tonight’s events, one thing is clear to me, above all else. We need to summon forth the last remaining Lake Spirit, complete the Red Chain, before any more setbacks occur.

Mars, rolling her eyes: Finally. It’s about time, if you ask me.

Jupiter: If that’s the case…do you know of a method, in which we could possibly draw out the last Lake Spirit, then?

Cyrus, lowering his head: As of yet…no. However, Saturn’s original plan of bombing the lake could prove…interesting, after some recent discoveries I made, while exploring the Verity Lakefront earlier today. You see…after a quick Dive through the area with Gyarados, I discovered that the cave in the middle of Verity Lake…isn’t connected to the seafloor, like you’d think. Instead…it's atop its own, separate little island, unconnected to anything else.

Mars, shrugging: …Okay? What’s so special about that?

Cyrus: An island that small…small enough just for one, solitary cave to exist over its entire surface…outside of Sinnoh, such a phenomenon is not known to exist. When you consider the fact that Sinnoh has not one, but three of these islands, within its boundaries…it’s quite obvious that such enclosures are divine in nature. So, if we decide to disturb these bastions…

Mars, smiling, as she connects the dots: That means…that the stupid pixie will practically have no choice but to appear to us!

Cyrus, dryly nodding: Indeed. Saturn, do whatever it takes to procure us a large explosive, as quickly as you can. The Red Chain needs to be completed, before any more rogue actors appear, and try to disrupt our plans.

Saturn, bowing to Cyrus: But of course! However, acquiring the components necessary for such a destructive device may…take the better part of a week, at the very least…

Cyrus, closing his eyes: But of course…although time is of the essence, acquiring all the parts needed for a hydrogen bomb like that too quickly would only make us look all the more suspicious. In case Azelf continues to avoid us, perhaps we should continue the development of our Pokemon-controlling microchips, in the meantime.

Jupiter, nodding in agreement: A most risk-averse plan, to be sure…however, I, personally remain quite skeptical of the long-term viability of the devices.

Cyrus: As do I, Jupiter. Nonetheless, until we can get our hands on the Pokemon known as Azelf, they may be our safest bet for our current plans. Especially considering we don’t yet have the energy required to even fuse the Red Chain, even if we did have all three Crests of the Lake Spirits.

Mars, looking troubled: Yeah…didn’t you tell us before that the process of fusing the three Crests into the Red Chain would take like…a LOT of energy? Like, the Galactic Corporation may have a lot of energy in reserves, but if such a large amount is depleted in such a short time…I’m sure the international police would catch on, if the spike in energy is as noticeable as we predict.

Cyrus, slowly nodding: Indeed. Perhaps, then, we should siphon our own power reserves to…an external location. Not only to reduce the strain on our own infrastructure, but also as a means of credible deniability. On that note…I recommend that we take over the Valley Windworks Power Plant. Mars, would you do the honors?

Mars, grinning: Leave everything to Purugly and I. No one will wanna mess with us…and especially not during a hostage crisis…which we can probably orchestrate nicely, in a couple day’s time.

Cyrus, closing his eyes: Treachery always was your strong suit, wasn’t it, Mars? Well, no matter. In due time, the events of this world will prove entirely meaningless, once I reset everything anyway. Do as you like, Mars…because at this point, the ends will supercede the means.

Mars, with a horrid smile on her face: So, I have your permission to do whatever I want then, as long as we link their power grid up to our’s then? Sounds like a good deal if I’ve ever heard one! Just don’t blame me if things get too messy…


*At the Jubilife Medical Hospital, the next day, both Lucas and Dawn sit at Barry’s bedside, as he sleeps away, unaware of their presence. Soon, Cynthia enters the room, alongside Barry’s mother, and his dad, Palmer.*

Palmer, kneeling down to the side of Barry’s bed: Dear heavens…Barry…what happened out there?!

Cynthia, closing her eyes: The Galactic Corporation allied themselves with a known terrorist from Kanto, who managed to summon forth a massive Gyarados, in the middle of Veilstone City. Although I was able to make sure the destruction was kept to a minimum…your son wasn’t so lucky.

Barry’s mother, going to embrace Cynthia: Oh…Miss Champion…where would Sinnoh be without you?

Palmer, nodding, as he stands back up, to face the pair: Indeed…if it wasn’t for you getting my son to the hospital so quickly, I have no doubts that things could have ended up even worse. Perhaps…I should have waited a bit longer, before allowing him to go on a Pokemon journey of his own.

Cynthia, chuckling: Funny hearing you say that, as a former Champion in your own right.

Palmer, scratching the back of his head: Well, I certainly had my fair share of bumps and bruises in my journey, in the early days…but even I realize that Sinnoh is in a rough place right now, with the Galactic Corporation essentially having free reign to do…whatever it is they’re doing.

Dawn, looking quite annoyed: Well, if you ask me, I think someone should teach those Galactic guys a lesson…before anyone else gets hurt!

Palmer, chuckling at the girl’s vigor: Oh, I agree with you there! The only problem with that is…the Galactic Corporation has resources. I’m talking deep, deep pockets. The government officials of Sinnoh have more or less been confirmed to be on their payroll, after all. If someone were to seriously oppose them, you’d likely end up in prison.

Dawn, shaking her head: Well…if the adults are too scared to do anything about them…then maybe I’ll just have to teach them a lesson myself!

Cynthia, shaking her head: A noble goal…but I wouldn’t risk your future, in taking on people like them. You have a better chance at becoming Champion of the Sinnoh League, than dismantling an organization like theirs.

Palmer, nodding, with a grin on his face: And that’s saying a lot, coming from her…

Dawn, looking frustrated: Well…well…UGH!! I’m leaving this place…! If you losers really don’t want justice to be served to those creeps…then I’m just going to have to get my Pokemon stronger on my own! Let’s go, Piplup!

*Dawn’s Shiny Piplup watches as Dawn storms out of the room, and looks back at everyone else in the hospital room…before ultimately deciding to follow her Trainer, before she proceeds to slam the door shut on the group.*

Lucas, speaking up after a long moment of silence between everyone: Miss Champion…forgive me for using your real title for a moment, but…you are a member of the international police force, right? Surely people like you and Falkner, at least, would be working to dismantle the Galactic Corporation, right?

Cynthia, closing her eyes: Dismantling an organization from the ground up…is never as easy as one thinks. Without the proper evidence, people like Falkner and I can’t legally do a thing to corporations like them, in spite of how unpopular they become in the minds of everyday people.

Lucas, frowning: So…people like you, and Falkner…are willing to just stand around, while Sinnoh falls apart around you, huh?

Palmer, kneeling down to get on the boy’s level: Kid…it’s not like we don’t want to see the Galactic Corporation taken down…

Lucas, looking into Palmer’s eyes: You say that…but yet, you continue to act in complacence, when push comes to shove. When their actions have directly resulted in your son getting hurt. If that’s not enough to spurn you into action…then you’re just as much of a victim as he is.

*Lucas grabs his bag, before promptly leaving the room, just as Dawn had a few minutes before him, slamming the door behind him too…albeit not as harshly as Dawn had done.*

Cynthia, smiling to Palmer: Those two must remind you a lot of yourself at that age, huh?

Palmer, frowning, as he gazes down at his bed-ridden son again: Yeah…they do.


*Lucas quickly catches up to Dawn, as she begins to head to Route 203, likely to work on obtaining her first Gym Badge.*

Lucas, running up from behind Dawn: Wait…Dawn, wait a sec…

Dawn, turning around to Lucas, looking flustered: What?! Can’t you see I’m busy? My Pokemon aren’t going to get strong on their own, you know!

Lucas, catching his breath as he talks: I know…I just wanted to say…you’re right. You’re right…and I agree that something should be done about those Galactic guys. And that’s why…I’ve got to get my Pokemon stronger, too. So…maybe we should exchange Poketch numbers?

Dawn, pausing for a moment, before relenting: Okay…sure. Fine. But just know…I’m not registering you because I like you or anything. But…if something were to happen to us…well…let’s just say…I trust you to do the right thing, over any of those stupid adults…

Lucas, smiling, as he dials her number into his device: Yeah…same here, honestly. It really is a shame to see even the Champion herself not doing more to take those guys down…but I guess it’s up to us to pick up the slack then, huh?

Dawn, nodding in agreement: Yeah. Anyway…if I need you for anything…keep your eye on your Poketch, alright? And…stay safe.

Lucas, nodding: Yeah…you too, Dawn. And…thanks.

*The two Trainers give each other one last glance, before going their separate ways, with Dawn heading east to Oreburgh City, and Lucas heading north, to eventually reach Eterna City, for his next Badge.*

Chapter 9: Trouble at the Valley Windworks!


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

*The next day, as Lucas continues to make his way towards Eterna City, a little girl with bright, crimson-colored hair waves for his attention.*

Little girl: Excuse me, mister! You’re a Pokemon Trainer, yes? Would you-

Lucas, shaking his head, refusing to look at the girl: Sorry, not falling for that again. I don’t have time to get into random Pokemon battles with strangers, just because I looked at them-

Little girl, looking fed up, and stomping on the ground: Oooh…why are all you Pokemon Trainers like this?! All I want is for someone to rescue my daddy…

Lucas, opening his eyes: Wait…your dad? What happened to him?

Little girl, running in front of Lucas, now that he’d slowed down the pace of his walk: It’s those weirdos from the Galactic Corporation…apparently they went inside the Valley Windworks building, and ever since then, no one’s come out! I’m…getting kinda worried that things aren’t going well, because I’ve been hearing lots of yelling…but seeing as I don’t have my own Pokemon, I can’t very well just go in there…

Lucas, frowning: Yeah, that does sound pretty weird, I’ll admit…but maybe they went in for a consultation of some sort? Albeit, maybe a bit of a heated one, but…

Little girl, shaking her head defiantly: Nuh-uh, the words I can hear from outside weren’t…professionally in the slightest! My daddy’s trapped, and someone needs to rescue him!!

Lucas, shrugging: Well, if it means laying down the hurt onto the Galactic Corporation, I guess I can’t be too mad about having that opportunity! Point me to where this…Valley Windworks place is, then, and I’ll make sure your papa is safe.

Little girl, looking elated: Great! Follow me then, it’s this way!

*Lucas follows the little girl over to the Power Plant, where he tries in vain to enter, but to no avail.*

Lucas, shaking his head: It’s no good, kid. The door won’t open…it seems they locked the place from the inside.

Little girl, skipping over to the door: Oh, that’s because you have to give it a special knock to get inside!

Lucas, sounding confused: A special knock? Just what kind of security is this place using here? And…how do you know so much about it?

Little girl, grinning, just behind Lucas, as she begins to knock on the door: Because, silly! I’m helping Miss Mars accomplish her mission!

Lucas, sounding a tad worried now: Miss…Mars? Just…who exactly are you, kid?

*Suddenly, the door opens up, with Mars being the one to unlock the door, as she glares down at Lucas.*

Mars: Hey, kid, what the hell are you doin’ with my kid, huh?!

Lucas, sounding alarmed: Your kid?! She told me that her father was in danger, and-

Mars, sneering: Kid, the only person I see that’s in danger…is you. Grunts, get him in here!

*With a snap of her fingers, a wave of Galactic Corporation grunts surround Lucas, and relieve him of his Poke Balls and other possessions, before corralling him into a safe room of sorts, before they shut the door behind him. Before they can manage to swipe his Poketch off of him, however, Lucas manages to send an incomplete message to Dawn’s Poketch, in the form of a message simply saying ‘Valley Windw’, before getting his Poketch stolen, like everything else in his possession. Inside, Lucas notices several other people in the room as well. Outside, Mars pats her daughter on the head, for a job well done.*

Mars: Good job, Arezu, in finding another hostage to add to our stockpile! With the safety of so many people in jeopardy, the mayor of Floaroma Town will have to cede control of the Windworks to us! And with Valley Windworks as a scapegoat company of sorts…the international police won’t be able to link us to the surge of power we’ll need, when creating the Red Chain!

Arezu, giggling: I only understood half of those words…but I’m just happy that you’re happy! Hehe!!


*Luckily for Lucas, it doesn’t take Dawn long to see the incomplete message he had sent her. Even more luckily for him, Dawn was already in Floaroma Town as well, admiring the well-known flower meadow of the town.*

Dawn, frowning, as her Poketch starts to blink, as she sees that Lucas had sent her a message: Ugh, what could he want, at a time like this? I just wanted to admire these beautiful flowers for a few minutes, uninterrupted. Is that too much for a girl to ask?! ‘Valley Windw’? The idiot couldn’t even be bothered to finish his thought?! That is…unless- hey, who are-

*Dawn’s thoughts are suddenly interrupted by a crimson-haired little girl who begins trampling all over the flowers in front of Dawn, in a plea of desperation to get her attention.*

Arezu, already putting on a crying expression: Miss Trainer, you simply must help me…these scary Galactic Corporation people are holding my daddy hostage, in the Valley Windworks Power Plant!! None of the other Pokemon Trainers have been willing to help me…but maybe you will, Trainer?

Dawn, as her eyes widen: Hold on…you said…the Valley Windworks? That’s the same place that Lucas…okay. Lead me to the place, little girl. Something tells me something weird is going on over there.

Arezu, grinning, looking pleased, as she immediately darts off from the middle of the flower field: Okay! Follow me then, Miss!!

Dawn, trying to keep up, with a pained expression on her face: Okay, but…why are you running through all of the flowers?! Those things must have taken ages to grow in such a pattern, and…ugh, are you even listening to me?!

*Dawn chases the little girl down, over to the outskirts of Floaroma Town, where the Valley Windworks facility resided. There, she points to the large door in front of them.*

Arezu, smiling widely: We’re here, Miss Trainer! Give it a good knock…in a pattern like this!

Dawn, looking doubtful: Kid, I doubt knocking is going to do much, with such a thick metal door like that…

Arezu, rolling her eyes: Well…how about I just knock for you, then? Like…this?

*To Dawn’s shock, the tepid taps on the door were enough to summon someone to the entrance, just a few moments later. Inside, Mars revealed herself, patting Arezu on the head for a job well-done.*

Mars: Good job, Arezu! Looks like you found us another cute little Trainer to-

Dawn, interrupting her: Hey, do you know what’s going on in this place? My…friend sent me this weird message mentioning the place, and this little girl here seemed keen on having me rescue someone too, so…

Mars, grinning evilly: Well, it’s true that someone needs rescuing here. In fact, you’re going to be joining that exclusive club! Get her, boys!!

*With another snap of her fingers, a swarm of Galactic Corporation Grunts relieve Dawn of her possessions as well, before throwing her into the storage-room-turned-hostage-room, as Mars once again levees praise to her child.*

Mars: One Trainer after another, huh? It seems these kids just can’t stop playing the self-righteous hero, huh? It’s only fair that reality checks them swiftly up the-

Falkner, rushing in, onto the premises: Freeze! Nobody move! I’m a member of the international police, and I have all the evidence I need to lock you away for years! If you release these hostages peacefully, however, I may be willing to negotiate a lighter sentence for you!

Mars, rolling her eyes: Arezu, get inside. This could get a bit ugly, and you know what I get like, when I see one of these international police freaks.

Arezu, nodding: Yes, mommy. You better be worried, mister policeman…my mommy never plays fair, when she’s this mad…

*Falkner quickly swallows a lump in his throat, as he watches Arezu scamper her way through the door, past her mother.*

Mars, reaching for her first Poke Ball: Purugly, stand by for battle, and unleash a savage series of Scratches towards this meddlesome pest!!

Falkner, calling out his first Pokemon, as well: Pidgeot, charge up a Sky Attack, and knock it out in one hit!!

*Purugly bides her time, waiting for the bothersome bird Pokemon to get on her level. Once it then dives down at her, she swipes her claws deeply into its body, despite getting nailed hard by Pidgeot’s own attack, as well.*

Falkner: Pidgeot, finish it off with a Hyper Beam!!

Mars, grinning evilly: You really think you have the time to be wasting on an attack like that? Purugly, seal the deal, with a Sand-Attack!

*Pidgeot slowly builds up its energy for the big Beam, in spite of getting Sand kicked into its eyes. It then lets loose a massive Hyper Beam…which Purugly easily jumps out of the way of.*

Falkner: Pidgeot, charge up a Hyper Beam again, but make sure it doesn’t miss this time!

Mars, rolling her eyes: You already f*cked up, idiot. Purugly, Sand-Attack, until he realizes just how badly he’s messed up.

*Just as Pidgeot seemed ready to fire off another Hyper Beam, it instead collapses to the ground, just as Purugly had kicked up more Sand into its eyes.*

Falkner, sounding distraught: Pidgeot?! H-how did you even-

Mars, looking quite pleased: You really didn’t notice it, huh? Well, when Purugly first Scratched your bird…those claws of her’s were covered to the brim in Toxic poisons! And the sand we kept kicking your way? Infused with Poison too, to make sure you went down even quicker, as it were!

Falkner, looking solemnly distraught: Well, although my ace couldn’t take you down, my TRUE partner doesn’t care at all about Poisons…of any type! Skarmory, get out here, and nail her with a series of Drill Pecks!!

Mars, chuckling with a sick tone: Please…Purugly has tools to deal with opponents of any type! Put it to sleep with your Hypnosis, Skarmory!!

*As Skarmory dives in straight for Purrugly, it can’t help but look into its eyes, which begin flashing psychedelic colors, lulling Skarmory out of the air, and into a deep sleep on the ground.*

Mars, cackling with delight, as she inserts a TM disc into Purugly’s Poke Ball: Now, since we’ve got him right where we want him…Dig right into that sleeping Skarmory’s body!!

Falkner, gasping at Mars’ sudden strategy: To think you had an ulterior motive for getting Skarmory on the ground…not only were you planning on enfeebling him, but grounding him would allow…Skarmory, you have to wake up!!

*Falkner’s words don’t manage to pierce Skarmory before Purugly’s sharpened claws do, as she Digs into Skarmory’s body, with reckless abandon. Feeling ashamed of himself for not realizing Mars’ strategy before then, he calls back Skarmory’s fainted body into the Poke Ball.*

Falkner, shaking his head: Skarmory…forgive me, as I truly shouldn’t have had you rush into the situation like that. Noctowl, it’s time we redeem ourselves…by unleashing our own Hypnosis!

Mars, snidely snapping, with one of her hands on her hip: Copying my strategy now, are we? Well, tough luck, asshole, because unlike you, I’m practically swimming in these TM discs, for moves that the Galactic Corporation have digitized for the first time ever…like this one! Stun this fool in his tracks, with a Flash!!

Falkner, gasping: No…she plans to blind you, Noctowl! Close your eyes, to avert your gaze!

*Purugly fills the room with a bright light, for a short second, before quickly returning back to normal afterwards. Due to needing to close his eyes, Noctowl doesn’t manage to Hypnotize Purugly.*

Mars, grinning with delight: Now, let’s show them how great of a Hypnotist you are for realsies, Purugly! Hypnosis!!

Falkner, shaking his head: Not on our watch. Show Purugly your own Hypnosis, Noctowl!!

*In spite of the room’s brightness having returned back to normal, Noctowl seemed to be suffering from a bit of vertigo still, in that it appeared to be having trouble flying straight in the air at all. This allows Purugly to have her way, and Hypnotize the Flying Pokemon into a deep sleep, just like with Skarmory.*

Mars, slipping one more TM disc into Purugly’s Poke Ball: Now, Purugly, finish this, by Rolling Out into the shape of a boulder, and crushing Noctowl beneath your weight!

Falkner, looking worried, as Purugly proceeds to curl into a ball-shaped form: Noctowl, please…you need to wake up, or else- ACK!!

*Falkner watches as Purugly revs her curled-up body into the air, before slamming down on top of his Noctowl, with the force of a Rock. Noctowl lets out a cry to show he’d woken up…but not before fainting, soon afterwards, knocking out Falkner’s final Pokemon, as he meekly calls him back to the Poke Ball.*

Mars, letting out a whistle: Galactic Grunt boys, you know what to do by now, right? Relieve this idiot of his Poke Balls and other possessions, and throw him into the hostage room with the others!!

*Before Falkner could realize what was happening, he ends up getting his Pokemon taken away as well, just like Lucas and Dawn before him. After throwing him into the now-packed closet, Mars glances down at his Poketch device, with disdain.*

Mars, rolling her eyes: Even members of the international police use these things? How tacky. Purugly, use your claws to Dig it into tiny little pieces, if you don’t mind. We don’t need any more of those fools tracking him down in a stupid rescue mission of sorts, after all.

*Purugly abides, and tears up his Poketch with her claws. Later that night, however, the deletion of Falkner’s signal doesn’t escape Cynthia’s attention.*

Cynthia, thinking to herself, as she fiddles with her Poketch: That’s odd…I haven’t heard from Falkner at all today. Usually, he always has some sort of information to tell me about the Galactic Corporation, but today he’s seemed…strangely quiet. Let’s see where his last known location was, and…huh? Why’d his signal suddenly go dark at the Valley Windworks this afternoon? Perhaps his Poketch ran out of power…but with the Galactic Corporation making a mess of things…you can never be too safe. Togekiss, let’s pay the place a visit, shall we?

*Togekiss nods in agreement, before ferrying Cynthia over to the wind-powered energy plant. There, she knocks on the door…to no response.*

Cynthia, closing her eyes: No response, huh? Well, no matter, then. Spiritomb, use your Shadow Sneak to tunnel inside the building, and then unlock it for me from the inside.

*Spiritomb appears with a ghastly grin, before sliding underneath the door like a Shadow, and Sneakily undoing the lock on the other side, allowing Cynthia to step inside the Windworks facility.*

Cynthia, nodding, as she whispers to Spiritomb: Good job, Spiritomb. Now let’s find out what happened to Falkner, before-

Mars, interrupting Cynthia’s thought: -Breaking and entering? And here I thought members of the International Police were supposed to have a warrant, before trespassing on someone else’s property!

Cynthia, shaking her head in disdain: Well, last I checked, the Galactic Corporation doesn’t have a warrant to be in here either. Tell me, do you know anything about the disappearance of another international police agent, named Falkner? His Poketch tracker went dark some odd hours ago.

Mars, shaking her head: Never heard of ‘im. Now leave, before I go and call the real cops on you, for breaking and entering!

Cynthia, closing her eyes, with a smile: Being a part of the international police allows me to be immune to such menial misdemeanors. A luxury that you don’t have! Spiritomb, make her tell the truth, with your Hypnosis!!

Mars, scoffing: Please, no Pokemon has that kind of unearthly pow- the hostages…they’re inside the storage closet. …W-WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST SAY?!?

Cynthia, grinning with delight: Thank you for your cooperation. We’ll handle things from here, right Spiritomb? Shadow Sneak that door open, as well.

Mars, looking angrily at Cynthia, as she and Spiritomb begin walking towards the closet: You…you sicko!! No one gets to mind control me, and gets away with it!! Purugly, Slash her up!!

*As Purugly appears from her Poke Ball suddenly, Cynthia wastes no time in calling out her Garchomp, either, who quickly responds by slamming the bulky feline Pokemon with a massive Dragon Claw, felling it in one blow. To Mars’ dismay, Spritomb has no issue opening the locked-up closet either, freeing all of her captives, as well.*

Mars, almost visibly fuming with rage: You…you overrated bitch!! Just you wait…before you know it, Team Galactic’s gonna reset this whole blasted world…and there’s nothing that any of you will be able to do to stop it! Grrr…Arezu, get out here! We’re leaving this sh*tshow!!

Arezu, yawning, as she makes her way out of a nearby room: About time…there’s nothing here to play with- wait, is that Sinnoh’s Champion…Cynthia?!

Mars, rolling her eyes: Arezu, what’d I tell you about hero-worshipping?! Ugh, forget it. You may have won this round, assholes, but Team Galactic will be the ones who have the last laugh. And we’re…outta here!

*Mars throws down a Smoke Bomb, allowing herself, Arezu, and the Galactic Corporation Grunts a quick escape, while Cynthia and the others gasp for air, in the brief deluge of smoke that fills the halls of the power plant. It resides soon enough however…but by that time, everyone affiliated with the Galactic Corporation had driven away from the area in a hurry, as Cynthia and the others soon discover.*

Falkner, bowing his head in shame to Cynthia: Forgive me, Cynthia…my team and I should have been stronger…but the fact that my entire team fell to her one Pokemon…I have no excuses for being such an utter embarrassment to the international police force. That’s why…I think it’s time that I resi-

Cynthia, shaking her head, and abruptly interrupting him: -Falkner, you’ve been vital to learning as much about the Galactic Corporation as we have! Why, without you, we wouldn’t have known that one of their administrators was trying to use the Valley Windworks for…something, I presume!

Falkner, sounding saddened: No…it’s you who deserves all the credit for freeing everyone, not me. People always made fun of me for being the weakest of Johto’s Gym Leaders…and I thought that if I joined the international police force, I’d be able to redeem myself, but-

Dawn, gasping from nearby, as she points at Cynthia: Hold on…Cynthia?! And here I thought you were just going to keep letting the Galactic Corporation have their way with Sinnoh!

Lucas, nearly pushing Dawn out of the way, as he tries to speak to her too, in his excitement: Oh, forget about that…you’re the one who saved us, right? Does that mean…our Pokemon are safe too, then?

Cynthia, smiling: With how quickly those two booked it out of here, I doubt they had enough time to take anyone’s Poke Balls with them. I’m sure if we look around, we’ll find them all in due time. Falkner, you check that storage room over there. I’ll check this one.

Falkner, stuttering for a moment: Uh..right. Of course!

*The pair of international police agents comb through the entire building, not seeming to find anything that contained everyone’s stolen Poke Balls.*

Dawn, crossing her arms, and sounding impatient: Alright, just where ARE our Poke Balls?! Surely we aren’t going to be forced to train our Pokemon from square one again, right? Piplup’s too adorable to be used by wretched thieves like them!!

Falkner, from another room: I found them! Well…kind of, I guess.

Dawn, as she and the others hurry into the room: You GUESS? What’s that supposed to mean?

Falkner, frowning, as he points to the computer monitor he had been looking at: It seems that our Pokemon must have been transported to the Galactic Corporation warehouse in Eterna City, from the looks of this computer’s records. Looks like they sent them over there hours before Cynthia arrived, it would seem.

Cynthia, looking mildly frustrated: Well, there’s our probable cause for being allowed to break into the joint. Falkner, accompany me over there, won’t you?

Falkner, looking unsure: As much as I’d normally love to join you on such an excursion, Miss Champion…my Pokemon were taken too, you know. I’d only slow you down, if I came along, and- oh!

Cynthia, handing Falkner a Poke Ball containing her Togekiss: You specialize in Flying-types, right? Well, there’s safety in numbers, you know...and with Looker being…out of commission, as it were, I believe we’re the only operatives currently in Sinnoh. So…can I trust you to be my backup?

Falkner, looking up at Cynthia with renewed confidence: You…definitely can, Miss Champion! If you, of all people, think I have what it takes to be your backup man…then…maybe I’m…more useful than I thought!

Dawn, immediately destroying his sudden confidence, as she rolls her eyes: Get real, man! You should just be lucky the Champion even trains a Flying-type! They have like what, three weaknesses?! At least let us join you too Miss Champion, if you need numbers on your side!

Cynthia, chuckling: As generous as your offer is, I can’t very well have children interfering in a Pokemon rescue mission…especially one that involves the Galactic Corporation. Well, Falkner? I trust you’re ready to accompany me to Eterna City?

Falkner, nodding, while trying to forget Dawn’s previous statement: Uh…yeah, for sure. Lead the way to Eterna City, Miss Champion…

*As the pair leave the Valley Windworks, Dawn pulls Lucas aside, as the other former captives begin leaving the energy plant.*

Dawn, elbowing Lucas: You know…I know Cynthia might trust that Falkner guy’s competency…but I certainly don’t! What would you say we try and rescue our Pokemon before those two can?

Lucas, not sounding too enthused over the idea: Dawn…what do you even have against that guy? Sure, he may not be the best battler, have the most confidence, or even look very good in spite of all those downsides…but…yeah, maybe you have a point, actually. But if those two are piloting a Togekiss over there…how do you expect us to make it over there first?

Dawn, grinning, as she hands Lucas one of a few empty Poke Balls: Simple! I found a few empty Poke Balls while we were stuck in that storage closet there, so we’ll just use them to capture ourselves some brand-new Pokemon! You could probably go catch a Ponyta or something just north of here, on Route 205, but as for me, I think I’ll just capture that Pokemon floating over there!

Lucas, chuckling, as he watches Dawn absorb a nearby Drifloon into her Poke Ball: You seriously think that thing’s going to be able to carry you all the way to Eterna City? Get real…it’s essentially a balloon, and you’re probably at least ten times heavier than it.

Dawn, rolling her eyes, after inserting her Fly HM disc into the back of her newly-captured Drifloon’s Poke Ball: Since when do general physics apply to Pokemon, anyway? Fly me over to Eterna City, Drifloon! Stat!

Lucas, gasping, as he watches Drifloon expand its body, and float Dawn up, high into the sky: Wh-what on Earth…? No fair! I need to find a Ponyta…and quick!


Falkner's Team for most of the chapter:
Skarmory (Fly, Razor Wind, Drill Peck)
Pidgeot (Wing Attack, Sky Attack, Hyper Beam)
Noctowl (Hypnosis)

Mars' Team:
Purugly (Hypnosis, Rollout, Slash, Dig)

Chapter 10: A Galaxy-Level Rescue Mission!


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

*Taking a different, round-a-bout route to the Galactic Corporation’s warehouse - mainly on account of the wind that kept blowing Drifloon off-course, Dawn eventually arrives at the very top of the towering warehouse. Up there, she sees only one entrance leading anywhere - a lone door that led into the building. Naturally, Dawn tries to open it, upon landing on the rooftop.*

Dawn, frowning: Ugh, of course it’s locked. Unless…

*Dawn quickly inserts a TM disc into Drifloon’s Poke Ball.*

Dawn, looking quite proud of herself: I really did find all kinds of neat things in that storage closet, huh? Well, now that you can spit Toxic sludge at things, Drifloon…why not try shooting some at that door there?

Drifloon, drifting over to the nearby entrance: Dri…dri…..FLOON!!

*Drifloon spits some Toxic sludge onto the doorway, as the metal on the outside begins melting away. This reveals to them both that the door didn’t lead down to a stairwell…but merely a long section of elevator track that led to the level that they found themselves on.*

Dawn, looking down worriedly at the mechanized pit below them: Well, that might be a problem…if I didn’t have you around, Drifloon! Fly me down to one of those doors down there, and melt those away with some Toxic sludge too!

*Dawn grabs onto Drifloon’s two ‘feet’ again, as he delicately tries to maneuver his way to the one door that Dawn had randomly pointed at. He then melts away the metal doors that would normally lead into an elevator, as the pair casually stroll into the nearby hallway.*

Dawn, hearing a crowd of people heading there way, from a nearby hall: Uh-oh…maybe we should duck and hide somewhere? But…ugh, all these rooms are locked! How are we supposed to hide when-

*As the voices get closer to her, Dawn and Drifloon are able to hear more individual sentences, as the crowd approaches them.*

Galactic Grunt: Cut the corner! We may be able to outrun them if we can get to the elevator!

*Suddenly, a whole crowd of Galactic Corporation Grunts end up surrounding Dawn from all sides…but they don’t seem to be remotely interested in her, or her Drifloon. From a few rooms away, she can hear what sounds like the roar of a Garchomp.*

Galactic Grunts, panicking amongst themselves: No…she’s gonna make it all the way up here! sh*t…someone melted away the elevator doors over here! …But why?!

Dawn, thinking to herself: So, Cynthia’s already made her way in here, huh? Well…maybe I can help her out just a little…

Dawn, whispering to Drifloon, amidst the crowd of terrified Galactic Grunts that surrounded them: Hey, Drifloon…try blowing all these guys into the exposed elevator pit, with a Gust! And don’t worry about me…unlike them, I’ll just hide behind you!

Drifloon, nodding in agreement: Dri, Drifloon!

*Drifloon suddenly floats up to the top of the ceiling, before blowing out several high-powered Gusts, which send the entire crowd of Galactic Grunts tumbling into the exposed elevator pit, to Dawn’s relief.*

Dawn, smiling graciously as Drifloon ascends back down to her level: Wow…that was great, Drifloon! You really…hey, that’s Cynthia! Hey, Miss Champion? Did you see what I had Drifloon do just now?

Cynthia, as she and Garchomp make their way to Dawn’s spot in the long hallway: You’re…that girl from before! You realize this place is extremely dangerous, right?

Dawn, shrugging: It can’t be that dangerous. I mean, I just sent like twenty men flying down that elevator shaft, thanks to Drifloon here, and- hey, Cynthia, wait up!

Cynthia, rapidly pressing the elevator-summoning button nearby, and sounding rather rushed: The elevator…please tell me you didn’t actually mess with the elevator itself, young one?

Dawn, shaking her head: I shouldn’t have, I don’t think. Why?

*As the elevator travels upwards to their floor, the pair can hear over a dozen voices behind them screaming in agony, as the elevator begins traveling up to their floor.*

Cynthia, sounding quite serious in tone: It’s Falkner. He’s been captured…and from what I could gather, he’s being held on the top floor, by one of their admins.

Dawn, gasping: What?! That’s horrible! …He has your Togekiss still, doesn’t he? Poor thing…

Cynthia, rushing into the elevator, upon its arrival: If we aren’t lucky, the international police force is going to lose more than just Togekiss, you know. Best to stick with me now though, seeing as you’re part of this whole thing too, at this point.

Dawn, following Cynthia inside, as they continue to hear screams from just above them: Well, yeah, I mean…I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t take my Pokemon, and all that. But wow…it must suck that they probably have your Togekiss, huh?

*The elevator reaches its highest point in the entire building, as the pair hear a loud, sickening splat, from just above them, as the voices suddenly stop. Nonetheless, the pair enter Commander Jupiter’s office, as she seemed to be calmly waiting for them to arrive.*

Jupiter, slowly bowing to the pair: Well…if it isn’t the Champion of Sinnoh herself. For what do I have the honor of meeting you for today?

Cynthia, glaring into Jupiter’s eyes: You should know exactly who I’m here for, Jupiter. Where’s Falkner?

Jupiter, letting off a light chuckle: What, that useless excuse for an international police agent? He was almost as incompetent as Looker was! I thought for sure it was actually your Togekiss you were after. I’m sure she’d be much more useful to the force than he ever was…

Dawn, interjecting herself into the conversation: You know, she has a point.

Cynthia, closing her eyes, and looking annoyed: Shut up! Both of you! And Jupiter…if you won’t talk, I certainly have my own methods of making you do so. Garchomp, unleash your Outrage!!

Jupiter, smiling with pleasure, upon seeing the infamous Dragon: So…you wish to settle this with violence, do you? Very well…let’s see how Togekiss fares against your ace! Moonblast, now!!

*Togekiss, looking quite angrily at Garchomp, launches a massive, glowing pink orb straight towards Garchomp, who suddenly looked as if he’d seen a Ghost-type, as he stands still in his tracks, feeling mortified by the fact that his friend Togekiss was seemingly bent on taking him down. The room flashes a brilliant, blinding pink, but once the brightness settles down again, it's revealed that Garchomp had fainted from the massive attack.*

Cynthia, looking disgusted, as she calls Garchomp back into his Poke Ball: Leave it to the Galactic Corporation, to do something as dirty as having my own Pokemon take each other down. Regardless…my team has plenty of counters for any type of opponent. Porygon-Z, Download Togekiss’ data, and unleash your Ice Beam!

Jupiter, chuckling: Togekiss, unleash a Thunder Wave, to scramble that Porygon-Z’s signals!

*Togekiss angrily claps her wings together, resulting in a Thunder Wave that seems to disrupt Porygon-Z’s computing.*

Porygon-Z, beginning to panic: Error - process failed to finish would you like to abort? Error - process failed to- Error-

Cynthia, calling back her malfunctioning, mechanical Pokemon back into its Poke Ball: Lucario, put an end to this madness. Meteor Mash!!

Jupiter, closing her eyes: My, holding back nothing at this point, are we? Fine by me. Togekiss, Air Slash!!

*Togekiss tries to fire off a pair of Air-propelled blasts of energy, which Lucario ends up easily dodging, by jumping high into the air, and gathering up as many Steel-type particles into his fist as he could, he lands a solid Mash straight into Togekiss’ head…which not only succeeds in knocking out Togekiss, but manages to knock out some sort of device that seemed to have been planted under Togekiss’ feathers, with which Jupiter was likely using to control Togekiss.*

Cynthia, stomping her high-heeled shoe onto the small device, destroying it: Dare I ask you what the hell that thing was?

Jupiter, smiling away Cynthia’s concerns, as she begins backing away towards a nearby window: Oh, just a little prototype device that the Galactic Corporation’s been working on. Don’t worry about it, we have plenty of spares in the HQ. And here…you probably want this, right?

Cynthia, catching Togekiss’ Poke Ball, which Jupiter throws her way: Thanks. But you know who I’m really here for, right? Where’s Falkner?

Jupiter, shrugging playfully: You want him? You’ll have to speak to our boss himself! Cyrus has been dying to meet you, you know, and-

*Suddenly, Cynthia and the others hear some pounding from a nearby wall, accompanied by several screams for hoping to be saved.*

Jupiter, sighing: Don’t you just hate it when captives are able to undo the gags on them? Well, regardless, I believe I should report to Cyrus what’s happened here today. Adios!

Cynthia, scowling, as she watches Jupiter jump out of a nearby window, only to be safely flown away by her Golbat: That little cu-

Dawn, pointing to the wall: Miss Champion! I think I can hear Falkner from inside that wall!

Cynthia, sighing: Indeed. Lucario, punch it open with a Brick Break.

*Lucario nods, before punching the nearby wall in with force. Afterwards, Falkner, having been all tied and bound up, ends up falling straight down to the floor, unable to keep his balance, in his compromised position.*

Cynthia, bending down to untie him: Falkner…dare I ask how you managed to end up like…this, in that short time we were separated?

Falkner, sounding quite ashamed of himself: I…I have no excuses for my incompetency, Miss Champion. I told you it probably would have been better if you had gone in alone…

Cynthia, shaking her head: That’s not true. Thanks to this little excursion, I was able to learn that Team Galactic is making these weird devices that allow them to control other people’s Pokemon. If they’re able to mass-produce those things, it’d be all sorts of trouble. But, thanks to your…sacrifice, I guess, I was able to learn that they’re making them from their Veilstone City HQ, as we speak.

Falkner, sighing: Wow…go me, I guess…

Dawn, chuckling at the pair’s dynamic: Wow…I don’t know what’s more funny…the fact that Falkner’s an international police officer to begin with…or the fact that you’re still vouching for him, Miss Champion…

Cynthia, closing her eyes: Young one…I…thank you for your help, but…don’t you think it’s about time you resumed your Gym challenge, or whatever it was you were doing, before getting…held captive?

Dawn, frowning: I’d love to be, Miss Champion…but my Pokemon are still missing! Well, other than Drifloon here…

Falkner, gasping: Wait, that’s right! While I was stuck in that wall…I saw that they were keeping some Pokemon in there, too! Maybe they’re our’s?

*Dawn, excited by the information, quickly darts into the broken wall, and finds a whole bunch of plundered Poke Balls within it. She calls out not only her own Shiny Piplup and Starly, but Lucas’ Shiny Turtwig and Murkrow, and Falkner’s Skarmory, Pidgeot, and Noctowl!*

Dawn, hugging her Piplup and Starly close to her: Piplup, Starly! I missed you both so much! You guys have no idea…

Cynthia, smiling at their little reunion, as she sprays a bottle of Max Potion onto her fainted Togekiss’ body: Well, I think you have someone to thank for helping to find them, don’t you?

Dawn, looking caught off-guard: Ah, you’re right, Miss Champion! Where were my manners?

Falkner, closing his eyes, and extending his arms: Yeah…I know kids your age can say some hurtful things sometimes, but-

Cynthia, frowning, tapping Falkner on his shoulder: Um…Falkner?

Falkner, sounding confused: What…? Augh….seriously?!

*Both Cynthia and Falkner stare in disbelief, as, instead of hugging or apologizing to Falkner like the pair thought Dawn would…instead, they watch as she cuddles Cynthia’s Togekiss, instead.*

Falkner, closing his eyes in defeat: Yeah…I don’t know what I was expecting either.


*As Dawn makes her way back down to Eterna City proper, she spots Lucas riding into the area, atop a Ponyta…albeit, pretty clumsily. Dawn rolls her eyes, and tosses Lucas the pair of his Poke Balls she had found.*

Lucas, looking excited, as he hops off Ponyta to catch them: Woah, Dawn…are the Pokemon in these Poke Balls…who I think they are?!

Dawn, shrugging: I dunno. I’m not one of those psychic people. …But, those should be your Pokemon.

*Lucas looks elated, as he calls out his Shiny Turtwig and Murkrow, looking absolutely ecstatic to see them both again.*

Lucas, hardly containing his overflowing happiness: Dawn…thank you!! But…you’ve gotta tell me…who ended up being the one to find them? You, or Cynthia?

Dawn, sighing, after pausing for a brief moment: …It was that dweeb Gym Leader guy, if you can believe it. I guess even that guy can pull off a miracle every once in a while…

Lucas, cradling his Shiny Turtwig in his arms once again: Well, at least I’ll know who to thank later then, I guess! I tried to join you guys in there, but…well, learning how to ride a Ponyta…wasn’t exactly easy. I probably could have managed to join you guys if I had just walked there on my own, without worrying about capturing the Ponyta, thinking about things now. By the time I’d gotten to Eterna City, there were already multiple police cars in front of the Galactic Corporation warehouse, so…I figured they wouldn’t let me in there, by the time I arrived. So…I decided to take on Gardenia’s Gym instead!

Dawn, rolling her eyes: Really? With only one Pokemon? I can only guess how well that must have went…

Lucas, smiling, as he takes out his Forest Badge to show her: Well…it did help that the one Pokemon I was using just completely eviscerated her entire team. I had overheard someone saying she was easy, but I didn’t expect her to be that easy…

Dawn, closing her eyes and shrugging, to mask how jealous she was: Heh…if that’s the case, I shouldn’t have any problems beating her either, right?

Lucas, nodding: Yeah, I wouldn’t doubt it. But regardless, it’s about time for me to start heading to Veilstone City, to get my next Badge. That is…if Ponyta will cooperate in letting me ride her, that is.

Ponyta, shaking her head about: Po ny ny ny ny ta!!

*The pair share a laugh, before going off on their separate ways.*


Lucas' Team:
Shiny Turtwig (Withdraw, Razor Leaf, Solar Beam, Leech Seed)
Murkrow (Fly)

Dawn's Current Team:
Shiny Piplup (Bubble, Water Sport)
Starly (Fly, Heat Wave)
Drifloon (Fly, Toxic, Gust)

Chapter 11: Maylene's City Struggles!


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

*As Lucas eventually makes his way to Eterna City the next day, he stares up in shock, that the Galactic Corporation’s main HQ building had already been mostly reconstructed already, following the damage done to it by the Shiny Gyarados incident from a mere week ago.*

Lucas, as he looks up at the nearly-repaired building, as he speaks to his Shiny Turtwig that had been following him: Wow…they really went to town, in repairing that building as fast as possible. Then again, when you have as much money as the Galactic Corporation does, I guess it’s not all that surprising…

Feminine voice, from behind him: It’s not surprising, but it sure does say a lot about this city’s priorities, if you ask me.

Lucas, turning around to see who was talking to him: Woah…hey, I’ve seen you on TV! You’re Veilstone City’s Gym Leader! Maylene, right?

Maylene, nodding: Yep, that’s me. But just between us? …I’m really thinking about moving my Gym to a more reputable city, at this point.

Lucas, sounding surprised: Really? I know people aren’t too happy about the Galactic Corporation’s HQ being located here, but…this IS the capital of Sinnoh! Surely that must mean your Gym would get all sorts of traffic, right?

Maylene, crossing her arms: It does…but not the kind of traffic I like, at least. Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more of those Galactic Corporation Grunts around my part of town…and I’m worried they’re up to something.

Lucas, shrugging: I mean…when it comes to them, I thought that was a given, by this point.

Maylene, shaking her head: I’m not talking about their usual questionable business practices or anything. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of Pokemon from my part of the city just…start acting weird, and battling their own Trainers…seemingly against their will! Things have been really strange around here lately.

Lucas, frowning: That’s pretty weird, alright…but…I was hoping to be able to battle you for your Badge regardless. Maybe if we see anything weird on the way, I can try and help you get to the bottom of things?

Maylene, nodding: Simple, and straight-to-the point, eh? I can respect that. Besides, as a Gym Leader, it’s my duty to accept any challenges I receive anyway. Let me take you over to my Gym, then.

*Lucas and Maylene continue to converse about things in the city, until they finally arrive at her Gym, where Maylene reveals her first Pokemon.*

Maylene: Meditite, stand by for battle, and Meditate to raise your attacking prowess!

Lucas, looking confident about his chances: Murkrow, unleash your Haze, not only get rid of that attack boost, but to obscure Meditite’s vision, as well!

*Meditite tries to focus on strengthening his own mind, but becomes quite paranoid upon seeing the cluster of dark clouds that now covered the battlefield.*

Maylene, looking a bit troubled as well: Meditite, use Flash to illuminate the area again!

Lucas, with a grin on his face: Hey, a light like that will only make it easier for Murkrow to find his mark! Dive bomb it, and attack from above with your Wing Attacks!

*Meditite tries to illuminate the clouded area, but all this does is provide a clear target for Murkrow, who easily finds Meditite within the darkness, and begins repeatedly slapping the poor Pokemon with its Wings, eventually causing it to faint.*

Maylene, nodding: Good effort…but can you get past Machoke? Throw down a Rock Tomb onto that bird, Machoke!

Lucas: Murkrow, dive in towards it, with some more furious flaps from your Wing Attacks!

*Murkrow rushes in towards Machoke, as it begins to slap him with his wings as well, as Machoke tries to balance throwing out Rocks, and grabbing Murkrow's wings, to try and stop him from using them. This proves to be quite hard, as Murkrow seemed to be a good bit faster than Machoke was.*

Maylene, sounding a bit annoyed, before gasping: Machoke, maybe try- wait, Machoke…are you…evolving?!

*Maylene can hardly believe her eyes, upon seeing her Machoke suddenly grow two arms, while also gaining quite a bit of muscle, to go along with the sudden power boost. Somehow, Machoke had managed to evolve into a Machamp!*

Maylene, looking suddenly invigorated: Well, if you’ve gone and evolved…that certainly changes the tides of battle, doesn’t it? Forget those silly Rock Tombs…let’s see if you can do a proper Rock Slide now!

Lucas, looking troubled, before gasping mid-sentence too: Well, that’s not good…Murkrow try- wait…why isn’t Machamp…attacking Murkrow?!*

*Lucas watches as Machamp unleashes a Rock Slide…not towards Murkrow, but Maylene, instead!*

Maylene, narrowly jumping out of the way of the attack: Machamp, what’s with you?! Your opponent isn’t me…! Unless…unless…Lucas! Here, catch!

Lucas, gasping, as he catches a dark-purple colored rock that Maylene had chucked his way: Uh…thanks? But…what am I supposed to do with this, exactly?

Maylene, trying to keep up with avoiding the Rocks that Machamp continued to Slide her way: It’s a Dusk Stone! Have Murkrow touch it, and he’ll evolve! That should give you a massive attack boost, which should let you take down Machamp with no issue!

Lucas, nodding slightly: Uh…okay! Murkrow, Fly over here real quick, would you?

Murkrow, Flying back onto his Trainer’s shoulder: Murk murk?

*Lucas lightly taps the Dusk Stone onto Murkrow’s back, and following a brief transformation, Murkrow had managed to morph and evolve into a Honchkrow!*

Lucas, looking quite amazed, as his Pokemon was forced to stand right next to him afterwards, as opposed to perching on his shoulder: Wow…so that’s how you evolve into Honchkrow, huh? You sure are a lot bigger now…!

Maylene, rolling her way over to the pair, as she continues trying to avoid Machamp’s Rocks: You can marvel at his size increase later…right now, I think we have bigger things to worry about, right?!

Lucas, nodding: Right. Well, Honchkrow? Try nailing that thing with a barrage of Drill Pecks! With that longer beak of yours, you should be able to deal a ton of damage to it!

*Honchkrow nods, before Flying back across the battlefield, nimbly dodging each Rock that Machamp throws. With a barrage of well-placed Drill Pecks, Machamp soon finds itself falling to the ground, upon fainting…along with a suspicious little microchip device of some sort, as well.*

Maylene, after calling Machamp back into his Poke Ball, and picking up the mysterious device that had fallen onto the arena: Now that is weird. How the heck did this thing end up getting onto Machamp? And…was that what was causing him to turn on me?

Saturn’s voice, cackling from nearby, as the doors to the entrance of her Gym open: My, it seems my little plan has been foiled already! My…what an absolute shame…

Lucas, looking quite angrily at the man: You again?! I saw you at the Galactic Corporation’s HQ a couple weeks ago!

Saturn, bowing to the pair: It seems my reputation precedes me! And you, dear boy…seem to keep getting in our way, as well! Why, if your Pokemon hadn’t intervened, we were hoping that, by taking control of the Gym Leader’s most powerful Pokemon, with the help of our microchips, not only would the Galactic Corporation have another powerful Pokemon at their disposal, but with the Gym Leader having been…knocked out, per say, we’d have been fully capable of stealing the rest of her Pokemon for ourselves, during her little dirt nap!

Maylene, scowling: You…I knew something like that had to be going on! After all, Pokemon like Machamp only evolve upon trading hands, under normal circ*mstances! The fact that Machamp evolved mid-battle set off a number of warning signs, too! But…I knew that with my help, Lucas’ Pokemon would probably have had an easier time dealing with Machamp, than my last Pokemon - Lucario - would have…

Lucas, looking disgusted: Saturn…the Galactic Corporation has plenty of money of their own to use for acquiring powerful Pokemon legitimately, right? If that’s the case…why stoop so low, just to acquire a Pokemon like Machamp?

Saturn, shrugging: You’re right, my dear boy! We do have plenty of money…but what we don’t have…is R&D time, for acquiring our primary objective!

Maylene, crossing her arms: I’ve heard that money can’t buy time…but this is ridiculous! How the hell did I get involved, with whatever you’re talking about?!

Saturn, smiling widely: Let’s just say…the Galactic Corporation has a grand plan for the future of this world. And the Pokemon we wish to acquire…can’t be contained in a mere Poke Ball, while still being able to maintain its inherent powers! Because of that, we’ve been testing these new little microchips on several Pokemon now, in hopes that we’ll soon be able to develop a technology that will allow us to control a Pokemon without the use of a Poke Ball! But I digress…I’ve told you both too much. Toxicroak, Alakazam! Make sure this pair doesn't live to tell anyone of our plans! Unleash your Poison Jabs, Toxicroak…and Alakazam, magnify their suffering, with a Hex!!

Lucas, looking quite angry: Honchkrow, return! Ponyta, strike down his Toxicroak, with your Flame Charge!

Maylene, looking quite worried, watching Lucas call back Honchkrow: Lucas…what exactly is your plan here? Honchkrow are way more powerful than Ponyta are, right?! Regardless…Lucario, get out here, and blast that Alakazam with one of your Shadow Balls!

*Ponyta charges in recklessly towards Toxicroak, who tries to Poison Jab her away from him, to no avail, as the Flames being emanated from Ponyta’s body seemed to be wreaking havoc on Toxicroak’s body, as his arms soon end up going limp. Alakazam focuses hard on the pair’s struggles, in an attempt to inflict a Hex at the perfect moment, upon Ponyta getting poisoned. This allows Lucario more than enough time to charge up a massive Shadow Ball, which manages to sap away all of Alakazam’s strength, causing it to faint.*

Saturn, looking annoyed: Urgh…lucky shots. Bronzong, put that Lucario to sleep, with your Hypnosis! And Toxicroak, get those arms of yours working, and Poison Jab that Ponyta already!

Lucas, chuckling: Fat chance of that happening, Saturn. Don’t you know that Toxicroaks have Dry Skin? That means they take way more damage from Fire-types than usual! Heck, that vocal sac on Toxicroak’s chest has already dried up completely! And Ponyta, now that you’re so close-up and personal with it, blast it away, with a Heat Wave!

Maylene, looking impressed: Of course…I should have remembered Toxicroak’s Dry Skin, considering I just battled one a few days ago! Lucario, blast Bronzong out of the air, with a Shadow Ball too!

*As Lucario charges up another massive Shadow Ball, it keeps a close eye on Bronzong. In fact, probably a bit too close of one, considering he looks into its eyes, and falls asleep. Toxicroak, however, gets battered by the intense Heat Wave that Ponyta blasts him with, as it ends up fainting from the Heat.*

Saturn, shaking his head in defiance: I will not tolerate such resistance! Crobat, blow your own Heat Wave, towards Lucario! Singe the Steel in its bones! And Bronzong, unleash some Psychic energy into that Ponyta’s psyche!

Lucas, looking quite optimistic: Heh…you really don’t keep track of abilities well, do you Saturn? Well, since you were generous enough to tell us all about the Galactic Corporation’s plans…allow me to return the favor…by telling you that you’ve made a fatal mistake!

Saturn, chuckling: How so, my dear boy? I only see two bruised up Pokemon, ready to join the ranks of the Galactic Corporation! Unless you can pull off something of a miracle, that is. Feel the heat that Crobat’s wings are generating? That’s the kind of heat you’ll soon be feeling yourselves!

Lucas, shrugging: Maybe so…but have you forgotten that Ponyta has the Flash Fire ability? If that Heat Wave fills the entire Gym like you’re probably planning, Ponyta’s just going to absorb the attack, and become all the more powerful for it! Answer it with your own Heat Wave afterwards, Ponyta!!

Saturn, gasping: W-what?! How…how could-

*Before Saturn could tell Crobat to cancel the attack, it fires off a Wave of Heat, from the friction that its wings had managed to build up. This ends up activating Ponyta’s Flash Fire ability, however…which causes the flames along her body to flare up wildly. As Ponyta begins to charge up her own version of the attack, however, her body suddenly begins to morph and shift. In a quick flash of light, Ponyta had been able to absorb so much of the fiery attack…that she had evolved into a Rapidash! Now, finally unleashing the energy she’d built up, the resulting Heat Wave not only succeeds in defeating Crobat and Bronzong…but it manages to blow them both them, along with Saturn, straight out of the Gym entirely, from the force of Rapidash’s winds alone!*

Maylene, quickly running over to the door of her Gym, and locking it: Lucas…you and Rapidash were amazing just now! I’m honored to have fought alongside you…and for that…I think you should have this.

*Maylene pulls a Cobble Badge out of her pocket, as Lucas graciously accepts it, adding it to his Badge Case.*

Lucas, looking honored as well: Maylene…the pleasure’s all mine. I’ve learned so much from watching some of your Gym battles on TV, after all! So much about the abilities of certain Pokemon…I’ve learned just from seeing you battle, growing up!

Maylene, smiling, as she calls her sleeping Lucario back into her Poke Ball: Aww…that means a lot to hear, Lucas! I’m glad to have met you! But alas…I’m afraid I have a police report to make, seeing what the Galactic Corporation just tried to pull. I imagine I might be a bit busy now, for the rest of the day…

Lucas, nodding: I understand. I should probably be heading to Pastoria City next, for my next Badge anyway. I hope we meet up again in the future though, Maylene!

*The pair exchange a few more words, before Lucas begins leaving the city by nightfall, hoping to reach the next city where he could earn another of Sinnoh’s Gym Badges.*


*After their recent series of failures, the three Admins of the Galactic Corporation arrive to meet with Cyrus again that evening, to discuss where to go from here.*

Cyrus, closing his eyes, as he sits at his desk, with his three Admins before him: So…while we wait for the Galactic Bomb to be built…it seems we’ve suffered quite a number of setbacks, from what I’ve heard.

Jupiter, bowing to Cyrus: Indeed…my sincerest regrets, Commander Cyrus. Were it not for the Champion lady interfering, I imagine that the Pokemon that Mars managed to steal would have remained available for us to use…

Mars, crossing her arms: Yeah…that same Champion lady made me have to abandon the Valley Windworks, too. Shouldn’t we focus on eliminating her from the equation, before we do anything else?

Cyrus, shaking his head: That would be unnecessary, Mars. Although we only had control of the Valley Windworks for a mere day, it was still more than enough time to have built up the energy we’ll need for constructing the Red Chain. Furthermore, the components we need for building our Galactic Bomb have been procured, and it will likely be operational in the coming day. Regardless…Saturn, you encountered your own troubles in trying to acquire the local Gym Leaders Pokemon, did you not?

Saturn, sighing: Indeed…and regrettably, it wasn’t the Champion who managed to get in my way, but a mere child, who happened to be battling the Gym Leader when I arrived.

Cyrus, nodding: An unfortunate setback…but alas, with the Bomb nearing completion…seeing as it was your idea to bomb Lake Valor, I will allow you to continue being in-charge of the operation there. Do not disappoint me again, Saturn…

Saturn, bowing to Cyrus: I wouldn’t dream of it, Commander Cyrus. I know how important Azelf is for our plans…and I stake my claim as top Administrator in managing to acquire the blasted pixie tomorrow.

Mars, rolling her eyes: Bold words, for someone who got beaten by some kid in a battle earlier today.

Saturn, shrugging off Mars’ abrasive comment: A slight fluke, and one I will humbly take responsibility for. However, even against Pokemon as strong as the ones that kid had…a Hydrogen Bomb is something that no mere child prodigy should want to mess with…and for good reason. Commander Cyrus…your ambitions will be realized.


Lucas' Team:
Shiny Turtwig (Withdraw, Razor Leaf, Solar Beam, Leech Seed)
Honchkrow (Fly, Haze, Wing Attack, Drill Peck)
Rapidash (Flash Fire) (Flame Charge, Heat Wave)

Maylene's Team:
Meditite (Meditate, Flash)
Machamp (Rock Tomb, Rock Slide)
Lucario (Shadow Ball)

Saturn's Team:
Bronzong (Hypnosis, Psychic, Teleport)
Toxicroak (Dry Skin) (Poison Jab)
Alakazam (Focus Blast, Psychic, Hex)
Crobat (Heat Wave)

Chapter 12: The Shifting Tides of Conflict!


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

*After another day of walking, Lucas finally arrives at Pastoria City’s Gym, facing down none other than Sinnoh’s world-famous wrestling Gym Leader, Crasher Wake.*

Crasher Wake, crossing his arms, and looking down at Lucas, upon his arrival to his pool-sized, mostly-water-covered arena: Well, haven’t seen someone as young as you trying to become Pokemon Champion for awhile! Already earned yourself three Badges, I take it?

Lucas, nodding: You bet. And earning yours will mean I have half of Sinnoh’s Gym Badges. So, why don’t I lead things off? I choose…my Shiny Turtwig, to lead off! Ready your Solar Beam, little guy!

Crasher Wake, giving a hearty chuckle: So, just because I’m a Water-type Gym Leader, you think all my Pokemon will be weak to Grass, do you? Well, think again! Gyarados, get out here, and mash it with your Ice Fangs!

*As Gyarados appears, and starts swimming through the arena straight towards Turtwig, the poor little Grass-typed turtle quickly darts behind Lucas’ leg, likely being Intimidated by Gyarados’ threatening appearance. Perhaps out of sheer terror, Turtwig begins to cry up a storm.*

Lucas, looking annoyed: Turtwig, you can’t just hide at a time like this! If you hide behind me, I could get hurt too, if you want to use me as a shield!

*Turtwig, in the middle of his crying however, seems to give Lucas a wink of some sort.*

Lucas, gasping: Wait…are you doing what I think you’re doing, Turtwig? If that’s the case…I sure hope it works…for both of our sakes!

*Just as Gyarados had finally arrived at their end of the pool, Gyarados coats its Fangs in Ice, and lowers its head, ready to strike. However, upon seeing the crying Turtwig, the Gyarados stops moving, looking as if he were a tad…overbearing, in making the poor little Turtwig cry like that.*

Lucas, pointing up at the slightly-ashamed Gyarados: Now, Turtwig! Unleash your Solar Beam, while it’s not moving!

*Turtwig obliges, and fires off a massive Solar Beam straight into the sea serpent, easily overpowering the beast, despite it being many times its size. Gyarados sinks down into the pool, having been KOed by the sneaky attack.*

Crasher Wake, looking quite amused, as he calls Gyarados back into his Poke Ball: Well, color me surprised…I don’t think Gyarados expected that display of Fake Tears, coming from Turtwig like that! Nonetheless, Quagsire and I can deal with it easily enough! Fire off an Icy Wind from that big mouth of yours, Quagsire!

Lucas, still looking confident: Turtwig, maybe we should use a faster attack of yours, to deal with that thing. Try a barrage of Razor Leaves!

*Quagsire, from the other side of the pool, blows out a harsh Icy Wind. The incoming Razor Leaves fired off from Turtwig, however, manage to freeze into quite deadly-looking ice-tipped Leaves that were already quite sharp-looking themselves. In the end, they manage to pierce through Quagsire’s body, in spite of the bluster-y winds it had been blowing…KOing the plump mudfish-like Pokemon.*

Crasher Wake, giving off another hearty laugh: You may think you’ve caught me off-guard a couple times now…and admittedly, you have! But alas, I don’t think you’re going to handle my ace quite as well! Get out here, Floatzel, and get in close with your Aqua Jet, to then follow up with your Ice Fangs!!

Lucas, not looking too bothered: Turtwig, fire some Leech Seeds into the pool, and then Withdraw into your shell!

*Turtwig complies, and fires off a volley of Leech Seeds straight into the pool, as Floatzel quickly wades through from the other side of the arena. Eventually, it reaches Turtwig, who had already Withdrawn into his shell. Floatzel quickly tosses the little guy into the air, with his Ice Fangs.*

Crasher Wake, nodding approvingly: Great! Now, follow up by Ice Punching it into the pool below, Floatzel!

Lucas, snapping his fingers: That’s your cue, Turtwig! Use the opportunity to do what you’ve been waiting to do! Evolve into Grotle, and unleash your Body Slam!

*Floatzel uses his two tails to blast himself out of the pool, as he Ices up his fist. Turtwig, however, begins to glow even brighter than usual, as his body quickly morphs into a being that was several times his size…before Slamming that newly-grown Body of his down into the pool, right on top of Floatzel. With a massive splash of water momentarily blinding both Crasher Wake and Lucas, both Trainers soon see what had happened. Grotle slowly swam his large, shelled body over to Lucas’ side of the field, as Floatzel unconsciously bobs away in the middle of the pool. Lucas had achieved victory once again.*

Crasher Wake, walking over to Lucas’ side of the field, and handing him a Fen Badge: Well…I can’t say that was my best performance ever…but you definitely put up a great one of your own! I’d be honored to present you with my city’s humble Badge of honor.*

Lucas, putting his newly acquired Badge away, after shaking Crasher Wake’s hand: Heh…thanks, Crasher! I was hoping to make use of a surprise evolution technique, you know. I’m just glad Grotle here was able to pull it off, and-

*From nearby, however, the pair hear what sounded like a massive blast of energy being ignited from nearby, as the ground beneath them violently shakes, for several tense seconds.*

Lucas, wondering aloud: W-what the heck was that?!

Crasher Wake, frowning: No idea…but it definitely didn’t sound good, that’s for sure. Couldn’t have happened too far from here either. I’d investigate it myself, but…well, my Pokemon aren’t exactly in their best states, after that battle of our’s. Your Pokemon, however…they seem to have more than enough energy to spare! Maybe you should see what’s going on, in my stead.

Lucas, nodding, as he swallows a lump that had formed in his throat: Err…right. Will do, Crasher. That thing sounded like it came from the east, right?

Crasher Wake, nodding: Yeah…sure sounded like it, for sure. Maybe try and see if Lake Valor’s okay. I’ve been seeing an odd amount of Galactic Corporation people over there on Route 213 lately. Call me a bit paranoid, but…well, knowing the Galactic Corporation, who could blame me?

Lucas, frowning: Knowing them, I wouldn’t doubt that this all leads back to them, somehow. I’ll go check it out. Stay safe, Crasher.


*Lucas heads out to the Valor Lakefront, by Crasher Wake’s advice. Flying Honchkrow over the area, Lucas sees quite a startling sight - the entirety of Lake Valor had dried up!*

Lucas, sounding quite worried: That can’t be good…Honchkrow, get me down there! The Galactic Corporation must want whatever’s in that cave…and we have to stop them!

*Honchkrow agrees, and Flies down Lucas into the cave at the very center of the lake-turned crater. In spite of the sheer darkness surrounding themselves from inside, Lucas presses onwards, accompanied by Honchkrow, who follows him inside. Eventually, he sees a Red Crystal appear, amidst the darkness of the rest of the cave.*

???: Go…you must leave, immediately! Or else, your life will soon be forfeit!

Lucas, gasping: That voice…! Who…who are you…?!

???: Do not concern yourself with me. I will be fine. You, on the other hand…must not be found, by the man who disturbs my lake.

Lucas: W-who bombed the lake?! Trust me, although I only became a Trainer a few weeks ago…I still want to protect all the Pokemon that call this place home!

Azelf, finally revealing the rest of its body to Lucas: …Truly, you are a brave kid. I admire that…but regardless, I cannot allow you to perish here. But do not fret - for I will Teleport you to the place where you last felt safest.

Lucas, looking around, as if trying to find the person who Azelf had been talking about: W-what do you mean? Who’s here that I should be so afraid of?!

Saturn, cackling from nearby: My…if it isn’t the boy from yesterday. You sure do like to meddle with the Galactic Corporation’s affairs, don’t you? Alas…I think the time has come to put an end to your escapades.

*A chill travels down Lucas’ spine, as he hears the echo of what sounded like a pistol being unco*cked.*

Azelf, closing its eyes, continuing to speak to Lucas through Telepathy: Worry not, my friend. I have read your mind…and Jubilife City Hospital seems to be the most recent place that you felt truly safe in. Allow me to bring you there. As for myself…I will defend this place myself…with my life, if necessary. Farewell…Lucas…

*Upon being Teleported away by Azelf, Lucas looks around at his new surroundings in the hospital, and sees that Honchkrow had been teleported in alongside him. Palmer, along with his wife, were conversing with Barry, who seemed to be fully conscious again. What was much more surprising to them, however…was Lucas’ sudden appearance.*

Barry, gasping at the sight of his best friend suddenly Teleporting into the room: Lucas?! What…how the heck did you just get in here? Am I…still dreaming?!

Lucas, shaking his head: No…the last thing I saw, Honchkrow and I were inside this pitch-black cave…before this pixie-like thing appeared, and told me that he would Teleport me to the last, safest place I could remember! And…well, I guess I did feel pretty safe in here, with both Palmer and Cynthia being around, when we brought you here…

Barry, still sounding pretty confused, despite Lucas’ explanation: Well, that’s…certainly odd, but…what were you doing in a cave that dark to begin with?

Lucas, frowning: It was the Galactic Corporation…they were planning on catching the Pokemon in that cave…and this one Admin guy I keep running into…was willing to kill me, in order to capture it!

Palmer, looking quite troubled: This…sounds incredibly serious. Lucas…I think you should accompany me, in telling Cynthia what exactly just happened to you. If anyone knows how to handle this situation, it should be her.

Barry, frowning: But dad…don’t you outrank her as a Trainer? Why not just take the fight to the Galactic Corporation itself, and stop them?

Palmer, sighing: My Pokemon may be stronger than her’s, but she handles tense situations far better than I usually can. …Especially seeing my own flesh and blood being harmed by their carelessness. Regardless…I will see what Cynthia recommends, in how we should proceed. Come along, Lucas.

Lucas, calling Honchkrow back into the Poke Ball, before leaving Barry’s hospital room: R-right. Lead the way, Palmer…

Barry, watching as his father and Lucas quickly leave the room: W-wait!! Guys, I can help too, surely! …Right?!

Barry’s mother, putting her hand on her son’s shoulder: Barry, I know you want to help too, but you’re in no condition to be waltzing around Sinnoh, and dealing with criminals! I’m sure your father will help get everything under control just fine, and-

Barry, refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer: No way…I can’t let dad and Lucas be the only ones risking their lives to deal with these criminals! I just need to get my Pokemon to be stronger, so I can help them too! So, tell me…where’s the nearest Gym I can take them to, to train?

Barry’s mother, looking rather surprised at Barry’s sudden boldness: W-well, Oreburgh city is close-by to the east…and I believe most Trainers decide to take on Roark first anyway-

Barry, sighing: I’ve already earned his Badge, mother. What’s the next closest one to here?

Barry’s mother, pausing for a moment: Well…there’s Byron’s Gym in Canalave City…but from what your father has told me, his Gym is pretty tough, and not exactly welcoming to anyone who isn’t a seasoned Trainer…

Barry, looking suddenly enthralled: Canalave City…that’s just to the west of here, isn’t it?!

Barry’s mother, frowning: Well, yes, but you’re certainly in no condition to be- BARRY!! What in Arceus’ name are you doing?!

Barry, manually unhooking himself from all of the hospital’s machinery: What’s it look like I’m doing, mother? My Pokemon aren’t going to get stronger on their own…and neither am I! That’s why…I need to get to Canalave City ASAP, if it’s the last thing I do!

Barry’s mother, watching as he clumsily adds his four Poke Balls to his belt’s clip: Barry…are you…sure this is a wise idea? You don’t seem all that-

Barry, meakishly waving his mother’s concerns aside: Mom, relax! I’ll be fine…with my Pokemon’s help, at least! But enough about that…I need to get outta here! Sayonara, mom…give my regards to dad and Lucas, if they come back soon, and wonder where I am!

Barry’s mother, watching as Barry makes a surprisingly fast dart out of the hospital room: W-wait! Barry!! You…you…oh…oh my…

*Barry’s mother, overwhelmed upon seeing her hospitalized son run away from the facility prematurely, faints upon realizing she failed to stop him. This allows Barry to continue on unimpeded, due to the doctors around the area thinking he had made a full recovery, as he dashed through the nearby halls. In reality, he really was testing his limits.*


Lucas' Team:
Shiny Grotle (Withdraw, Razor Leaf, Body Slam, Leech Seed)
Honchkrow (Fly, Haze, Wing Attack, Drill Peck)
Rapidash (Flash Fire) (Flame Charge, Heat Wave)

Crasher Wake's Team:
Gyarados (Intimidate) (Ice Fang)
Quagsire (Ice Wind)
Floatzel (Aqua Jet, Ice Fang, Ice Punch)

Chapter 13: Barry's Bumbling Boldness!


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

*Later that day, Barry surprisingly manages to not only make it into the Canalave City Gym, but he manages to best all of the other Gym Trainers in there too, until he finds himself battling against none other than Byron, standing tall, looking as if he was ready to take on any challenger…compared to Barry, who looked like he was struggling just to stand up straight, in his current condition.*

Byron, looking somewhat concerned: Hey, kid…have we met before? Wait, last week at Jubilife City…that was you, wasn’t it? You…definitely seemed to have been in better form back then, though…

Barry, trying to shrug off Byron’s concerns…while feeling a build-up of pain in his right one in the process: Please…I’m just as ready to battle as I’ve ever been, so show me your worst!

Byron, looking doubtful about Barry’s claims: Err…actually, I think I’ll start off easy…if only for your sake. Bronzor, get out here, and unleash your Psychic powers!

Barry, chuckling in a lethargic sort of way: A Bronzor?! My mother made me think you’d be way more difficult than that! Chimchar, get in here, and unleash your Embers, to drop that thing outta the sky! Err…air? Ah, you know what to do, buddy…

*Chimchar nods, and fires a barrage of Embers straight towards the floating Bronzor, whose eyes begin to glow. Thankfully, the barrage of Embers manage to snap Bronzor out of its trance, causing it to clang down to the ground, having been KOed.*

Byron, chuckling: Well, good thing you didn’t evolve that thing into a Monferno yet, I guess. Fighting-types wouldn’t have been able to deal with that attack nearly as easily. You’re going to wish he was evolved for my next Pokemon, though! Bastiodon, harden your defenses, with an Iron Defence!

Barry, trying not to look too bothered: If you’re going to up your defenses…we’ll just have to up our offensives! Power-Up Punch it, Chimchar…

*Chimchar goes in, and tries to punch the Bastiodon hard, but the latter seems content to just continue raising its defenses. This continues on for several more turns, until Barry realizes that he’s hardly making a dent into Bastiodon’s form.*

Barry, shaking his head: Chimchar…I think his defenses are outdoing are offense! You think you can maybe…evolve to get past them? Or…

Byron, shaking his head: Face it kid…you came here unprepared…and for that, you’ll be sorry! Blast that little primate away, with your Ancient Power!!

*As Bastiodon elevates and blasts several nearby rocks towards Chimchar, the small simian manages to surprise both of them, by Power-Up Punching each and every Rock away! In the process, he even gains enough experience from such maneuvers…to be able to evolve into a Monferno, as well!*

Byron, chuckling at the sight of Barry’s resolute Pokemon: Well, I’ll be…that Pokemon of yours sure has a trick or two up its sleeve, eh? Too bad Bastiodon got something of a boost too, from that little exchange!

Barry, looking quite confused: Huh?! What do you mean…?

Byron, crossing his arms: You see, every time a Pokemon unleashes an Ancient Power, the Pokemon sometimes gets a bit of knowledge from its ancestors that may have been trapped inside of said summoned rocks.

Barry, still looking just as confused as before: I…I think you’ve already lost me.

Byron, shrugging: It ain’t rocket science, kid! See, rocks are nothing more than glimpses into the past, of what our Earth used to look like in the ancient past, right? Well, sometimes when a Pokemon imbues itself with that same power, they become filled with a wealth of knowledge from that era, in the process - allowing them to reach even greater heights in battle than before! And I can tell that Bastiodon…has gone and reached that level! Finish it off with a Stone Edge now, Bastiodon!!

Barry, barely noticing the stalactite that seemed to be forming underneath of Monferno in time: Oh no…Monferno, under you! It’s…it’s the Stone Edge! Use a…erm…crap, what moves do Monferno know again…? No, Monferno!!

*While trying to help his Pokemon, Monferno, perhaps confused by his newfound power too, ends up getting blasted into the air by the Stone Edge from just beneath him, KOing the newly powered-up primate.*

Barry, frowning: Alright then…Roselia, you managed to evolve a few battles ago! I know you can use Razor Leaves now…

Byron, chuckling: It’s gonna take more than just sharp Leaves to take Bastidon down! Stone Edge!!

*Roselia fires off a wave of Razor Leaves, but the incoming Stone Edge proves too much for Roselia to handle, as she faints.*

Barry, shaking his head: Alright…new plan. Kricketune, Slash through these rocks, and strike Bastiodon!

Byron, letting out a hearty chuckle: A Kricketune?! Are you serious, kid? Bastiodon, you know what to do, right?

*Kricketune sees a Stone Edge jutting out from underneath him, allowing him to nimbly dodge the stalactite, as he Slashes it away. Bastiodon then summons out several more Stone Edges all around the ground, which Kricketune proceeds to Slash away as well, while he closes his distance between the two. Finally reaching the hardened, primordial tank of a Pokemon itself, Kricketune Slashes its fleshy blades straight into Bastiodon’s rock-hard exterior…to no avail, as said fleshy blades merely crack slightly themselves, upon impact.*

Byron, trying hard to stop himself from laughing: That’s…gotta be pretty embarrassing. Dodging all those Stone Edges…just to barely do any damage at all, upon getting close to the guy. Put this thing out of its misery, Bastiodon, and unleash your Earthquake.

Barry, looking quite offended: You can’t take the…mustachioed Bug-type of legend out that easily! Plant those blades of yours into the ground, Kricketune…and let out a Bug Buzz of fury!!

*Planting its own fleshy blades straight into the shaking ground of the arena, Kricketune screeches a Bug Buzz high into the heavens, which causes even Bastiodon to wince, somewhat. The rocks below end up taking their toll on Kricketune’s legs, however, causing the noble Bug-type to faint soon afterwards.*

Barry, still trying to stand strong, against the odds: Looks like it’s up to Chatot now…to close the distance! Fire off a Heat Wave towards Bastiodon, Chatot!!

Byron, frowning: Kid, you shoulda just given up. Bastiodon, show some mercy, and just zap the poor thing outta the air, with a Thunderbolt.

*Somehow, Bastiodon is able to muster an electrical charge from deep within its body, which lightly fries the out-paced Chatot, and KOs it. Bastiodon, comparatively, doesn’t seem to even notice the light breeze of the Heat Wave, when it hits him.*

Byron, calling Bastiodon back into his Poke Ball: Well, kid? Normally at times like these, I’d recommend challengers to head to the Canalave Library, to study up on type-matchups before challenging me again. But with the state that you, their Trainer is in…I’d honestly consider heading to a Gym for humans, before heading anywhere else…as you’re not looking all that great. You know, there’s a YMCA down the road from here, so if you-

Barry, shaking his head: No, no…I’m fine, trust me. I just need…some food in my system, is all. After that, I’ll be fine. But…thanks for the concern, Buyin.

Byron, frowning, as he watches Barry clumsily leave the Gym: It’s…it’s Byron. Would it be right to call the cops on the kid? He really doesn’t seem in too good of shape…


*Barry, upon walking his way past the Canalave Library, about a half hour later, he sees a horde of Galactic Corporation employees surrounding said library, where he hears yells coming from inside.*

Barry, thinking to himself: The Galactic Corporation is here too?! But…what would they want so bad from a library, of all places? Can’t they just check a book out and leave? This isn’t right…but all of my Pokemon…they’re fainted right now! What…can I do?!


Barry, shaking his head, and trying to straighten his jumbled thoughts up: Well, Pokemon or not…I have to stop them! Charging in!

*Barry, running head first into the scene, runs into Mars, as she chuckles at the sight of Barry trying to push his way past her.*

Mars, grinning: What’s the matter, kid? In a hurry to return a library book or something?

Barry, gasping: Hey…you’re that lady I saw at Veilstone City a week ago!

Mars, smiling: You know me too well by now, kid. And by extension, you know that we, of the Galactic Corporation, aren’t above taking hostages to achieve our goals. You’ll make a fine little hostage, for our upcoming plans, I’d say! Purugly, come on out, and put this kid to sleep with your Hypnosis!

Barry, still trying to push his way past Mars, to no avail, in his current, already-enfeebled state: Come on…let me through!!

*Purugly hops onto Mars’ back, and stares into Barry’s determined eyes. All of a sudden, Barry’s body goes limp, as he collapses to the ground, in a totally comatose state.*

Mars, hunching Barry’s body over her shoulders: Come on everyone, let’s hussle! Throw that Gym Leader into the truck, along with that computer! I just got ourselves another idiot who tried to interfere.

Jupiter, looking intrigued, as she pulls a girl along with him by her long pigtails, as she struggles to try and free herself: Hey…isn’t that the kid who came out of the Grand Underground beneath Veilstone City a week ago?

Mars, closing her eyes smugly: Maybe…the kid did seem to remember me, after all. Funny how he didn’t bother to call out any of his Pokemon, before charging in like a lunatic, though.

Jupiter, smiling calmly, as she pushes the pigtailed girl into a nearby, unlabelled truck: Well, you know what that means then, right?

Mars, sneering: Yep! All his Pokemon now belong to the Galactic Corporation!


Barry's Team for most of the chapter:
Shiny Monferno (Ember, Flame Burst, Power-Up Punch)
Chatot (Fly, Heat Wave)
Kricketune (Slash, Swords Dance, Bug Buzz)
Roselia (Water Sport, Razor Leaf)

Byron's Team:
Steelix (Heavy Slam)
Bronzor (Psychic)
Bastiodon (Iron Defense, Thunderbolt, Stone Edge, Earthquake)

Chapter 14: The Galactic Corporation's Endgame - Revealed!

Chapter Text

*Some unknown amount of time later, Barry awakens, only to find his wrists chained to a metal wall, next to a cute girl who also looked to be in the same sort of predicament.*

???: Well, it’s about time you finally woke up. Did that bitch’s Purugly get you or something?

Barry, blinking his eyes rapidly: H-huh? Wait…I’ve…seen you on TV before! You’re…Candice, aren’t you? Leader of the Snowpoint City Gym!

Candice, nodding: Yep, I’m me alright. But you…what kind of beef do you have with the Galactic Corporation?

Barry, shaking his head: A better question would probably be, what problems don’t I have with them? First they attack me with this…Shiny Gyarados I saw on TV…and then they go and kidnap me?! But…I guess if they’re bold enough to kidnap an actual Gym Leader too, I doubt there’s anything they wouldn’t go and try, at this point…

Candice, looking to the ground: Yeah…honestly, though? I fear that we might just be the warm-up…for what they’re actually planning. And their goal is REALLY big this time…in fact, it may even be too late to stop them.

Barry, looking at her with dread: Really? How do you figure?

Candice, not managing to look at Barry’s face: Well…I overheard a few of them talking about how…they managed to get their hands on all three of Sinnoh’s Legendary Lake Spirit Pokemon…and how, with them in their possession…they’ll soon be able to summon a Pokemon…that most people have never even seen before! And with it…they plan to go back in time, from what I can gather.

Barry, looking concerned: No way…but why would the Galactic Corporation want to go back in time?!

Candice, trying to shrug, despite having her wrists chained: How should I know? But no matter what they might be planning…I think we can all agree that time travel isn’t something that should be trifled with!

Barry, nodding: For sure! But wait…if you’re a Gym Leader…shouldn’t you have easily been able to take down these Galactic goons? How’d they manage to snag you?

Candice, sighing: I…was dumb. I wanted to read up on my ancestry, after I got an e-mail from this girl, telling me about how…apparently, one of my ancestors, from the days of Hisui…was some sort of outlaw! I wanted to know more, so of course I decided to take a visit to the Canalave Library! She sent me these pics, and…apparently she was this cute little history buff…a local history professor at Canalave University, wanting to study up on her own ancestors with me! So, thinking I wouldn’t have to do any battling, I left my Pokemon up in my Gym…only to be confronted by a whole brigade of Galactic Corporation employees, trying to seize the computer that had all the records of the various patrons on it! I tried to get it back, but the purple-haired girl who lured me over there to begin with…ended up trying to assault me!

Barry, gasping: Oh no! I thought I heard something weird going on, so…fresh off my team’s defeat at the Canalave City Gym…I headed straight into the library, after seeing a whole hoard of Galactic Corporation people just…mulling around the area…when I heard someone scream! I guess that was you, huh?

Candice, smiling: Yeah…but thanks to you, they managed to clear out of there real quick. They still took the computer, but Jupiter didn’t get too much time to get her hands over me for long. So thanks to you…I avoided that sort of embarrassment, at least!

Barry, sighing: Well, I’m glad you managed to get out of the situation cleanly…but my Pokemon…I think they took them off of my belt entirely!

Candice, frowning: Yeah…that was one of the first things they did, once you fell asleep. But now that we’re stuck inside their HQ somewhere…there’s not much we can do now…

*Just then, Saturn opens the door to their cell, shining a bright spotlight at the pair of them.*

Saturn, smiling elegantly: Look alive, you two! Our leader has an announcement to make, and we need everyone to know just who our pair of hostages are this time around!

*All around Sinnoh, all of the region’s TVs and phones suddenly tune into a livestream of Cyrus, sitting comfortably at his desk, staring intently at the camera.*

Cyrus: Good evening, citizens of Sinnoh. Thanks to your various corrupt politicians, from all around the region, me, and my benefactors at the Galactic Corporation, are pleased to announce that we are now closer than ever…to the dawn of a new world order. A world…that has no need for things such as emotions, or conflict. But for that to happen…I will need yet one more stimulus, from all of you - the people of Sinnoh. Allow me to explain.

*The scene then shifts to a different room of the facility, where Mars runs into the spotlight, posing in front of the lab, where it’s shown that all three Legendary Lake Spirits were all trapped inside clear, translucent spheres, in some sort of likely-forced-sleep.*

Mars: Hey there, all you losers throughout Sinnoh! Guess who we have for you today? That’s right, all three of Sinnoh’s Lake Guardians, all sleeping soundly, for your viewing pleasure! But what do we need your help with, I hear you at home wondering! Well, fear not for THEIR safety, as we pledge to release all three of them back into the wild immediately…upon the funding of one last bit of electrical surge of energy we need! Jupiter, over to you!

*The screen then shifts to Jupiter, as she bows to the audience.*

Jupiter: Thank you, Mars. Well, as many of you know, the Galactic Corporation has been embroiled in quite a few controversies over these last few months. As regrettable as it may be to all of you, I’m afraid that we’re just about to run completely out of money entirely, hence why we…currently just aren’t able to run our last-ditch effort machine! If we are to combine the Crests of the three Lake Guardians you see here today, we need YOUR support today, dear viewers! Otherwise…

*The screen shifts again to Barry and Candice’s cell, as the camera points directly to Saturn’s smiling Toxicroak, holding a claw right on Candice’s neck, as she begins to sob, staring at the Toxicroak ready to end her life. Barry, meanwhile, is forced to stare blankly in a Hypnotized state, at his Alakazam’s spoon, holding his mind hostage.*

Saturn, speaking from just off-screen: …These kids will meet their end…and on live TV, no less! And we certainly wouldn’t want THAT to happen, now would we?!

Cyrus’ voice taking over: It’s regrettable that we’ve had to go this far, but our new world is mere moments away. Call this number, and make your pledge of support. Be a part of the new world. Let your name be known as one of the few that helped to usher in the new age.

Candice, screaming in terror, as Toxicroak scratches his claw lightly at her throat: AHHH! Guys, no matter what you’re seeing here…DON’T you DARE send these people any money! Cyrus ISN’T kidding about making a new world! If you guys start donating money…you may not even live to see another day!!

Saturn, chuckling: Well, like it or not, we’ve now reached our funding quota! Cyrus, turn on the switch!

*The screen shifts to the lab area again, as Mars laughs at the plight of all three Lake Guardians being electrocuted from within their spheres.*

Mars: HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh don’t worry, they’ll live…probably…in the new world, at least!

*Once the electrocution process ends, the translucent spheres, initially filled with smoke afterwards, soon clear up, showing the three Lake Guardians lying limply in their containment spheres, now without their respective forehead Crests. The screen then shifts once more to Cyrus at his desk.*

Cyrus, still with a blank expression as always: People of Sinnoh - thanks to you, the new world shall soon exist, thanks to your efforts. Feel free to treasure your last few remaining moments, here in this world…as they will surely be your last. The Galactic Corporation thanks you all, for your support.

*The screen hijacking then ends, as people all around Sinnoh start panicking about what any of that broadcast could have meant. Back at Jubilife City, where Lucas, Cynthia, Falkner, and Palmer had met, the group discusses the mysterious broadcast that had just aired all across Sinnoh.*

Falkner, frowning, being the first to speak: Well, I guess that’s the reason why the Galactic Corporation was experimenting with radio waves earlier. They must have found out that they could take over the airwaves with the same technology they used to summon that Shiny Gyarados.

Cynthia, nodding: Indeed. Maybe we would have been better off if Sabrina had decided to take that transmitter for herself after all.

Palmer, shaking his head in defeat: Forget about that transmitter…how the hell did those fiends get their hands on Barry?! Did they truly break into the hospital just to spite me in particular?!

Lucas, shaking his head: I doubt that. Even for the Galactic Corporation, that wouldn’t make a lot of sense to do. If I know Barry, he probably went and got himself re-tangled in their affairs again, since we left.

Cynthia, nodding in agreement: I concur. Is it that hard to believe that Barry might have gotten upset that he didn’t get to join you two, when you guys ran off to contact Falkner and I?

Palmer, covering his face with his palm: I…I just…I swear, that boy’s gonna be the death of me…because I don’t know if I’ll be able to restrain myself, if I come into contact with any of those Galactic freaks going forward.

Cynthia, glaring at Palmer with a look that could probably kill: Palmer…we may be international police agents, but that doesn’t give us the power to escalate a situation. If you were to kill them, before they kill anyone…I would be forced to have to deal with you as well, lest the name of the international police organization be tarnished.

Palmer, continuing to cover his face, not wanting to look Cynthia in the eyes: I know, I know…but my only son…my flesh and blood…is out there somewhere…being used as a…f*cking bargaining chip!! The thought of it all…makes me sick to my stomach!

Cynthia, frowning: If it bothers you so much, you could leave this mission to Falkner and I. This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve had to work together to take down the Galactic Corporation alone, you know.

Palmer, managing to collect himself enough to properly look at Cynthia again: No…no, you’re right. I mean…I’ll help you guys. After all, it wouldn’t be right for Sinnoh’s strongest Trainer not to help out in a mission where the world could end up being at stake, you know?

Cynthia, nodding: Right. I just have one question for you, then

Palmer, nodding: Fire away.

Cynthia, frowning, as she looks down at Lucas, who stood by his side: Why…exactly, did you bring this boy with you?

Palmer, shrugging: Well…it was kind of a last-minute decision, you know? It was his warnings that let me know that the Galactic Corporation was up to something big to begin with, after all.

Cynthia, frowning: So, he too, has gotten caught up in their plans? Well, unlike your son, I suppose, he must have some sense of self-preservation, seeing as he’s not captured, and still has his Pokemon. If he can be trusted not to interfere with the mission, he may accompany us to Spear Pillar.

Lucas, sounding quite shocked: Wait…Spear Pillar?! You really mean…the peak of Mt. Coronet?! Why are we headed there?

Falkner, sighing: Well…that’s where we learned that the Galactic Corporation plans to unleash the powers of the Red Chain at. The very highest point of Sinnoh itself. And you can thank Dawn for helping us to know that much…

Lucas, still sounding quite baffled: Wait…Dawn? How does she tie into all of this?!

Falkner, frowning, showing a low-quality video-feed being displayed on his Poketch screen: Take a look for yourself.

*Lucas and the others watch a grainy, black-and-white colored clip of Dawn walking through Mt. Coronet, before seeing a whole crowd of Galactic Corporation Grunts making their way through a different tunnel of the cave. Dawn, of course, being Dawn, decides to follow the group…albeit, at a distance.*

Lucas, looking slightly confused: Well, that certainly looked like Dawn, but…how’d you even get that footage? And…why are you keeping such a close eye on her, in particular?

Falkner, shrugging: Let’s just say…someone’s paying me really well to make sure she’s safe, and not in danger…even if she keeps trying to put herself in harm’s way regardless. As for how I got the footage…I just strapped an old Poketch to a Zubat I caught in there a few days back.

Cynthia, frowning: So, even she’s still meddling around with these criminals too. What is it with you kids, and always being around whenever the Galactic Corporation decides to do something evil? Well…no matter. We know they’re up to something in Mt. Coronet, and two different children…and a Gym Leader…are in peril as we speak.

Falkner, speaking up suddenly: -Along with the entire world itself…if the Galactic Corporation’s words can be trusted, at least.

Cynthia, nodding: All the more important that we settle this matter as quickly as possible. As such…I believe that Falkner and I should head to Spear Pillar proper. Palmer and Lucas should make their way into Mt. Coronet’s interior to search for Dawn, and make sure she’s safe.

Palmer, shaking his head: Miss Champion…with all due respect…shouldn’t I be the one who accompanies you to Spear Pillar? I do have the most powerful Pokemon, of all of us…

Cynthia, closing her eyes: That may be true, but I need someone with a level head, who can be relied on to not escalate an already-tense situation. I shouldn’t need to explain to you why, then, I don’t believe you should be the one to provide backup to my pursuit of Cyrus.

Palmer, lowering his head, and relenting: Yeah…I guess you have a point there, huh? I’ll…help Lucas in the caves then, if that’s the case.

Cynthia, nodding: Good, then it’s decided. You all have your roles then, yes? Onward then…to Spear Pillar.

Chapter 15: Historical Revisionism, By Cyrus

Chapter Text

*Cynthia riding atop Togekiss, Falkner riding atop Pidgeot, Palmer riding atop his Dragonite, and Lucas riding atop his Honchkrow, the group soon arrive at the base of Mt. Coronet, where Cynthia and Falkner eventually split from Palmer and Lucas, as they approach the top of Mt. Coronet’s many floors. There, Palmer and Lucas decide to split up, in hopes of finding Dawn quicker.*

Lucas, thinking to himself, as he wanders down a surprisingly-dark corridor: Wow…this tunnel sure is darker than a lot of these other ones. I really should have brought along a Pokemon that knows Flash, huh? Why am I even looking in here, anyway? What would Dawn even be doing in a place like- OW!

Dawn’s voice, suddenly breaking the overwhelming silence of the area: Hey, watch it, Galactic asshole!!

Lucas’ voice, proving he wasn’t who Dawn thought he was: Woah, chill out, Dawn! It’s me, Lucas!

Dawn, gasping somewhat: Lucas?! Why the hell are you in Mt. Coronet?!

Lucas, sighing: It’s…a long story. But I could ask you the same thing, you know!

Dawn, sounding initially conceited, before relenting and explaining herself: What does it matter? I saw the Galactic Corporation in here while I was passing through, so I decided to trail ‘em! I definitely didn’t get…lost or anything while doing that…

Lucas, chuckling: Heh, alright then. Well, if you’re safe then…we should probably go catch up with Palmer, and let him know you’re safe, then. He’s up here looking for you too, after all.

Dawn, in quite a shocked tone: Did you say…Palmer?! Why’s the strongest Trainer in Sinnoh so worried about me?! Shouldn’t he be doing more important things right now?

Lucas, sighing: Again…long story. Let’s just get out of this tunnel, and head to the eastern portion. We’ll let him know you’re okay, and maybe we can join Cynthia and Palmer up at Spear Pillar!

Dawn, gasping: Wait, that’s right! Lucas…I overheard those Galactic goons talking, and…they said something about Cyrus being just about ready to summon a Pokemon…that can control time itself!!

Lucas, sounding quite worried: What?! If true, that definitely fits the tone of that one broadcast that Cyrus hijacked Sinnoh’s airwaves to broadcast. If you’re safe though…maybe we should just head north to Spear Pillar. …Just to make sure Cynthia and Falkner are doing okay up there, you know?

Dawn, sounding like she was in agreement: Yeah…probably a good idea. But…Palmer is the strongest Trainer in Sinnoh. I really feel like he should know I’m safe…just so he can lend his abilities to the fight that’s likely going on at Spear Pillar, you know?

Lucas, sighing: Yeah…you’re probably right. How about this…since he’s looking for you…I know roughly the area he should be, so I’ll go and try to find him, to let him know you’re safe. Meanwhile, you can head to Spear Pillar, to let Cynthia know you’re okay.

Dawn, sounding quite surprised: Wait…Cynthia’s looking for me too?! How does she know I’m in here?

Lucas, sighing even louder this time: Again. Long story. I’ll explain everything once we’re all out of this cave, so…just get to Cynthia, okay? I’m sure she’ll be able to keep you safe.

Dawn, after a small pause: …Right. Be safe then, Lucas.

Lucas, chuckling briefly: Please…if I was keen on being safe, I wouldn’t even be in this cave right now, would I? But I digress…stay safe too, Dawn.

*The pair exit the dark tunnel, and then head their separate ways, as Dawn proceeds to the north, heading up to Spear Pillar…the very peak of Sinnoh.*


*Upon her arrival to Spear Pillar, Dawn sees quite the sight before her eyes: Cynthia, by herself, was facing both Mars and Jupiter in a double battle, with Falkner…having apparently taken a heavy blow from the battle, and was now merely laying upon the ground next to her. Cyrus, meanwhile, was flying the Red Chain high into the stormy sky of Sinnoh above them…as if trying to drag down something from the heavens.*

Dawn, running up by Cynthia’s side, Poke Ball in-hand: Cynthia!! Need any backup against these creeps?!

Cynthia, raising her eyebrow: You’re that girl from before, aren’t you? Well, at least you’re okay…but what happened to Lucas?

Dawn, shaking her head: He’s fine. He’s just trying to find Palmer down there, so he can come help you guys!

Cynthia, frowning: By the time those two make it up here…I don’t know if there’ll be enough time left to stop…whatever Cyrus is trying to summon over there. Regardless…I certainly wouldn’t turn down anyone’s help, in trying to get past these two right now. They both seem quite unwilling to let me pass…even if I have to go through all of their Pokemon.

Dawn, nodding: You can count on us, then! Come on out, my Shiny Piplup! Stand by for battle!

Cynthia, looking down at Dawn with concern: You…never evolved your starter Pokemon yet?

Dawn, shaking her head: Nope! But Piplup’s plenty strong enough to take them both out as is! Piplup, use your Whirlpool attack!!

Mars, scoffing: A little Piplup? Give me a break! Purugly, Slash it to bits!

Jupiter, rolling her eyes: Skuntank, Night Slash it to pieces!!

Cynthia, letting out her Garchomp: Garchomp, protect Piplup…by striking them both with a single Dragon Claw swipe!

*Garchomp’s massive Claw elongates, and blows both of the Administrators Pokemon back at the pair, as Piplup finishes charging up her Whirlpool, as she then fires it straight towards the two Galactic Admins, as the Whirling typhoon of water absorbs them both into it’s rapidly spinning winds. Not stopping at just the pair, it quickly travels straight for Cyrus, still tugging at the Red Chain with all his might.*

Cyrus, gazing at the Whirlpool headed quickly towards him: Damnit…if that thing absorbs me, then I’ll…I’ll…theoretically…gain enough momentum to heave out the creature to which the Red Chain has attached itself to. Perhaps this child has unwittingly been the key…to helping me summon the beast from within the heavens! Yes…as long as I don’t let go of this Chain, then…

*The Whirlpool quickly absorbs Cyrus, who, using every ounce of strength left in his body, holds onto the Red Chain for dear life, as the Whirlpool continues to spin.*

Cynthia, noticing what was going on, dashing to the other side of the peak: Oh no…this is bad.

Dawn, running to keep up her pace with Cynthia: …Why? The Whirlpool absorbed him, so…isn’t that good?

Cynthia, trying to maintain her pace: Look at the Chain, Dawn. The Whirlpool is helping Cyrus rapidly pull at the Chain…meaning that whatever’s on the other end of that thing…may very well be heading our way as we speak!

Dawn, gasping: What?! But…Piplup’s strongest attack…

Cynthia, shaking her head: …may have doomed us all. We need to get in that Whirlpool, and make Cyrus lose his grip on the Red Chain, before-


Cynthia, suddenly stopping in one place: No…we’re too late! That beast…Dialga…it’s been summoned!!

Dawn, coming to a halt too, as she watches the massive creature descend from the heavens: No way…that thing’s massive! How can…it even levitate like that?!

Cynthia, slowly stepping backwards: I don’t know…but be on your guard! While that thing’s tied up in those Red Chains, the wielder can have it do anything they want!

*The Whirlpool soon dissipates, as Jupiter, Mars, and Cyrus find themselves lying on the ground, though Cyrus, amazingly, had managed to keep a hold of the Red Chain all throughout.*

Cyrus, standing back up, Red Chain still in hand, as Mars and Jupiter stare at the towering behemoth in disbelief, as they slowly get themselves off the ground: Hear me, Dialga, bender of time. I command you to take me to the days of Hisui…so I may meet up with Volo - the man who attempted to summon Arceus!!

Cynthia, gasping: My…great, great, great grandfather?! No…he couldn’t be-

*Dialga Roars, opening up a portal to the past, to the days where the land had a different name. Cyrus jumps inside, Red Chain still in-hand, as it then pulls Dialga inside as well, dragging him inside as well, which, due to no longer being in the same time period, ends up instantly closing the portal to the past as well.*

Mars, back at Spear Pillar, snapping: Um, what the hell, Cyrus?! You were supposed to bring us to the past too, asshole!!

Jupiter, looking similarly disappointed: To think that a beast that big could disappear again so quickly…was it even really a Pokemon?

Dawn, pulling out her Pokedex: …Apparently. My Pokedex seems to have labeled it as a Dialga, so…whoever programmed it seems to have seen it before, at least.

Cynthia, dusting herself off: Well, Professor Rowan DID consult the Hisui Region’s very first Pokedex when he programmed the thing, so…that’s likely where he had heard the name before. Regardless…Cyrus is now in the past…at some point…and that can’t be good.


*In what felt like a mere flash in time, Cyrus and Dialga find themselves right under the roof of the Temple of Sinnoh, in the days where the land of Sinnoh was instead called Hisui. The pair look down from the Temple, to see a rigorous Pokemon battle going on between a man with a very strange haircut, and another who seemed to look quite a bit like one of Lucas’ ancestors.*

Cyrus, glancing up at Dialga: Excellent. Those two down there should be the ones in possession of the Plates that were theorized to be able to summon the great Arceus. Let's make this easy for ourselves. Unleash a Roar of Time, and plant them in place. That way, stealing all of the Plates that they possess will be child's play.

*Dialga lets out a loud roar, as both of the young men battling below the Temple suddenly stand still, as they notice the ominous-looking pair at the peak.*

Volo, looking quite pissed: Rei, don’t tell me…you had a contingency plan, all this time! D-damn it...I can't even move my body anymore!!

Rei, shaking his head: -Reinforcements?! I’ve never seen those two in my life, honestly! Still…that Pokemon with the man sort of looks like the Great Sinnoh, right? I wonder if he’s someone from the Diamond Clan. But…what would he want with us?

Cyrus, slowly walking down the many stairs leading to the Temple: The Plates, my good men. I'll be taking those off of you now, if you don't mind. And yes...before you ask, it's indeed the power of the Red Chain that shields me from the effects of Dialga's Roars.

Volo, gritting his teeth, as he helplessly watches Cyrus retrieve the Spooky Plate from his bag, along with all the others from Rei's: You heathen...the way you dress, the way you handle that don't belong to the Diamond nor the Pearl Clan, do you? What IS your end goal here, you monster?!

Cyrus, turning away from the pair, as he begins to walk back up to the Temple, now having his arms filled with Plates: Emotions like yours...have no place in the world I wish to see. To accomplish this, however...I'll need the power to create a new, better world, than the one in which we live. Rejoice...for you two may indeed be among the first to see this brand-new reality.

*Taking out his hand-written research notes he'd hastily shoved in his pocket, Cyrus assembles all 18 Plates according to an ancient diagram. Upon laying the last Plate down, the sky suddenly shifts from a cloudy, stormy visage, to one that seemed to be radiating a silvery-shimmer, with every cloud soon dissipating from view entirely. Then, just as had been theorized, Arceus descends from the Heavens. There, he stayed suspended, not seeming to move an spite of what soon followed afterwards.*

Volo, gasping, as he watches a beam of light suddenly crash into the ground near them: can't be!!

Rei, frozen in place not only from Dialga's continuing Roar, but also from sheer terror: Dare I ask...what you're thinkin' those beams are...?

Volo, staring in horror, as more giant, multi-colored beams start raining down from the skies above: That's...Sinnoh's Judgment. We...and everyone else in the world...are going to be destroyed, if nothing's done about this whole situation soon.

Rei, as his pupils shrink: But...that can't be right!! Sinnoh...He didn't even say a word to the ol' bloke!

Volo: Maybe...He didn't even have to. Maybe...He was able to sense the kind of world that Cyrus wished to make.

Rei, as his tone lightens somewhat: Well, if that's the case...maybe He's destroyin' the world purposefully! After all, Cyrus is luggin' around Dialga with that big ol' Chain of his, right? Well, what if Sinnoh there has a backup plan, that He's wantin' to put into action before He ends up in the same predicament?

Volo, sounding somewhat open to Rei's theory: Possibly...but isn't destroying the world to stop one man...a bit excessive?

Cyrus, rubbing his chin, as he watches Arceus continue to unleash his Judgment from the skies: Well...I was going to have Arceus destroy, then rebuild the world, after I claimed his power...but I haven't even attempted to use the Red Chain to control him yet. Did he sense my ambitions, and is putting them into action immediately, even without my input? ...No. I shouldn't kid myself at a time like this. He can see that I have Dialga under my control right now. He probably can tell what my plans are from just a mere glance. He's destroying the world on His I can't change it. There's only one thing I can do now.

*Cyrus gives a hard yank to the Red Chain, releasing Dialga from his control. As Dialga stares at the scene in befuddlement, Cyrus whips the Chain into a lasso-like shape, and then whips it forward into the sky, capturing Arceus with it.*

Cyrus, grinning evilly: Yes...this should be more than enough to rebuild a world, along with having plenty left over to do it again, if need-be. Hear my wishes, Arceus. I wish for this world to be destroyed...then rebuilt, in a new reality, where emotions have no place.

*Arceus, unable to free Himself from the hold of the Red Chain, instead gazes at Dialga, as the pair speak through each other's minds, upon looking into the other's eyes.*

Arceus: Dialga, my faithful servant. You must use your powers to send me forwards in time. If Cyrus is able to accomplish his plans here...the entire Earth will soon be destroyed. Take me to this exact place...but 200 years into the future. I will know what to do from there. As for your duty…rewind this date back by seven days, before I casted forth thy Judgment today. Cyrus, being stuck in this completely separate timesphere…will likely have his memories quite altered, and mostly erased. As long as he does not remember you, the Red Chain will be as good as useless to him.

*Dialga seemingly nods, and Roars yet again, as Cyrus turns around in terror...before quickly realizing that he couldn't even turn the rest of the way towards Dialga. Just as quickly, Cyrus also realizes that the Red Chain suddenly felt...empty. Indeed, Dialga had managed not only to freeze Cyrus in place, but also had sent Arceus 200 years into the future, as well, leaving Cyrus steaming about the whole ordeal that had just befallen him.*

Cyrus: DARE you betray me like this!! If I could move, you would...I would...

*Suddenly, however, the same silvery-shimmer that had just covered the sky seems to envelop the entirety of Hisui itself, as seemingly everything begins to disappear from the scene shifts back to Sinnoh, 200 years from now.*


*Back in modern-day Sinnoh, Dawn begins to panic, upon seeing Cynthia begin to vanish.*

Dawn, gasping: No, Cynthia!! You’re…you’re disappearing!!

Cynthia, looking at her hands, as her fingers start to look transparent: You’re right…then it’s as I feared…Cyrus is already enabling irreversible change to the world. Without divine intervention, I fear that-

*As if on cue, the dark clouds surrounding Spear Pillar seem to give way for what initially looked like the sun to shine once more…only to quickly show that what was truly happening was perhaps…divine in nature, as the entirety of their landscape gets cloaked in a holy sheath of white light. And from the same parted clouds, descends a figure that had only been theorized to exist before: Arceus.*

Cynthia, struggling to believe her eyes: No…it can’t be…! Is that…Arceus?! He, too, was also written about in Hisui’s first Pokedex, and…from that point on, it was worshiped as a deity by some, but…to think that He actually…truly exists?!

Lucas, as he and Palmer soon begin running over to the group, upon reaching the top of Mt. Coronet: Wait…what is THAT thing?! Don’t tell me…THAT’S what Cyrus was trying to summon?!

Arceus, landing onto Spear Pillar, bowing His head to them: Do not fear…for I come to you in peace. The one you call Cyrus did not summon me - I simply arrived here on my own accord. I am here today to tell you…that time as you know it…may soon be entirely changed.

*Everyone gasps, as Arceus Himself starts becoming transparent before their very eyes.*

Cynthia, gasping, looking down at what was left of her body: No…is there really nothing we can do to stop this?

Arceus, raising His head to gaze upon them all: Thanks to Cyrus’ meddling with history, Cyrus managed to gain control over me, if only for a brief moment. I was forced to begin destroying the world, on that fateful day, 200 years in the past. However…there’s still a way to prevent myself from needing to take such extreme measures, in dealing with such a human.

Dawn, starting to panic, as even her own feet were starting to disappear now: There is?! Well, whatever it is, I think we’re all ears!

Arceus, staring intently at each member of the group: Although my control over the power of time pales in comparison to Dialga’s, I DO possess the power to send a being back in time. However, bending the laws of time is a feat that I reserve only for the most dire of circ*mstances, as doing so improperly can cause all manner of time rifts. As such, if I’m to go about sending someone to the past…I will need to overwrite the soul of someone…someone who can take the place of Rei or Akari, from the ancient past - as someone who not only helped to compile the first known example of a Pokedex…but also managed to save Hisui from Volo’s treachery. And in doing so…said person may never be able to return to the realm of the present.

Lucas, stepping forward: …I’ll go.

Dawn, gasping: Lucas!! A screw-off like you?! The world can’t be saved by someone as incompetent as you! You’d probably die out there somewhere long before you ever faced this…Volo guy!

Lucas, shaking his head, smiling: Maybe so…but I can’t stand around and watch this world…fade away, like it will for everyone else, if I don’t go. Arceus…take me. I’ll make sure I take Rei’s place in history…by completing Hisui’s Pokedex, AND taking down Volo…just like he did!

Arceus, nodding: …Then it’s settled. Just know that your memories of you, your friends, Pokemon, and your time here in Sinnoh…will all be erased, as all of those memories take place far, far, in the future, to where you will soon be. There is nothing I can do to prevent this temporal shift, should you go.

Lucas, nodding: I understand. I’m ready-

Dawn, grabbing Lucas’ arm: Wait…you…you can’t do this!! Palmer’s here, and…with his Pokemon, he could easily wipe the floor with any old-timey bad guy, right?! Why not have him go, instead?!

Lucas, shrugging Dawn off of him: Dawn…Palmer has a family to worry about, and a Battle Tower to run. And Cynthia…is the Champion of Sinnoh. If either of them went instead of me…I’d imagine history would be altered far more than if you or I went, instead. And Falkner…well, he’s in no condition to be time-traveling. You saw the guy laying over there!

Dawn, looking to the ground: I know, but…if you screw up, we’ll all pay for it! …But besides that…I don’t want to see you go, either…

Arceus, as the rest of His body starts disappearing: There is not much time left. Lucas, present yourself before me, so that I may merge your soul and body with Rei’s place in history. I will take you back to the day where Rei first joined the Galaxy Team. I will keep in contact with you as needed throughout your journeys, through your phone. Although your memories of your life here in Sinnoh will be gone, I will always be with you, guiding you to help the present-day world.

Lucas, walking forwards to Arceus: Alright, alright…I’m ready. Your will is mine, Arceus. I promise, no matter what happens, I WILL set history right!

*Arceus lowers His head, as Lucas’ body gets enveloped by light. With a Roar of Time from Arceus, Lucas’ body completely disappears, as the group around him are left wondering as to how things will end up playing out…in the days of Hisui.*

Chapter 16: A Blast to the Past!

Chapter Text

*The scene shifts to Hisui, seven days before Volo’s climactic battle with Rei, in the mostly-unaltered version of history. Bubbling with some kind of almost-infectious anxiousness, Professor Laventon leads Cyllene to a field on the far edge of the Cobalt Coastlands.*

Cyllene, rolling her eyes: This had better be an important development, Professor. The last time you dragged me out here, you ended up leading us straight into a herd of wild Combee, that we barely ended up coming back alive from!

Professor Laventon, laughing off her concern: Ohohohoho please, you have my promises that, this time, what I’ll be showing you is several times less deadly than that little incident!

Cyllene, sighing: Is that counting the Alpha-sized Ursaring we ALSO ran into during that trip, or no?

*The pair arrive at the field that Professor Laventon had led the pair to, where they meet a young boy, and an older-looking man with blue hair, both sitting on a pair of stumps, seemingly just biding their time, until Professor Laventon had returned to them.*

Cyllene, as her eyebrows raise slightly: Well, you certainly have found us a pair of oddly-dressed gentlemen today, Professor. I’ll be the first to admit, though…the blue-haired one…is a bit of a looker, if I do say so myself.

Cyrus, scratching the back of his head, looking puzzled: Likewise, I share the sentiments…I think. Tell me, Professor, is this the woman you said was your leader?

Professor Laventon, nodding: Haha, yep! When it comes to keeping things running here at the Galaxy Team, she’s the glue holding us together, I like to say!

Cyrus, looking to the ground, as he clenches his forehead: The…Galaxy Team? Why…do those words…sound so familiar to me? Have I…heard about you guys before?

Lucas, looking unsure as well: Call me crazy, but I…almost feel like I’ve…heard those words together before too.

Professor Laventon, chuckling: Well, not to toot our own horns, but we HAVE been getting well-known in the area lately. Maybe you guys have even heard of us from whatever distant land you guys came from!

Cyrus, shaking his head: Unlikely. I haven’t the slightest clue why, but, just like this boy here, it strains me to remember nearly anything about my life, up until right now. All I really remember is my own name - Cyrus. Aside from that…I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night.

Lucas, nodding in agreement: Yeah…same thing here, pretty much. I know my name’s Lucas, but that’s about all I can be certain of right now.

Cyllene, frowning: Well, as much as I’d like to invite you both to settle down at Jubilife City, if you too lack as much essential knowledge of the world as a whole, I doubt it would be wise to invite a couple of…dependant liabilities into our bustling town…no matter how attractive one of them may be.

Professor Laventon, looking bummed over Cyllene’s appraisal: Aw, come on, Cy! Where else are a couple of weirdos like them going to go? Besides, I’m sure they’re good at something…

Cyllene, shaking her head: Laventon, these poor souls can barely remember their own name. How on Earth do you expect them to say…help with building a house, or till the fields?

Professor Laventon, shrugging: Well, they both seem to be able-bodied men at least, right? Surely we could give them a chance to contribute, before letting them go! Besides…at the very least, you can probably bet that they’re not involved with the Diamond and Pearl Clan’s silly feuding, right?

Cyllene, closing her eyes: Well, I suppose you do have a point there. Listen up, you two! We’ll give you a few day’s worth of food and shelter, until you can show us that you’re able to work. Do good, and we’ll accept you within our walls.

Lucas, beaming with excitement: Really?! Awesome!! We won’t let you down, Miss…Cyllene, was it?

Cyrus, bowing to Cyllene: My lady. We won’t let you down.

Cyllene, almost blushing from Cyrus’ expression: Er…yes, of course. W-well, follow me back to Jubilife, then. I’ll show you to the place that you’ll both stay, until you can afford something nicer.

*The foursome make their way towards Jubilife, where Cyllene presents them to their small cottage.*

Cyllene, opening the door to the place: It’s not much, admittedly, but in a month’s worth of savings, you two may be able to afford something nicer, if you combine your savings.

Lucas, smiling: Well, everyone’s gotta start somewhere, right? What do you think, Cyrus?

Cyrus, looking around the place: …Roomy.

Cyllene, letting off a rare smile: A man of few words. I like your type. I-I mean…it's a pleasure to help you two get on your feet.

Lucas, frowning at the fireplace: Aw man…it really is sorta chilly though, you know. Any chance we could grab some firewood and maybe…pay it off later, or something?

Cyllene, looking a bit sad: Well, in this world, the exchange of goods for service is the cornerstone of-

Professor Laventon, frowning: Aw, Cyllene…don’t be like that! These two literally have nothing but the clothes on their back!

Cyllene, closing her eyes: Well…Adaman DOES owe me a small favor, in helping get Irida off his back yesterday. …Here. Take these 200 credits here, bring them to Adaman, in the Diamond Clan settlement, and tell him Cyllene sent you. He’ll know what that means.

Professor Laventon, still looking upset: The Diamond Clan settlement? But that place is all the way in the Crimson Mirelands! These two don’t even have a map to navigate there with! Honestly…here. I mapped my way to where I found you guys earlier, so I have one with me right here. You can have it, as there’s plenty back at the HQ.

Cyrus, grabbing the map from the rotund Professor, after he observes it for a few moments: …The names are all different…but I definitely feel like I’ve seen the map of this place before.

Professor Laventon, looking a bit surprised: Oh…so…you guys are from the area, then?

Lucas, scooching in close to Cyrus, to get a better look at the map: Let me take a look at this thing. Oh, this place looks kinda like…Sinnoh, wasn’t it? It’s right near…Lake Valor, right?

Cyrus, shutting his eyes, as if those words had been causing him some sort of mild pain: Those locations…I should know very well what this place means to me…but it’s…as if there’s something…missing…from my mind.

Cyllene, almost looking a little worried about Cyrus: Please, do not strain yourselves at this hour. Going to bed in pain can do a handful to your body…

Cyrus, shaking his head: No, no…I feel like…I know the route there like the back of my hand. Almost as if…I’ve traveled through the skies on a consistent basis, at some point in my life. But…how…did I manage it…?

Lucas, pointing to Cyrus’ waistline: Oh, Mr. Cyrus! I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while now, but…who- I mean…what are in those things, on your belt there?

Cyrus, pulling up his vest slightly, as he notices the small, orb-like things attached to his belt: These…these spheres! No…these are no mere spheres. I think they’re actually…something else entirely.

Professor Laventon, chuckling: Well, if you were to ask for my thoughts on the matter, they almost look like Apri Balls, wouldn’t you say, Cyllene?

Cyllene, nodding: Indeed…but it would be more than a bit of an ask, to assume that these two strangers happen to know anything about Pokemon.

Cyrus, looking as if a light bulb had went off in his mind: Pokemon…yes. Yes, I do believe I owned a few, at some point. On that note…I do wonder, as to what could be inside these things. Don’t you just…press the button in the middle here, and-

*Suddenly, everyone starts freaking out over the fact that a moderately-sized Honchkrow had just appeared inside of the pair’s tiny cottage, including Cyrus himself. Quickly, the Professor manages to run to the door, as himself, Cyllene, and Honchkrow all flock outside in a hurry. Cyrus and Lucas, although initially quite startled, watch as Honchkrow stands before them, cleaning his wing, after following them outside. Cyllene and the Professor, however, hide behind a corner of the cottage, in terror.*

Lucas, tilting his head: Well that was weird. Where do you think the Professor and the quiet lady went, Cyrus?

Cyrus, shrugging: Beats me. Not sure how this Pokemon ended up in my company…but I do know that Flying on it should be able to get me over to Lake Valor pretty quickly. I’ll be back in a few with the lumber.

Lucas, waving as Cyrus has Honchkrow Fly them high into the air above Hisui: Stay safe, Cyrus!!

Cyllene, making sure that the Honchkrow from before was now far away, before she approaches Lucas: …Never, in all my years…have I seen a pair of people not even…flinch, when approached by a Pokemon. And then…he goes and mounts the thing, and takes to the skies?! That hunk- I mean…that man is a modern prodigy. Perhaps…he’ll be far more useful to us than I thought beforehand.

Lucas, looking a bit confused: Really? That’s great and all, but…Pokemon…don’t seem all that scary, right? I mean…I think even I might have owned some at some point…

Professor Laventon, elbowing Cyllene: Well, if you ask me…I think we just found ourselves a brand-new pair of Pokemon researchers, eh?

Chapter 17: A Sight for Weary Eyes?


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

*In Jubilife Village that evening, Lucas, unable to sleep, wanders out to the balcony of his and Cyrus’ cottage, where his eyes spot a girl that looks oddly…familiar to him.*

Lucas, thinking to himself, looking quite fascinated by her appearance: That girl…why does she look so…familiar to me? Maybe…maybe if I go talk to her…I’ll figure out why I seem so…attracted to her? No, no, that can’t be…ugh, forget it. The worst she can do is ignore me, right?

*Lucas practically flies down the stairs of the cottage, as Cyrus merely lowers the newspaper he’d been browsing, upon hearing the commotion.*

Cyrus, thinking to himself, before continuing to browse the paper: Kids really do have so much energy, don’t they?

*Lucas quickly dashes in front of the path that the girl was walking on, to her outright surprise.*

Lucas, nervously stuttering: Um…hello…miss. Might I be so bold as to ask…what your name is?

Girl, looking quite shocked by Lucas’ boldness: I…I must say…I’ve never encountered someone quite so…so…

Lucas, looking hopeful that she was about to say something that would spur his memories: …Bold?

Girl, frowning: Well…that’s certainly one way to put it, I suppose. I mean…wearing such clothing at this time of year, though…you simply must be freezing, surely?

Lucas, staring down at his outfit he’d been wearing since he left from Twinleaf Town: Well…it IS pretty cold out here…but I did just arrive here, so…

Girl, shaking her head: Well…that certainly won’t do. My folks always tell me to try and help anyone less fortunate than me, so…follow me. I think my parents have some old clothes you could wear.

Lucas, blushing a bit: Oh, no, it’s fine. The cottage that Miss Cyllene brought us to is pretty well-made, so I haven’t even noticed the cold, honestly…

Girl, shrugging, as she turns around: Well, fine then. If that’s the case, I think I must be bidding you farewell. It’s getting quite late, you know.

Lucas, looking alarmed, as he quickly runs up next to the girl, as a chill runs up his spine: W-wait! If it’s always this cold at this time of night…maybe it’s best that I do have some clothes to bundle up in.

Girl, smiling: That’s more like it. There’s no harm in accepting someone’s help, you know!

Lucas, scratching the back of his head: Yeah…that’s my bad, I’ll admit. It’s just…this all feels so new to me, somehow. And yet…you still remind me of someone…

Girl, chuckling: Well, I certainly hope that person I remind you of is nice! After all, I strive to be kind not only to the people around me, but my Pokemon, too!

Lucas, chuckling a couple times: I don’t know if the girl you remind me of was exactly…as nice as you are…but I did trust her more than anyone else…I think. Speaking of which…might I ask you your name then, Miss?

Girl, smiling: I’m Akari! And yours would be…

Lucas, nodding: I’m Lucas. That name of yours…it doesn’t really ring any bells, but…I feel like I used to know someone who…looked a LOT like you.

Akari, giggling: Well, maybe it’s the future you come from! Maybe in the future, people don’t dress in several layers, like they do here?

Lucas, rubbing his forehead: Maybe, but…it’s hard to say. My mind’s really been jumbled, ever since I arrived here, you know?

Akari, shrugging: Well, there should be one thing that puts your mind at ease - we made it back to my place! I’ll introduce you to my parents, and…hopefully they can let you have some of their old clothes!

Lucas, nodding, with a shiver: Honestly, that sounds great, right about now…

*Akari then walks Lucas through the door of her family’s small house, and explains to them about how they had just met, and that he needs some warmer clothes.*

Akari’s mother, nodding, after Akari’s brief recount: Well, a friend in need…is a friend indeed! Eustine, don’t you still have those rags from back when you were in the Survey Corps.?

Eustine, nodding: I should…Akari, bring your little friend to my room. I’ll go fetch them for ya, then.

Akari, nodding enthusiastically: Okay! Follow me, Lucas!

*The pair dig around in her father’s bedroom, until they find his old outfit. Lucas goes into another room, and changes into the rugged outfit…as Akari and Eustine both admire the look.*

Eustine, giving Lucas a thumbs-up: My, that look sure does bring back memories…you make sure he gets home safe then, won’t ya Akari?

Akari, nodding: Of course!

*The pair go back outside, with Lucas feeling much warmer this time around…not only due to the clothes he had been wearing, but also due to the warmness of Akari’s household, almost feeling infectious.*

Lucas, sounding quite appreciative: Akari…I don’t know how to say this, but…thank you. I don’t think my memory’s cleared up any further…but…I do appreciate what you-

Akari, chuckling: Oh, save it, Lucas. Anyone in the village would have been just as happy to help you as me! Well…except people like Commander Kamado, I guess.

Lucas, sounding surprised: Commander Kamado? Who’s that?

Akari, frowning: Well…he and some of the other people around the village…think that you’re to blame for the weird hole in the sky up there.

Lucas, looking up to the sky, and noticing the rift that Akari mentioned: Wait…you mean that thing?! How could I possibly have done something like…breaking the sky itself?

Akari, shrugging: I don’t know how anyone could have done something like that, honestly! But some people…are just always looking to blame someone for everything, right?

Lucas, nodding: Yeah…I guess so. Well, that’s my cottage there, it looks like. I’ll be seeing you-

Akari, gasping: Wait, Lucas!!

Lucas, turning around suddenly: What? What’s wrong?

Akari, pointing to Lucas’ waist: You…you have Apri Balls too?!

Lucas, looking down at his belt: Is…that what these things are called? I thought they were just belt decorations…

Akari, chuckling: Belt decorations?! I mean, I guess they sort of are…but the fact that they’re on your belt must mean something, right?! Call them out, and let me meet them!

Lucas, tilting his head in confusion: Call…who out, exactly? They’re just belt decorations, but…I guess they do have these weird buttons in the middle, huh? Is that how you open them? WOAH!!

*Lucas’ eyes widen, as he stares in amazement at his Shiny Grotle, Honchkrow, and Rapidash that emerge from inside of them.*

Akari, as her own eyes gaze at the Pokemon in complete adoration: Wow…I’ve never seen a Turtwig look so…so…Shiny before! And your Rapidash is really cool too! And your Honchkrow…those things are even more foreboding up close!!

Lucas, looking more than a little bit confused, at the sight of his own Pokemon that he’d forgotten about: Well, uh…thanks, but…I don’t exactly remember how they got there, and-

Akari, interrupting Lucas’ thoughts: You know…my parents don’t know about them, but…I’m trying to raise a couple Pokemon too! Wanna see them?!

Lucas, sounding almost overwhelmed by all of these sudden developments: Um…sure…?

Akari, nodding cutely: Cool! Well, come on out, Piplup and Pikachu!

*Lucas, despite feeling overwhelmed, feels his attention being drawn to the Piplup…almost as if the creature was reminding him of someone.*

Lucas, pointing to her Piplup: Hey…Akari? What’s…that one called?

Akari, giggling: Oh, that’s Piplup! Isn’t she…oddly cute? You’d hardly believe she has anything in common with some of the…other Pokemon out in the wilds…

Lucas, as his eyes remain affixed to the petite, penguin-like Pokemon: Piplup…that name…I…I think I remember that one…!

Akari, tilting her head: So you remember Piplup…more than your own Pokemon? Did you maybe…hit your head on the way here, or something…?

Lucas, shaking his head: No, no…at least…I don’t think I did. But…if you’re a Trainer…does that mean you…battle them?

Akari, looking intrigued: Do you…have them battle, from where you’re from?

Lucas, kneeling down, to look into his Shiny Grotle’s equally-confused eyes: I…I think so! I don’t remember much from before I arrived here…but I remember that battling…was really fun for us…I think. Would you…maybe want to battle mine, Akari?

Akari, nodding cheerfully: Oh…okay! The village sells Pokemon medicine now, so if they get hurt, I’ll just take them there in the morning! Piplup, would you like to battle first?

Piplup, nodding confidently: Pip, plup plup!!

Lucas, feeling like a few of his old senses were coming back to him: Alright…Grotle…you can fire off Razor Leaves, right? Try doing that, to take down Piplup!

Akari, rubbing her chin: Oh…Piplup! Try Singing that song of yours you like to Sing sometimes!

*Grotle fires off a volley of Razor Leaves, but Piplup manages to just barely dodge out of the way of each of them, before reciting a cute little tune that ends up lulling Grotle straight to sleep.*

Akari, looking psyched: Great! Now, Piplup, shoot out that Beam of Ice like you’ve done before!

Lucas, sounding alarmed, as another obscure memory pops into his mind: A Beam of Ice…? Oh no…Ice Beam!!

*Grotle, having fallen fast asleep, is unable to dodge the large Beam of Ice that Piplup fires off, causing the Shiny Pokemon to faint.*

Lucas, instinctually calling Grotle back into its Poke Ball: Grotle, return! Rapidash…I choose you…to take on Piplup next! Hit it with that big…Megahorn of yours?

Akari, looking quite invested into their little battle: Piplup…I think you can beat that one, too! Try creating a Whirlpool, and absorbing Rapidash into it! Then, while its stuck…shoot out some Bubbles at it!

*Rapidash charges straight towards Piplup, but the petite-sized Water-type still manages to blow out a massive Whirlpool of water from her mouth, and fires it at the incoming Rapidash. Running straight into the water-y twister, this allows Piplup the perfect time to blow what Akari was sure were Bubbles of pure destruction. Rapidash ends up fainting from the resulting typhoon…but as far as Piplup was concerned, it was her Bubbles that surely had to have been the deciding factor.*

Lucas, looking quite surprised, as he calls Rapidash back into her Poke Ball: Honchkrow…how about you fight next? Fly headfirst into it!

*As Honchkrow then Flies high into the air, Piplup begins to cower, and hides behind Akari’s leg.*

Akari, petting her Piplup’s head: Aww…are you scared of his big black bird? Well, Pikachu can take him on just fine! Right Pikachu? Uh…Pikachu? Pikachu, where did-

*Both Trainer’s eyes wander around the area, in hopes of spotting Akari’s Pikachu. While the pair had been preoccupied though, Pikachu had already scampered off behind where Honchkrow had been Flying, as she quickly zaps it from behind with a Thunderbolt. Honchkrow then drops unceremoniously to the ground, having been KOed by a Pokemon that he hadn’t even spotted.*

Lucas, chuckling, as he absorbs Honchkrow back into his Poke Ball: Well…I think we know where Pikachu went now, huh?

Akari, picking up Pikachu in a hurry: Pikachu, that was mean! It’s dishonorable to strike an opponent from behind, you know!

Pikachu, giggling at Akari’s soft scolding: Pika pika…pi pika pika pika pi KA!!!

Akari, absorbing Pikachu back into her Apri Ball: Well, I hope someone had fun…Lucas, I’m sorry that Pikachu just…went off and did her own thing like that…

Lucas, chuckling: It’s fine. In fact…I don’t know why, but having a battle like that, just now…it felt…fun, I guess? It sorta felt like something I…used to be into…I think?

Akari, smiling: Well, I think at this point, both you and your Pokemon need some rest after all this, right? But…thank you, Lucas. I…I thought that was really fun too! But, I really should be getting home now, then, so…seeya later, Lucas!!

Lucas, thinking to himself, as he waves good-bye to Akari, as she begins jogging back to her place: Wow…Akari really is pretty cool, huh? I just wish I could remember…the name of who she’s reminding me of, though! They definitely owned a Piplup, so…it can’t just be a coincident, right?

*While Lucas was still waving good-bye, Cyrus wandered out of the cottage, likely wondering where Lucas had gone off to.*

Cyrus, in a dry, but caring sort of tone: Hey…kid. You’ll catch a cold if you stay out here at temperatures like these, you know.

Lucas, turning to Cyrus, with a nod: Yeah…I know. I was just saying good-bye to a new friend, is all. At least…I think she’s a new friend of mine.

Cyrus, crossing his arms, in an attempt to keep himself warm: Well, whoever they are, it’s late enough that they shouldn’t be out in the cold either. Now…get inside, and I’ll try and cook us up something nice. Turns out Cyllene left us some food for a few days, upon closer look at the kitchen.

Lucas, smiling up at Cyrus: Great! I was getting really hungry, too! Thanks, Cyrus!

*The scene fades, upon Cyrus closing the door to their cottage, after Lucas hurries back inside.*


Lucas' Team:
Shiny Grotle (Withdraw, Razor Leaf, Body Slam, Leech Seed)
Honchkrow (Fly, Haze, Wing Attack, Drill Peck)
Rapidash (Flash Fire) (Flame Charge, Heat Wave, Megahorn)

Akari's Team:
Piplup (Sing, Ice Beam, Whirlpool, Bubble)
Pikachu (Thunderbolt)

Chapter 18: A Day of Dynamic Discoveries!


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

*Early that next morning, Cyllene sends a messenger to Cyrus and Lucas’ house, who knocks on the door to their cottage. Lucas manages to drag himself out of bed, and goes to answer the door.*

Messenger: Ah, greetings, one they call…Lu-cas? Anyway, Cyllene has requested both you and Cyrus’ presence at the Galactic HQ at your earliest convenience.

Lucas, rubbing his eyes: Well, maybe after we get a shower, we’ll…head over there.

Messenger, looking a bit confused: Showers? I…believe the skies look quite clear today, yes?

Lucas, tilting his head a bit: No, like…a shower, that you clean yourself with. You know, with a shower head, and soap?

Messenger, looking equally confused: I…don’t believe I’ve heard of such a contraption! However, if you’re looking for the sauna, it’s on the other side of town. I wouldn’t recommend heading there at this hour, though. I’m sure the line would be quite long by now, and Cyllene did seem quite adamant about your imminent arrival.

Lucas, groaning: Really…? You guys don’t even have…bathtubs? I don’t remember much, but I do remember those, at least. Well…tell Cyllene we’ll be there soon. I’ll go wake Cyrus.

Messenger, nodding: Very well! I wouldn’t keep the Captain waiting though, knowing what she’s like after a while…

*Eventually, Lucas and Cyrus make it over to the Galaxy HQ, and head to her office, after being briefed by Commander Komado on the current situation.*

Lucas, looking a bit worried: So, this…Lord Kleavor is making a mess of things in the Grandtree Arena, right? Well, with Cyrus’ Pokemon, I’m sure that we’ll be able to get things settled with it, and-

Cyllene, shaking her head: Er…no, that won’t be necessary. You have your own Pokemon too, do you not? I see two Balls on your belt there, you know.

Lucas, looking a bit surprised: Err, well…yeah, but…they’re both pretty small little guys, you know? Do you really think they’ll be able to quell a Pokemon that’s apparently as big as that Kleavor?

Cyllene, shrugging: Perhaps, perhaps not. However, I did manage to catch a glimpse of that little…battle you had, between your Pokemon, and Miss Akari’s last night.

Lucas, gasping: Wait…you saw that?! She…she didn’t mean to hurt my Pokemon, I swear!

Cyllene, shaking her head: Calm yourself. Neither of you are in trouble. In fact, for kids your age, you seem to have incredible potential, when it comes to keeping a level head around Pokemon. As such, I have no doubt that, if anyone is able to solve the Pearl Clan’s little issue, it would be you. …Or Miss Akari, but unfortunately, I’ve already sent her out on a different mission this morning. Meaning, the responsibility will become yours. As for Cyrus…I have other plans for him. Lucas, you are dismissed to your mission.

Lucas: Just like that?! Well, at least you seem to have confidence in me, I guess. Come on Turtwig, let’s go see what’s wrong with Kleavor!

*As the pair run out of the Galaxy HQ, Cyllene turns her attention towards Cyrus, who, seemingly, had barely moved an inch since entering the room.*

Cyllene, getting out of her seat: So, tell me, Cyrus…have you heard of Pokemon called Beautifly?

Cyrus, nodding once: It’s…a name I…believe I’ve heard before…it’s the…Bug-type with yellow and red spots on its wings, right? I believe…that Pokemon was quite important to me in the past, if what remains of my memory serves me right.

Cyllene, raising her eyebrows: Funny, how you seem to remember a Pokemon like that…when the Professor and I only agreed on a name for the species just a few months ago. Then again…with the clothes you and the boy were wearing…I suppose it can’t be out of the realm of possibility that you both have come from the future, right?

Cyrus, closing his eyes: …Perhaps so. After all, the Spheres I carry sure seem to look more…refined than those…Apri Balls, you said they were?

Cyllene, nodding: Indeed…the material that yours and the boys’ are made of…they seem far unlike any material I’ve come across. Regardless…the reason I kept you here today is…well…I think the time has come for me to be honest with you for a moment. Guards, close the doors of my office for a moment, would you?

*The nearby guardsmen look surprised, but quickly shutter the normally-open doors leading to her office.*

Cyllene, closing her eyes: Cyrus…I don’t know how to tell you this, but…do you believe in the phrase…’love at first sight’?

Cyrus, as a drop of sweat drops from his forehead: Love…is a complicated subject. I…remember that the concept itself…meant something to me, once before, long ago…but for the life of me, I can’t begin to remember why.

Cyllene, smiling, as she approaches him: Well…maybe I can be the one to help you remember. You see, last month, the Professor and I ventured to a spot in the Obsidian Fieldlands, where Beautifly seem to gather in mass. Normally, I find myself shying away from Pokemon of all types…ESPECIALLY Bug-types. However…even the Professor and I had to admit…there was something magical, about seeing that herd of Beautifly, just flitting away in the wind. That’s why…I want to bring you there, Cyrus. …For research, of course. After all, perhaps seeing those Pokemon again…will bring back some of those lost memories you seek.

Cyrus, almost cracking a smile: Well…I suppose it couldn’t hurt, at least.

Cyllene, nodding: It’s settled, then. Effective immediately, we’ll head out for a private research expedition. I’ll tell Commander Kommado to take over my duties while I’m gone.


*On the way to the Grandtree Arena where the Pearl Clan’s Kleavor was distressed, a worried-looking, yet lightly-dressed girl manages to catch up with Lucas, on his way over there.*

Worried-looking girl, running up to Lucas: Hey! HEY!! Excuse me, but this area belongs to the Pearl Clan…and last I checked, I’ve never even seen you here before, so…

Lucas, looking a bit surprised: Oh…I’m sorry. I’m from the Galaxy Team, you see. Cyllene told me that you guys were having problems with a giant Pokemon or something, so I-

Worried-looking girl, quickly not looking as worried: Oh…you must be the representative they said would be arriving today! I’m sorry…I just thought you;d be older, is all. Then again, I’m not really one to judge, considering I’m the Pearl Clan’s youngest leader…

Lucas, nodding: I take it you’re Irida, then? Cyllene told me you’d be younger than I’d imagine too, during her briefing earlier this morning.

Irida, smiling: Yep, that’s me! Being the leader of an entire clan can be pretty tough…but it’s several times harder when there are heretics that seek to sully the great Sinnoh’s name with lies upon every opportunity! That’s why…it’s such a shame that one of the Pearl Clan’s strongest Pokemon, Lord Kleavor…has become so uncontrollable, as of late. He doesn’t seem to listen to a word I say anymore…but we used to get along fine just last week!

Lucas, nodding slowly: That is rather odd…and he’s definitely your Pokemon?

Irida, looking slightly annoyed: Well of course! After all, he’s always taken orders from me before, just like any other Pokemon that belongs to the Pearl Clan!

Lucas, sounding a little surprised: Pokemon that belong…to the entire clan? How does that work?

Irida, shrugging: Well, how do you think it works? No person should be able to control a Pokemon to their own whims…that’s why neither our clan nor the Diamond Clan believe in using such contraptions as Apri Balls! …Not that that seems to have stopped you, it looks like…

Lucas, looking down at his belt: Oh…those things? Honestly, I’m not even sure how I even got them…let alone how those Pokemon got absorbed into them…

Irida, crossing her arms: Well, they had to have gotten in there somehow, you know. Your lackluster attempt at flattery isn’t going to get you anywhere, in my books.

Lucas, shaking his head: I’m not kidding, though…for some reason, I can hardly remember anything from my life, from before joining the Galaxy Team!

Irida, walking forward, aways from Lucas: If that’s the case, how are you speaking perfect sentences like that, huh?

Lucas, pausing, to reflect upon that odd exception himself: Hey…that’s a good point, actually…but that’s not the point! I truly don’t know how…or why…I even ended up here!

Irida, continuing onwards: Uh-huh…sure you don’t. Regardless…the Pearl Clan could use the help of anyone we can get, while Lord Kleavor’s off his proverbial rocker. Follow me, and I’ll take you up there. Just be prepared for a long walk over there, though…


*Later that evening, Cyllene and Cyrus arrive at the flower meadow where Cyllene and the Professor had seen the Beautifly before. Together, they stand in awe, as they watch the Beautifly seeming to converse with each other, as others suck up the nectar of nearby flowers with their proboscis. In the scene, they notice that one of the Beautifly, that seemed to be of slightly different hue, who seemed to be flapping its wings far more vigorously than the others around it. It seemed that a sort of Sweet Scent was filling the air from the pheromones within its body, as a bunch of other Beautifly quickly flock over to it. Soon, nearly the entire herd was around that same Beautifly…except for one Pokemon, that was. Unbeknownst to them, a tiny little Silcoon was hopping over with gumption as well. Cyllene, however, spots the hopping, spiked cocoon, as she points it out to Cyrus.*

Cyllene: Well, isn’t that a sight. I didn’t even know that Silcoon were even capable of moving, let alone to a pre-determined location. I mean, I suppose it does have an eye hole, but…

*Both Cyrus and Cyllene are shocked, however, as a nearby Murkrow swoops down from out of a nearby tree, and carries off the spiked cocoon, as the pair stare up, as they watch the spiky cocoon soar off in Murkrow’s talons…only for pieces of its shell to begin breaking off.*

Cyllene, pointing to the shedding Silcoon: Cyrus…look! The silk is coming off of Silcoon’s body! I think…it might be evolving!

Cyrus, also looking surprisingly invested: Indeed…but look at that eye, peering out of the silk. It’s almost as if it’s…glowing in rage. Is that…normal?

Cyllene, scratching her chin: Well, Silcoon do typically have red eyes, but I do think you have a point, in it seeming even more red than usual…

*Once the last of the silk had been shed from its body, a large Beautifly bursts out of the cast, and quickly extends out its proboscis, and begins Leeching Life out of Murkrow’s body. Murkrow lets out a cry, as several other nearby Murkrow flock in from around the area as well, seemingly encircling the poor Bug-type. The other Murkrow begin to let off some sort of Haze around their bodies, before they begin to swoop in. Once they do, however, they find themselves caught in some sort of silky, sticky substance. Unbeknownst to them, the Beautifly had made a Substitute of its body, while the Murkrow were Hazing up the air. Cyllene chuckles, as she watches the large, ingenious Beautifly meet up with the differently-hued one from before, as they flit away together, as the other Beautifly follow, as they take advantage of the Murkrow’s confusion, to head somewhere else.*

Cyllene, smiling: Heh…I almost wish I had brought the Professor out here too, so he could have documented everything that just went down there. To think that watching Beautifly could suddenly turn so eventful…

Cyrus, nodding: Indeed…the process of the flap of even a Beautifly’s wing…no one can be certain just how much even a minute action as that can cause, over the course of history. I remember it now…the Beautifly Effect.

Cyllene, looking astounded: You…remembered something from your past?

Cyrus, nodding: Yes…perhaps seeing these Beautifly were enough to remind me…but the Beautifly Effect was indeed a theory that I once held dear. I believe…I may have even taught an entire army about it all, at one point.

Cyllene, pausing briefly: An…army? So…were you a military leader, during your time?

Cyrus, closing his eyes: Perhaps. The specifics still elude me…but I specifically remember teaching a large group about my theory. The Beautifly Effect…that any sort of action that takes place…can potentially lead to a near infinite amount of different results, in all kinds of other timelines. I taught them that…to get them motivated…to serve me.

Cyllene, looking enamored suddenly: So…you must have ruled a city, then? Perhaps…maybe even your own country, or-

Cyrus, shaking his head: No, no, I don’t believe it was anything quite that grand. Our Team had numbers, but not nearly on the level of being able to hold our own against a state-level military. Still…I believe my aspirations…were far higher than any mere position of regional power.

Cyllene, nodding: I…see…I think. Well, if you didn’t aspire for that…what…did you aspire for?

Cyrus, closing his eyes, and sitting down: I…can’t remember. I’m sorry…

Cyllene, kneeling down to his level: No, no, that’s fine. Honestly, I’m just glad to hear that you were able to remember something from your past. Regardless…it’s getting late, and the Beautifly have flown off. Perhaps we should return to Jubilife, before people start wondering about us.

Cyrus, nodding: Fine by me. Lead the way, then…commander.


*Meanwhile, in Grand Tree Arena, Lucas, Irida, and the area’s warden, Lian, flee in terror from the massive, golden-clad Kleavor that seemed to have made the Grandtree Arena its home.*

Lucas, at the top of his lungs: Irida...wait up!! Not everyone can be as fast as you, you know?

Irida, running a few feet ahead of him: Well, we TOLD you that lightning came down and struck our Lord Kleavor, turning him bigger and golden, right? What made you think that having that darn Voltorb of yours cast down MORE Thunder on it would be so great of an idea?!

Lian, trying hard to keep up with the two: Yeah, what she said!! All you went and did was make ‘im even bigger and angrier than before!! What do ya suppose we do now, other than keep runnin’?!

Lucas, still running behind of both of them, in the center of the three Pokemon owners: I’m not sure…I really thought that Voltorb I met could handle him, but…wait, I know! Akari battled me yesterday, and took out my Grotle after putting it to sleep with her Piplup! If we can just get her Piplup close to Kleavor, we might be able to put it to sleep, and deal with it that way!!

Irida, looking almost as if at a loss for words: But…wouldn’t Akari be sound asleep right now herself, at this time of night?! Surely you aren’t suggesting we lead this thing all the way over to Jubilife Village?!

Lian: Yeah, and Piplup aren’t exactly native to these here Obsidian Fieldlands either, y’know! They only really seem to hang out there in the Cobalt Coastlands!!

Irida: Aren’t there like…other Pokemon that can put things to sleep too?

Lucas: Maybe, but I don’t…hey, where’s Voltorb?!

*Lucas, taking a second to stop in his tracks, looks wildly around for any sight of his missing Pokemon.*

Lian, frowning: And that there is why you shouldn’t go around training one of those things! If one of them things rolls over to an Apricot bush, you can never tell which of those things is actually a Pokemon! Someone goes to pick up an Apricot to make an Apri Ball, and…BAM!! Zapped silly for even tryin’!

Irida: Yeah…and not only that, those Pokemon only even exist because people have been messing around with nature too much! People should take the fact that these…Voltorb even exist as a warning - a warning to not meddle with nature any further!

Lucas, shaking his head: Okay, okay!! I get it, I chose a bad Pokemon to capture on the way here. Regardless, once we realized what Voltorb’s attack was doing to Kleavor, we stopped calling down Thunder, obviously…and that’s when Voltorb just kinda rolled away somewhere I couldn’t find him, and-

Lian, pointing to the left: Um, guys?! I reckon that there Voltorb got too close to a Parasect over yonder…

*The other two turn around to see Voltorb, who had apparently fallen asleep, was getting Bug Bitten by the nearby Parasect.*

Irida, slamming her fist into her other palm: Wait, that's perfect! Who needs a Piplup when you have a Parasect?! Those things could probably put anything to sleep, even something as giant as Kleavor there! Lucas, catch that thing with one of those Apri Balls you have!

Lucas, rolling his eyes: Oh, now you want me to use an Apri Ball? Well, shouldn’t be too hard anyway, seeing as the Parasect’s already pre-occupied right now. Just gotta roll over here...sneak behind it, and...go, Apri Ball!!

*The Parasect, caught off-guard by the sudden Poke Ball, ends up quickly being caught.*

Irida, nodding with bated breath: Great! Now you just gotta go over there to grab it...then have it's sleeping move! I...don't exactly know what it's called, releases a bunch of spores into the air before things go to telling it to release those into the air?

Lucas, quickly dashing over to the Apri Ball, dodging past Kleavor’s now-massive scythe-like arms in the process, eventually retrieving the Ball: Sounds reasonable to me! Parasect, get out here, and put that thing to sleep with your Spores!!

*Just as the massive, golden Kleavor appears ready to slam his scythes into Parasect, the Spores released into the air by Parasect make their way into Kleavor’s nostrils, as it soon falls asleep on the spot.*

An Enterprise of Evil - The Treacheries of the Galactic Corporation - EmmaTheOnly (2)

Lucas, jumping up in celebration: Alright, we did it!! We managed to stop Kleavor!!

Irida, shaking her head, with a face of disagreement: I wouldn’t say we did, not even close! What happens the moment Lord Kleavor wakes up?!

Lian, nodding in agreement: Yeah…Lord Kleavor’s so big now…I don’t know if it’d be wise to let him go about his usual merry ways anymore! Them Obsidian Fieldlands here would be in real trouble if I let that happen, you know!!

*Lucas, smiling, hands Lian an empty Poke Ball from his Bag.*

Lian, looking shocked at Lucas’ offer: A-An Apri Ball?! Surely you can’t be suggestin’-

Lucas, chuckling: It’s fine, Lian! These things are used not only for capturing Pokemon, but carrying them around, too! Think of them as little transport capsules for your Pokemon!

Irida, turning her nose to Lian and Lucas: Keeping a Pokemon hunched up in a Ball like that doesn’t seem very comfortable. As leader of the Pearl clan, I forbid you to do such a thing, Lian!

Lian, looking distressed: But…if we don’t capture that thing by the time it wakes up, then-

Lucas, looking determined, swiping the Ball back out of Lian’s hands: If you won’t capture it, I will! Someone needs to make sure this thing doesn’t destroy the forest, after all! Go, Apri Ball!!

*Just like that, the Poke Ball absorbs the massive Pokemon. Thanks to Kleavor having fallen asleep, the Apri Ball manages to keep Kleavor inside, to Lucas’ excitement.*

Irida, frowning with discontent at Lucas: You…you caught our Lord Kleavor for yourself??! How DARE you, Lucas!!

Lucas, walking over to Irida: Well, I guess he IS technically one of the Pearl Clan’s Pokemon, so…if you really want him, I don’t mind giving him back-

Irida, snapping at Lucas: How DARE you insult me by offering me one of those things! Everyone knows that Pokemon should be allowed to live outside of those Ball things, just as the great Sinnoh Himself intended!! Once technology attaches itself to a part of nature…is it even nature at all anymore, at that point?!

Lucas, rolling his eyes: Geez…if I knew you felt THAT strongly about it, I wouldn’t have even asked you. But trust me, Apri Balls don't hurt the Pokemon in them at all! They just allow them to be taken around and stored easily! Just ask Grotle here! Come on out, and say hi to Irida!

Grotle, appearing from out of Lucas’ Poke Ball, with a smile: Gro grot!!

Irida, not wavering on her emotions: Those Balls…shouldn’t be allowed to entrap such parts of nature! To think that I thought some kid who fell from the sky could be the solution to the constant feuding between us and the Diamond clan…but even THEY know just how wrong it is to use such wicked technology! …Goodbye, Lucas.

*As Irida turns around to leave, once she had gotten well outside of ear’s range, Lian and Lucas exchange glances.*

Lian, scratching the back of his head: That Irida…can be a stubborn one, that’s for darn sure. But between you and me…you did the right thing. Just…let ol’ Lord Kleavor come and visit his ol' Warden sometimes, y’know? Well, if his gigantic-ness ever wears off, that is…

Lucas, almost blushing, while nodding: Haha, of course! But yeah, I really hope his size goes down eventually too…I won’t be able to call him out anywhere near the village if he doesn’t, after all…


Lucas' Current Team:
Shiny Grotle (Withdraw, Razor Leaf, Body Slam, Leech Seed)
Honchkrow (Fly, Haze, Wing Attack, Drill Peck)
Rapidash (Flash Fire) (Flame Charge, Heat Wave, Megahorn)
Hisuian Voltorb (Thunder)
Parasect (Spore, Bug Bite)
Frenzied Lord Kleavor

Chapter 19: A True Part of Nature


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

*That night, back at Jubilife Village, Lucas knocks on the door of Akari’s family’s house, as he waits for Akari to come greet him.*

Akari, smiling shyly: Oh…hi Lucas! What’s up?

Lucas, still sounding a bit unsure about what he was going to ask her: Oh…hey Akari. Didn’t expect you to answer the door so quickly, but…I was wondering about something. Would you mind…accompanying outside the village? It doesn’t have to be too far from here, but…maybe going a mile or two from here should be safe.

Akari, pausing for a moment: Lucas…what are you-

Lucas, sighing: -It’s a long story, but…I have a problem…a big problem…that I was hoping your Pokemon may be able to help me fix. But…I can’t really say much more than that before then.

Akari, after pausing for a moment, to think things over: Well…you must have a good reason, if you can’t say anything here, right? If that’s the case…sure. But don’t go trying anything funny while we’re out there, alright?

Lucas, shaking his head: W-what?! I wouldn’t try to…uh…just forget it. But…thank you. It really does mean a lot to me…

Akari, smiling: I’m just going to let my parents know I have a special request from Cyllene to attend to, and they’ll likely be fine with me leaving, even at this hour. Be back in a sec!

*Eventually, the pair travel several miles away from Jubilife Village, before Lucas feels confident that calling out Kleavor would keep the destruction to a minimum.*

Lucas, swallowing a lump in his throat: …Okay. We’re pretty far away from town now, so…this field should be fine to call him out into.

Akari, still sounding a bit concerned about Lucas’ tone: Lucas…? What Pokemon… did you catch?

Lucas, frowning: Well, no point in delaying the inevitable. Come on out, Lord Kleavor…!

*Akari gasps at the sight of the massive, golden-clad Bug-type, as she barely manages to roll herself out of the way of its rocky appendages that it slides along the ground, as it carves several new paths of Stone Edging destruction across the fieldlands they found themselves in; littering the area in massive ground-stalactites.*

Akari, finally getting a moment to catch her breath: Lucas?! You…caught one of the Pearl Clan’s Lords?!

Lucas, frowning: I didn’t want to catch him, but I had no other choice! I even offered him to both Lian and Irida after capturing him, but they both refused, due to him not being ‘part of nature’ anymore!

Akari, catching her breath, as she stands next to him: Honestly…that tracks, seeing how fanatic both Irida and Adaman can be about that stuff. I always thought keeping Pokemon in Apri Balls was sort of a natural thing to do…I mean, at least ten people in Jubilife Village claim to have done so with a Pokemon before! But…maybe Pokemon are just… more sacred to the Diamond and Pearl clans?

Lucas, shaking his head: However sacred this guy is, though, he’s really testing my patience! Think any of your Pokemon can shrink him down to a more manageable size, Akari?

Akari, swiftly dodging another rocky appendage of Kleavor’s, as it unearths a series of Stone Edges around them: Well, if any of them can pull off a miracle like that, it’d probably be this Clefairy I caught, while on my mission today! Clefairy, any ideas on how we could Minimize this guy’s size?

Clefairy, smiling, as she points her finger up at Lord Kleavor: Clefairy! Cle, cle, cle…CLE!!!

*Suddenly, a strange, pink beam fires out of Clefairy’s finger, as Lord Kleavor suddenly finds himself shrinking back down to a proper size, as his glowing body fades to its usual brown tone. Lucas and Akari then both exchange confused glances, in amazement that such a command actually managed to work.*

Lucas, hugging Akari: Akari…that was amazing!! How did you know Clefairy could even do that?!

Akari, chuckling: Well…let’s just say…Clefairy and I had an encounter with a very similar Pokemon today…when Cyllene ordered me to help out the Diamond Clan today.

Lucas, sounding shocked: Woah, seriously?! So…you encountered one of those glowing, giant Pokemon too?!

Akari, nodding: Yeah…when I arrived at the Brava Arena in the Crimson Mirelands today, Lady Lilligant was going out of control too, just like Kleavor was! It was Clefairy who ended up being the one to save the day, though. She wiggled her little finger, and…poof, Lady Lilligant went to sleep! I decided to capture her after that, and…well, Adaman said he didn’t mind, but I could tell it really irked him regardless. I offered to let him have the Apri Ball I caught her in though, but he wouldn’t have it.

Lucas, smiling: Wow…I guess the Diamond and Pearl clans have more in common than they think, huh? Irida was so adamant about Kleavor ‘not being a part of nature anymore’, I couldn’t believe it. You should have seen her face when I caught my Voltorb today, too…

Akari, giggling: Oh, I can believe it. The Diamond and Pearl Clans are both nutcases, in my books…I’m just glad we were able to quell those Pokemon of theirs without anyone getting hurt!

Sad-sounding voice, crying out from nearby: Po…nyta po…

Lucas, sounding alarmed: Hey, Dawn…did you hear that?

Akari, nodding, as she perks her head up: Yeah…it sounded like a Ponyta, somewhere over there! Do you…think it’s safe to go check on it? It didn’t sound too well, after all…

Lucas, shrugging: Well…yeah, it should be fine, right? Follow behind me, if you’re too afraid of it…but I think I remember…something about Ponyta from my experiences in the past. I don’t think…they were all too aggressive or anything.

Akari, blushing a bit: Well, considering you do have a Rapidash with you, I’d certainly hope you’d know some things about Ponyta, too…unless you actually managed to capture that thing as a Rapidash, but…I don’t even want to think about how dangerous those things can be. But…you’re right. If it’s just a Ponyta, there’s nothing to worry about, right? Let’s just… see if it’s okay…then head straight back to the village!

Lucas, frowning: Akari…did you…have an experience with a Rapidash before, that you’ve never told me about…?

Akari, blushing with unsolicited embarrassment: What? No…don’t be silly! My Pokemon…I only train strong ones, so how would I have had a bad…oh, forget it. Let’s just find that Ponyta, okay?

*Lucas nods, as the pair of them, being joined by Clefairy, and Kleavor - who was now at a normal size once more - follow the sounds of the crying Poyta to its source. Unlike many other Ponyta, however, this one appeared to be sporting blue flames along its back. Upon seeing the Kleavor slowly trying to keep pace with his Trainer, however, this enrages the Ponyta into a frenzy of sorts…albeit, certainly not the same kind that had gripped Kleavor himself earlier in the day. Ponyta runs up to the pair, and blows out a Fire Blast. Although the Blast lands far enough away from the pair that no one got hurt, Akari, in particular, seemed pretty freaked out regardless.*

Akari, sounding worried: Um…Lucas? I thought you said those things weren’t aggressive!

Lucas, shaking his head in defiance, despite not really being able to remember anything too specific: They shouldn’t be, normally! I…I’m pretty sure, at least! Wait…Akari, I don’t think it’s us it has a problem with…but maybe it’s Kleavor!

*Lucas watches as the Shiny Ponyta dashes up to the Bug-type, with a focused Flame Charge. Kleavor easily knocks it away with a swing of his Stone-Edged appendages, however. Ponyta stumbles back…but refuses to stand back regardless.*

Akari, shaking her head, as she watches the pair fight: Well, obviously Kleavor’s the issue, right? Just withdraw him into one of your Apri Balls, and take it on with one of your other Pokemon!

Lucas, nodding: Sounds good to me…Kleavor, return. Hey, what the…Kleavor, why won’t you…

*Lucas tries in vain to withdraw his Kleavor into its Poke Ball, which he continues to incorrectly refer to as an Apri Ball, due to it being the term everyone in Hisui uses for the devices. Every time the beam tries to absorb Kleavor, however, it reflects the beam away, with carefully-timed swipes of its Stone Edges. Apparently, this fight was now personal, between Kleavor and Ponyta. For its part, Ponyta then proceeds to let out a series of Fire Blasts, that soon ignite several large bonfires of blue flame into the air around them, as Akari and Clefairy continue to panic in the meantime.*

Akari, shaking her head in distress: W-why won’t Kleavor go back into the Apri Ball?! I’ve never seen that happen…have you, Lucas?

Lucas, shaking his head: Nope…first time for me, too. And unlike some other things, I’m not getting some sort of…nostalgic premonition of a feeling, either. So, whatever I was doing in my life prior to my arrival here…I don’t think I’ve ever encountered something like this.

*As the blue wildfires rage all around them, Kleavor and Ponyta continue to try and land blow upon blow into each other, but as both Lucas and Akari could tell…both Pokemon were really running out of steam, with neither being able to stand up perfectly anymore.*

Lucas, shaking his head: This is insane…what could have spurred these two to get so…mad at eachother like this?

Akari, pointing to somewhere nearby: Um…Lucas? I…think we might have our answer, back there…

*Among the blue inferno the pair found themselves in the midst of, they see a small patch of what seemed like gray, normal-colored smoke, rising out into the air from one concentrated area. At the base of said area…looked to be a large creature, roughly twice the size of Ponyta, but with a similar-looking body. Both Lucas and Akari could tell what it was, however, even amidst the harsh flames around them - it was the body of a Rapidash. …Likely a mother to the Ponyta who was now fighting Kleavor. Judging by the Stone Edges lining the ground around them, one of them probably ended up striking the Rapidash, as they were passing through the area, during Kleavor’s frenzied rampage.*

Lucas, bracing himself against the searing flames around him, as he begins walking towards the Rapidash’s collapsed body: Akari, be my eyes behind me. I’m going to see if I can save this Rapidash, to get these two to stop fighting!

Akari, gasping once, before realizing she didn’t have a better idea of her own: What?! Well…maybe that’s for the best, I suppose. Be careful, Lucas…!

*Lucas barely manages to dodge out of the way of several more Fire Blasts that get fired from the searing heat of Ponyta’s assault, before making his way to the flat-laying Rapidash. Lucas instinctually takes out a Max Revive crystal from his bag, despite not remembering where he found it. He lays it onto the Rapidash’s body…but the crystal continues to lay there, not being absorbed into Rapidash’s body at all. Lucas, even with his altered memories, could realize that this Rapidash must truly be dead…and the gray smoke coming from its body was likely to be among the last ‘flames’ it would ever produce.*

Ponyta, summoning up the last reserves of its firepower to charge up for a Flare Blitz straight into Kleavor: Po…PONYTA!!

*Kleavor, just as it summons up a shield of Ancient Powered rocks to protect itself with, is startled by the appearance of a second, healthy-looking Rapidash, who quickly dashes its way into the middle of their encounter, and lets out a mighty cry.*

Akari, taking advantage of the sudden lull in fighting to run up to Lucas: Wait…Lucas…is that… your Rapidash over there?!

Lucas, nodding, as he watches the blue-flamed Ponyta investigate his Rapidash: Yeah…it’s at least partially my fault that Ponyta’s mother died, so…maybe…if Ponyta bonds with mine here, then…then maybe…

*Ponyta sniffs up the body of Lucas’ Rapidash, who doesn’t seem to mind the attention. In fact, she seems to be sniffing her back, in return! The pair seem to get along quite well, it seemed!*

Akari, as tears begin to fill her eyes: Aww…they’re so cute! To think they only just met, too!

Lucas, looking down at Rapidash’s Poke Ball: Yeah…that’s right…

Ponyta, looking into the eyes of Lucas’ Rapidash: Pony…ta…?

*Rapidash nods back to her, as she begins walking away from the group. Ponyta looks behind for a moment, before following the lead of Rapidash.*

Akari, covering her mouth: Lucas…w-where do you think Rapidash is leading Ponyta?

Lucas, crumpling apart Rapidash’s Poke Ball in his hand: I don’t know…but I think Rapidash has a larger purpose in her life now…and it's one that I, of all people…have no right in denying. After all…who would I be, to disrupt such a part of nature?


Lucas' Current Team:
Shiny Grotle (Withdraw, Razor Leaf, Body Slam, Leech Seed)
Honchkrow (Fly, Haze, Wing Attack, Drill Peck)
Hisuian Voltorb (Thunder)
Parasect (Spore, Bug Bite)
Kleavor (Stone Edge, Ancient Power)

Akari's Team:
Piplup (Sing, Ice Beam, Whirlpool, Bubble)
Pikachu (Thunderbolt)
Clefairy (Minimize, Metronome)
Hisuian Lilligant

Chapter 20: A Bloody Favor of Appeasem*nt


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

*The next morning, Lucas goes downstairs, and sees that Cyrus had already began making breakfast for the pair.*

Lucas, sounding surprised: Up early today, eh Cyrus?

Cyrus, shrugging: Yes…I was feeling a bit hungry this morning…seeing as I was concerned over where you had gone off to, last night.

Lucas, shrugging: Well, I did say I was meeting with Akari, before I left…

Cyrus, tilting his head somewhat: At what hour? I had probably lulled back to sleep, by that point.

Lucas: I dunno…it was like…early evening?

Cyrus, nodding slightly: That explains it. Fell asleep pretty early last night…again. I’m not sure what it is about this place, but…nothing about this feels…natural, you know? I feel like I should be doing far greater things, in the far-out future…but…maybe those are just my dreams talking again.

Lucas, shaking his head, as he sits down next to Cyrus: Nah, don’t worry, Cyrus…I kinda feel that same way too, you know? I just wish I knew why, is all…

Cyrus, smiling somewhat: I…see. Well, it’s good to know that there’s at least…one other person in the world, who understands the feeling. The feeling…that I was robbed…of a time more grand.

Lucas, in between bites of the porridge that Cyrus had prepared: Well…if you feel you were robbed…you should do whatever it takes to get that time back, right?

Cyrus, after finishing a gulp of pasteurized Moomoo Milk: Funny you should mention that…reclaiming stolen things. Word around the camp is…you went and caught yourself one of the Pearl Clan’s Lords. Doesn’t sound like Irida’s been too happy about that, heh.

Lucas, frowning: Hey, I didn’t have a choice, alright? Besides, it’s not just me…Akari had to catch one of the Diamond Clan’s Lords, too!

Cyrus, focusing on his porridge mostly: Well…did you offer to give the thing back to her?

Lucas, nodding: Yeah…almost immediately, actually! But she said she didn’t want it anymore, due to ‘not being a part of nature now’, or whatever…

Cyrus, after gulping down another spoonful of porridge: Well…if returning the Pokemon is out of the question…why not find some other way to make it up to her? Cyllene’s been getting pretty worried over Irida’s pessimism about the Galaxy Team lately, and frankly…I share the concern. If you don’t have anything going on today, Lucas…I’d consider meeting Irida over at the Pearl Settlement, and seeing if you can find a way to appease her somehow.

Lucas, sighing: Do I have to? She really was pretty pushy, and I’d rather not deal with her again, if I can help it.

Cyrus, after another bite of porridge: Well…you didn’t hear it from me, but…Commander Kamado apparently considers you and I a bad omen, of sorts. He doesn’t seem to think we belong here…and he’s looking for a good excuse in kicking us out of town, as we speak. If we can appease Irida, however…

Lucas, frowning, after a gulping of milk: …We can appease the Commander too, huh? Fine…but you owe me for this, old man.

Cyrus, chuckling: While I’m unsure of my true age, Lucas, I can assure you of this much…I feel much younger…than my body looks, at first glance. Regardless…I believe you know what you must do today, yes?

Lucas, sighing, as he wipes his face: Yeah, I get it. Tell Cyllene that I’ll probably be in the Alabaster Icelands today, figuring this out, alright?

*Cyrus nods, as Lucas then calls out Honchkrow, and Flies over to the Pearl Settlement, where he quickly tracks down Irida, who had been tending to the frozen fields in front of her residence.*

Irida, looking mildly surprised to see Lucas’ arrival: Oh…it’s you. What do you want, kid?

Lucas, scratching the back of his head: Look…I know things have been kinda weird between you and the Galaxy Team lately, so…I wanted to know…if there was anything I could do to…you know…make up for…catching one of your clan’s Lords.

Irida, frowning: Well, I was more upset when your capture meant that the Pearl Clan had a deficit of Lord Pokemon compared to the Diamond Clan, but as of yesterday, when that Akari girl captured Lady Lilligant…I suppose we’re on equal footing once again…more or less, at least.

Lucas, tilting his head: ‘More or less’? What do you mean by that?

Irida, shaking her head: Well, while it’s true that both of the Pearl and Diamond Clans have four Lords each now…in reality, the Pearl Clan only has three that we can call upon to protect us, seeing as Ursaluna’s been acting up for quite a few months now.

Lucas, sounding confused: ‘Ursaluna’? That’s one Pokemon that I don’t recall hearing about before. What’s it like?

Irida, looking to the ground: Well, it’s a rare evolution of Ursaring, but…no one’s quite sure how they actually reach that form, so only a few have been documented. The Pearl Clan takes care of one, in the Crimson Mirelands…but ever since the last Blood Moon has risen, it’s started to act up…and no one’s been able to approach it since then! We want to calm it down obviously, but…it’s just too dangerous to approach it in its state!

Lucas, shrugging: Well…maybe I could try and calm it down! Can’t hurt to give it a try, right?

Irida, crossing her arms: I…would normally say that’d be unacceptable, however…seeing as Lord Ursaluna is a truly formidable foe, very few people in the Pearl Clan are skilled enough to even consider approaching his Lordliness. If you really think you’re up for it…I guess the help would be appreciated, in helping to calm him down.

Lucas, shrugging: Doesn’t sound too tough of a challenge to me…and I’ve got nothing going on today anyway! So…sure, I’ll help!

Irida, nodding, with a reserved look on her face: Good. Promise me one thing first, however - under no circ*mstance, are you EVER to capture Lord Ursaluna. Have I made myself clear?

Lucas, nodding, giving Irida a thumbs-up: Crystal.


*Lucas next heads to the Crimson Mirelands, with the aid of a map that Irida had given him, which noted where Ursaluna had been seen last. Eventually, he finds himself in a musty swamp, on the edge of a misty mountain range.*

Lucas, thinking to himself, as he looks up from, and down to the map repeatedly: You know…it might have helped if I had asked Irida what an Ursaluna even looked like, before I left…especially considering that’s one Pokemon’s name I don’t recall hearing about before, even in my…fragmented memories.

*Lucas continues further into the swamp, until he hears a most unsettling roar. Slowly closing in on the source of the sound, Lucas sees a large creature, standing on two legs, with its forehead apparently glowing red.*

Lucas, swallowing a lump in his throat, as he thinks to himself: Didn’t Irida say something about a ‘Blood Moon’...? This has to be the creature, right? I can’t stop now…I have to face it…not just for me, or Cyrus…but for the rest of the Galaxy Team, as well!

Lucas, calling out his Shiny Grotle: See that lumbering creature over there, Grotle? Fire your Razor Leaves at it, now!!

*Grotle begins to do so, but Lucas is startled to see the figure instantly turn and face him, even before most of the Razor Leaves had left Grotle’s body. The lumbering beast then blasts a fearsome Blood Moon beam from its forehead, straight at Grotle…which easily takes out the partially-evolved turtloid Pokemon.*

Lucas, sounding worried: That’s…pretty scary!! But Honchkrow…show it how brave you are, at least! Brave Bird attack, now!!

*Honchkrow appears, and dive bombs towards the lumbering behemoth, firing a volley of Earth Power shots at Honchkrow, who nimbly evades all of them, thanks to being a Flying-type. The beast gets hit hard, as it lets out another harrowing cry…before firing off another crimson-colored forehead blast, which ends up making quick work of Honchkrow, too.*

Lucas, sounding distraught: Er…Hisuian Voltorb, try and strike it down from afar, with a Thunder blast!!

*Voltorb tries in vain to blast the beast several times, but the lumbering beast acts impartial to each strike, as it instead uses the time to close in the distance between itself and Lucas. It had eventually gotten so close, that it was able to Slash away at the Grass-typed Voltorb with just one swing of its claw, to knock it out. Lucas stood in terror, at the disheveled appearance of the towering ursarid.*

Lucas, shaking his head in distress: Kleavor, it’s up to you now!! Unleash an Earthquake, and stun this thing’s movements!!

*Kleavor appears, and stares in shock at its fellow Lord. Ursaluna appeared to have looked surprised as well, but its forehead had already begun to glow crimson once more. In just a matter of moments, another sinister crimson-tinted beam fires out, and not only decimates Kleavor’s body in the blast, but the beam travels straight for Lucas, as well…causing them both to be blown back several feet from where they stood before.*

Lucas, slowly taking out an Apri Ball out of his bag, in desperation, after noticing that Kleavor had just barely taken the blast worse than he had: I know…I told Irida I wouldn’t do this…but if I don’t…I’m going to…no, we’ll all end up dying to this thing! Forgive me, Irida…

*Although Lucas found that he lacked the energy needed to actually throw the Apri Ball forward, he is able to roll it over towards the lumbering Ursaluna, at least. As the Blood Moon-possessed Ursaluna marches forward, it ends up stepping on, and triggering the Apri Ball that had rested under his feet, as it suddenly absorbs the gargantuan creature…and to Lucas’ relief, it ends up clicking shut, as well.*

Lucas, thinking to himself, as his consciousness begins to drift off: Good…job…Kleavor…that was your old friend, wasn’t it? I hope Irida…doesn’t get…too mad…


Lucas' Current Team:
Shiny Grotle (Withdraw, Razor Leaf, Body Slam, Leech Seed)
Honchkrow (Fly, Haze, Brave Bird, Drill Peck)
Hisuian Voltorb (Thunder)
Parasect (Spore, Bug Bite)
Kleavor (Stone Edge, Ancient Power)
Bloodmoon Ursaluna (Blood Moon, Earth Power, Slash)

Chapter 21: The Correction of Time


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

*That evening in Hisui, word finally got to the Galaxy HQ that Lucas had been involved in some sort of accident at the Crimson Mirelands, that involved capturing another of the Pearl Clan’s Lords. A messenger relays the information to a group that gathers in Cyllene’s office.*

Commander Komado, upon hearing the news: This boy…he’s a bad omen. The Galaxy Team is supposed to be the mediator between the Diamond and Pearl Clan’s little feud. However, if this boy keeps intruding on the Pearl Clan’s sacred Pokemon like this, our efforts will be for naught!

Cyllene, frowning: Unfortunately, I’m inclined to agree with the Commander’s sentiments. If we’re to bring their feud to an end, we can’t allow the actions of one boy to undermine everything else we’re trying to accomplish. …Send word to both Adaman and Iridia…that we have cut ties with him. If Adaman wishes to rescue him, and recruit him into the Diamond Clan, he may.

Cyrus, who had also been in Cyllene’s office, for…reasons: Wait…are we not going to at least…make sure he’s okay? I may not know much about the kid, but I feel I should at least…you know…make sure he’s alright, considering that…he may well be the closest person resembling family I have here.

Cyllene, looking pained: If you wish to bring him to the Diamond Clan’s Settlement…I suppose I would have no issue with that, especially as you’re already familiar with the area. However, I want- no…I would advise…you to stay with the Galaxy Team, even in spite of this tough decision we’ve officially had to make.

Cyrus, frowning: So…I’d be choosing between you and the boy, it seems.

Cyllene, closing her eyes: Indeed. I do hope you choose wisely…Cyrus. We cannot afford a middle ground right now, with how rash Irida has been known to act. Regardless…I’m not blind to the fact of how important family can be to an individual. …Do report back to me when you’ve made a decision. That is all.

*Cyrus leaves with a nod, and takes off for Firepit Island, on the back of Honchkrow.*


*After arriving at Firepit Island, Cyrus finds Lucas, who looked completely unconscious, but otherwise, seemed unharmed. His Pokemon, however…looked nothing like anything he’d ever seen before. Still, Cyrus scoops up a nearby Apri Ball, absorbs the Pokemon back inside, and sticks it back on Lucas’ belt, before having Honchkrow take them all back to the Diamond Clan settlement.*


Adaman, upon seeing Cyrus holding Lucas’ unconscious body: Oh no, Lucas!! What…happened to him…?

Cyrus, laying Lucas onto the first bed he could find: It seems he was attacked by one of the Pearl Clan’s Lords, in an altercation of sorts. We don’t know why, but he seems to have captured it, as well…but fainted right afterwards, along with the Kleavor we found him with.

Adaman, looking down at Lucas, in sadness: No…Lucas!! Not only were you the most effective mediator for us…but you even caught another of the Pearl Clan’s Lords, too! I doubt Irida’s too happy right now, but…you didn’t deserve this fate, little dude…

Cyrus, after pausing for a moment: …Do you…think there’s any way we can heal him?

Adaman, frowning: Well, the Diamond Clan doesn’t have very many medical professionals among our ranks, but there could always be one catch-all solution…if I were ever able to meet them, that is. And that would mean…meeting the Great Sinnoh.

Cyrus, rubbing his chin: Sinnoh, you say? Of all the names I’ve had thrown at me these last few days, that one by far rings the loudest of all of them to me. Help me jog my memory, though. What does this…Sinnoh look like?

Adaman, chuckling: Well, first off, I’d be careful on who you ask that question towards. The zealots in the Pearl Clan will give you all sorts of hearsay about Sinnoh being the God of Space…but anyone with a halfway functioning brain knows that the Great Sinnoh is ACTUALLY a God of Time. In fact, we even have a few ancient illustrations here of what He supposedly looks like in the flesh, when he made an appearance all of those many years ago! Majestic, don’t you think?

Cyrus, staring in awe, at the illustration in the book that Adaman held to his face: Dialga…that Pokemon…! I…I remember it!!

Adaman, sounding amazed: Wait…you’ve…SEEN this Pokemon?! But…how did-

Cyrus, clenching his forehead with his hands, as he struggles to stay standing upright: Yes…the memories…! They’re all…coming back to me now!! The form might be different…but I’ve definitely seen…that Pokemon before…! In fact…in fact, it was the one who brought me here!!

Adaman, taking a few steps back in shock: Hold on…you’ve…seriously encountered this Pokemon?! I know the word around Hisui is that you’re some…spaceman from the future, but like…was there actually some truth to those rumors?!

Cyrus, finally managing to nearly regain his posture: Yes…that is…the truth. It was through the help of Dialga…that I’m here now. Which means that, if I were to re-summon Dialga…

*Cyrus whips the Red Chain out of his pocket, as Adaman stares in disbelief.*

Cyrus, grinning menacingly: I should be able to finish what I nearly started!! Adaman…you have my thanks, for triggering these memories to come back to me. But now…I have a new world to create.

Adaman, stuttering: T-the Crimson Entangler…how…how did you…

*Cyrus calls out Honchkrow once more, with nary an explanation given to Adaman, as he takes off for the Temple of Sinnoh once more, like he technically had just one week earlier.*

Adaman, thinking to himself, as he looks down at Lucas’ body, as it lies in stillness on his bed: Lucas…this ‘friend’ of yours is really turning out to be way more than we bargained for, that’s for sure. To think that even the Galaxy Team trusted this heretic…! No…that’s just it! He’s just a heretic…unlike me, who is the true heir to the great Sinnoh’s power!

*Adaman then calls out Leafeon, who initially looks quite confused as to why he was called out.*

Adaman, speaking to the feline-like Pokemon: Leafeon…it is time. The time has come…to show everyone in Hisui that the great Sinnoh truly governs time itself. It’s time to end this petty war…and show everyone Sinnoh’s true form.

Leafeon, sounding surprised at Adaman’s sudden gumption: Leaf, eon on?!

Adaman, nodding: Yep…the Temple of Sinnoh. That’s where we’ll truly stake our claim. Now, there isn’t a moment to lose. It’s time to summon Braviary.


*Upon heading to the Temple of Sinnoh, Cyrus makes sure to fling the end of the Red Chain high into the air, once again, as he begins to fly it like a kite once more. Soon, he had even managed to re-summon Dialga, just as he’d hoped to do before.*

Cyrus, with a giant smile on his face, that he seemed completely unaware of: Yes…Dialga! Once again, we meet! Now…take me back in time…to the beginning of time itself! From there…I shall create the world anew, in my own-

Adaman, interrupting Cyrus’ thoughts, from nearby: -Sorry to intrude, Mr. Spaceman, but how about you let the real Guardian of Sinnoh take over?

Cyrus, turning around in horror, as he sees Adaman being flown down to his level, being aided by a Hisuian Braviary: You’re too late, Adaman. Dialga’s power is all mine now…and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Adaman, chuckling: Is that so? Funny, because it looks like you aren’t even bringing out the great Sinnoh’s true potential!

Cyrus, scoffing: You mean Dialga’s true potential? Look upon this sight. By wielding the Red Chain, I command Dialga’s every movement. How do you seek to rival such power?

Adaman, giving Cyrus a quick wink: Oh, I don’t think I can. As the leader of the Diamond Clan…I KNOW I can!

*Adaman tears the Orb off of the tip of the neck ornament he wore, before holding it high into the air.*


*Dialga lets out a massive Roar, who’s force not only shakes the very mountains they stood on, but is able to shatter the very Chain that Cyrus had been barely managing to hold onto.*

Cyrus, watching as the Chain begins to crumble to dust in his hands, as Dialga begins to transform: No…NO!! This can’t be the end…not after I was this close…!

Adaman, grinning with victory, as Dialga suddenly begins to slowly float to the area behind him: Face it Cyrus…you’ve lost. Controlling a Pokemon with such a wicked device was never going to work…when compared to the power that I possess, as the Diamond Clan’s chosen leader! Now, Almighty Sinnoh…fix this time stream, by sending this heretic…and Lucas, too…back to where…er, when, they came from!!

*Dialga unleashes a Roar of Time so harsh, that everyone from all four corners of Hisui could hear it. Cyrus, and in turn, Lucas as well, end up being flung forwards 200 years in time, back at Spear Pillar, to the shock of everyone else that had previously gathered there as well.*


*While al of this was going on, Akari had caught wind of Lucas having been injured, from her parents…prompting her to immediately start making tracks towards the hospital where Lucas had been resting, in the Diamond Clan.*

Akari, upon reaching the bed that Lucas had been placed in: No…Lucas…! How…how could this have happened…?!

*Akari gasps, in the midst of her tears, at the fact that not only was Lucas gravely injured, but his body…was now disappearing, too?!*

Akari, shaking her head in disbelief: No…w-what’s happening?! Lucas…you can’t be…leaving us, are you…? Please…don’t forget me!! Wait…I know!!

*Quickly, Akari takes out her Poke Ball that contained Hisuian Lilligant, and swaps it with the Poke Ball containing Honchkrow, on Lucas’ belt.*

Akari, trying to smile, in spite of her tears: Th-there. Now, wherever you go…hopefully you’ll always remember me, whenever you see Lilligant! Please…don’t forget me…don’t forget us, Lucas!!!


*Suddenly, both Cyrus and Lucas appear atop Spear Pillar once again. With Lucas having toppled unconsciously to the ground, while Cyrus stands still, with a horrified look still on his face.*

Cynthia, gasping: They’re back!

Dawn, rushing towards Lucas: LUCAS!! What the hell did that guy do to you?!?

Mars, looking disgusted, as she approaches Cyrus too: Yeah, what did you do back there, Cyrus? Things certainly don’t look much different on this side of the timeline, after all…

Jupiter, nodding, with curiosity: Indeed…and what happened to the Red Chain you were holding?

Cyrus, after glancing between his two angered admins, and Dawn, kneeling to his left, who looked as if she wanted to strangle him: The plan…encountered…a fair share of setbacks, I’m afraid. For now…I think we should retreat…and keep a low profile for awhile, while we’re at it.

Palmer, gritting his teeth, as he tries to control his anger: Not while I’m here, you’re not! I don’t think you realize it, but Sinnoh’s two highest-ranking Trainers are literally right here, and ready to take you all to the authorities! Not to mention that you creeps still have my son! I’ll make sure that you three all get what’s coming to you…and then some!!

Jupiter, shaking her head: Not today we aren’t, try-hard. Bronzong, Teleport us back to HQ. I’m sure we have a lot to discuss.

*Bronzong suddenly appears from behind Jupiter, as it beams the trio of Galaxy Corporation heads away, before warping itself away afterwards, as well.*

Dawn, sounding outraged: Damnit…not even you guys could stop them?!

Cynthia, closing her eyes, and shaking her head: This isn’t the time or place for pointing fingers. That boy… and Falkner clearly need medical attention, before anything. Palmer?

Palmer, calling out his Dragonite: Already on it. Dawn, keep an eye on those two on the ride to the hospital, would you?

*Dawn agrees, as Cynthia helps heave Lucas and Falkner’s limp bodies onto Dragonite, as they all get flown to the nearest hospital, in short order.*


Lucas' Current Team:
Shiny Grotle (Withdraw, Razor Leaf, Body Slam, Leech Seed)
Hisuian Lilligant
Hisuian Voltorb (Thunder)
Parasect (Spore, Bug Bite)
Kleavor (Stone Edge, Ancient Power)
Bloodmoon Ursaluna (Blood Moon, Earth Power, Slash)

Chapter 22: Chasing After Wishes


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

*At a hospital in Celestic Town, Dawn sits with Cynthia and Palmer, in the waiting room, to find out if Lucas and Falkner would be okay. Cynthia noticed that Palmer seemed quite antsy, and was constantly checking his phone.*

Cynthia, frowning: I take it Barry’s safety is still weighing heavily on your mind? You can go after them if you want…I’ll provide you backup shortly, of course.

Palmer, shaking his head: As much as I want to do that…I fear that I’d be severely outnumbered, if I went in there alone. With Sinnoh’s Champion at my side, however…I know we can rescue him. Besides, I know that Falkner is important to you. I wouldn’t want to leave your side during a time like this, either, after all we’ve been through together.

Cynthia, almost blushing: You’d almost make me think you were still a bachelor, Palmer…if I hadn’t known you’ve been a married man for over a decade now.

Palmer, chuckling: Well, what can I say? We have history too, don’t we? Heck, I’ve known you for longer than even Diana, after all…

Dawn, rolling her eyes at the pair’s platonic musings: Ugh, get a room, you two…or at least sit next to each other or something, so I’m not the one in the middle of…whatever this is!!

*Cynthia and Palmer both share a laugh at Dawn’s outburst, as a doctor walks into the waiting room, prompting them to all settle down.*

Doctor: You three brought in…Lucas and Falkner, yes? Well, I’m afraid their injuries are both quite serious. Lucas’ injuries, in particular, seem to be tied to the exposure of…some kind of mystical energy, the likes of which we can’t even identify! It could take months…maybe even years for him to wake back up…if ever.

Dawn, sounding immediately grief-struck over the news: What?! That can’t be right…! All of Cyrus’ Pokemon…he…he couldn’t have attacked Lucas with Dialga, could he have?!

Cynthia, frowning, as she places her hand on Dawn’s shoulder: There’s no way we can know for sure, until either Lucas wakes up, or Cyrus is in custody. Regardless…there could still be a way to save him, all the same.

Dawn, sounding hopeful suddenly: Really?! But…how?

Cynthia, closing her eyes: In Floaroma Town, my great, great grandmother takes care of a mythical Pokemon, called Jirachi. If you can convince her to let you have it, you might be able to heal both Lucas AND Falkner to full health again. But I’ll warn you now…that woman is nearly on death’s doorstep herself…and even in my youth, she refused to pass down Jirachi to me. If you’re lucky, however…perhaps she’ll think differently about you.

Palmer, frowning: Regardless, I’ve contacted Lucas’ parents about the situation, and reported Falkner’s status to Interpol. We really should focus our efforts on storming the Galaxy Corporation’s HQ now…now that all of Sinnoh has seen the proof of their illegal activities, as of now.

Cynthia, nodding, as she gets off of the waiting room chair: I agree. Dawn…I bid you farewell. Stay safe out there, and may we meet again.

Dawn, nodding: Yeah. Well…thank you, for that information of yours, at least. I’ll make sure Floaroma Town is my next destination…and I’ll help save Lucas, no matter what it takes!

Cynthia, smiling: I wish you the best of luck then, Dawn…as my great grandmother is truly among the ficklest people I’ve ever met. Well, Palmer? How about we go rescue your kid?

Palmer, nodding, as he looked about ready to bolt, just like Barry usually was: I thought you’d never ask. A pleasure meeting you, Dawn.

*The trio then go their separate ways, in their respective missions to save the people most important to them.*


*In the Galaxy Corporation HQ, inside of Cyrus’ office, the figurehead of the enterprise finds himself surrounded by all three of his loyalest admins, who now had a whole host of questions on their mind.*

Saturn, shaking his head in distress: I…don’t understand. Were you not able to go back to the past, Cyrus?

Mars, sneering: Oh, he did alright. Jupiter and I saw him summon that Dialga thing, with our very eyes!

Jupiter, eyeing down Cyrus with disdain: Indeed…and he came right back to our timeline, almost as soon as he’d left. You realize how much we had bet on this all being a success, don’t you, Cyrus?

Cyrus, sighing: I’m well aware…Jupiter. I realize this all may seem confusing to you…but trust me, I, too, am unsure of exactly what happened. I felt as if…I had been turned into a completely different person, until I had my memories of Dialga reawoken to my subconscious…

Mars, snapping back at her commander: Well, how the hell did you forget about Dialga in the first place?! We literally saw you drag the damn thing out of the sky, after all!

Cyrus, closing his eyes: I…believe I understand why it all happened now…but regardless, none of that is important now. The facts remain…that the Lake Spirits are dead, and their Crests have been used up. Meanwhile, we also told all of Sinnoh of our plans, meaning that we likely have little time left, as a corporate entity. As such…there’s but one way I can think of, to salvage our plans still.

Saturn, crossing his arms: Well, considering that I don’t look good in stripes, I’d certainly hope this backup plan of yours is foolproof, Commander.

Cyrus, nodding: It is. You see, in my younger days, I was quite close to a certain woman. And that woman’s great, great grandmother…kept close eye on a little Pokemon called…Jirachi. It has the power to grant any wish. How that woman was able to refrain from making any is beyond me…but if we can get our hands on it…I may still be able to create our new world yet.

Mars, grinning sinisterly: So, some old lady has a Pokemon that powerful, huh? You should let me deal with her, Cyrus. You know I have a way with words, when I want to have my way, after all.

Cyrus, nodding slowly: …Fine. Normally I’d handle this matter myself…but I can’t risk being spotted in the public, after what we’ve just done. As the Galaxy Corporation’s CEO…I likely have a massive target on my head, even as we speak. Mars…whatever you do, do not fail this mission, and return to HQ the moment you swipe it. The old woman’s name is Gertrude, and she lives in a cottage in the western sector of Floaroma Town. It’s a building that looks older than any other building on the street, and that’s because it is. You should have no trouble finding it.

Mars, nodding, with an evil smile: Duly noted. Don’t worry, as my head’s just as much of a target as yours is, after all. If we can’t go and reset the world…I’ll be in just as deep of sh*t as you are, right? I’ll be back before you know it! Bronzong, Teleport me over to Floaroma Town, pronto!!

*Bronzong appears, and blinks away both itself and Mars, in nearly an instant flash.*

Cyrus, looking to his two remaining Admins: Jupiter, Saturn. Until further notice, you two are on guard duty, in the lobby. It’s only a matter of time until Cynthia and Palmer arrive here, and I need you both to slow them down, until Mars completes her mission. Can I trust that you’ll handle this?

Saturn, nodding, with a slight smile: Well, I can’t assure you that my team will manage to beat them, as it were…

Jupiter, nodding succinctly: …But if it’s time you need wasted, I’m sure we’ll find a way. Right Bronzong?

*Bronzong lets out a hollow cry, before Teleporting both Jupiter and Saturn away, as Cyrus continues to sweat.*

Cyrus, thinking to himself: Well, the contingency plan has been set…but if this doesn’t work out…my perfect world may not actually happen…despite everything up to Mount Coronet going exactly as planned. What the hell was I doing in Hisui all that time, being a…father of all things?! No…this isn’t the time for regrets. Clearly, some outside force was manipulating me back then. But now…now is the time, when I can still fix this world. Mars…my dreams now rest with you. Do not fail me…or else it’ll be the end of all of us.*


*Not long later, Dawn arrives at the cottage that Cynthia had described, in a lonely corner of Floaroma Town. Knocking on the door, she quickly decides to let herself in, upon not hearing an answer.*

Dawn, looking around the dusty interior: Hey…is anyone here?! Cynthia told me that you have a Jirachi, and my…friend…is really sick, and needs help!!

Old woman’s voice, from nearby: Cynthia, you say? If she’s the one who brought you here, I suggest you stop wasting both of our time, and just leave!

Dawn, running into the room where she heard the voice coming from: Hey! Is that any way to talk about your great granddaughter? She’s Sinnoh’s Pokemon League Champion too, you know!

Old woman, as she continues to lie in her bed, next to her husband: Indeed…while she’s a strong Trainer, I know why she’s likely sent you here…and you can’t have Jirachi!!

Dawn, sounding offended: And why not? It’s not exactly like you’re using it for much of anything, are you?

Old woman: I’m not! But I’m well aware of the consequences that could come with the misuse of Jirachi’s powers! Hence, why even I’ve not even made a wish with its Wish Tags! Once those three wishes are used up…there’s no going back, and wishing things back to normal!

Dawn, with her hands on her hips: Well, even I could have guessed that! But it’s just a waste to just…not use the Wish Tags either, right?!

Old man, next to his wife: That’s not true, little girl. This Jirachi could very well be the only one of it’s kind…and if this world only gets a chance to be affected by three wishes…they really should be cherished, and used only for dire emergencies…such as preventing a war, like we nearly had to do, back in our younger days. Fortunately, things came to a more peaceful and natural conclusion…but if things were ever to escalate once again…that is precisely when Jirachi’s powers should be used.

Mars’ voice, coming from somewhere nearby: A nice little methodology, to be sure…but you idiots have forgotten one important thing - this world is already completely messed up. As such, I’ll be taking that thing for myself, and the rest of Team Galactic.

Old man, sounding startled: Gak…who’s this…fiend, you brought with you, little girl?!

Dawn, shaking her head wildly: I had nothing to do with her being here, honest!! I can only guess…that the Galaxy Corporation was listening in on our conversation at the hospital!!

Mars, sneering: Please, as if the Galaxy Corporation would stoop that low! I’ll have you know I got my intel straight from Cyrus himself!!

Dawn, getting in Mars’ face: You really expect me to believe a lie as lazy as that?!

Old woman, sighing: Little girl…I’m afraid that the bitter woman might be telling the truth, actually.

Dawn, sounding shocked: What?! But…how?! How…would Cyrus even know about you…?

Old woman, sighing: It goes back a long time…to when my great granddaughter was about your age, actually. You see, when Cynthia was your age, actually, she-

Mars, snapping at the old lady: -Forget the stupid flashbacks, and hand over that Jirachi, unless you wanna get hurt!!

Dawn, getting right in front of Mars’ face: How dare you threaten helpless old people like them! If you’re gonna be a bully, I’ll be a bully right back! Piplup, unleash a Whirlpool, now!!

Mars, scoffing: You still haven’t evolved that thing?! The world as you know it will end, before that pip squeak ever evolves! Purugly, now that we don’t have that stupid Garchomp to worry about this time…Slash it to bits, as we planned before!

*Purugly gets a lucky Slash in at Piplup, and faints her, but not before getting trapped in a Whirlpool of water, for her efforts.*

Dawn, sounding unbothered: Now, Drifloon! Since Purugly can hardly move, place a Curse on it, to enfeeble it even further!!

Mars, sounding annoyed: Purugly doesn’t need to move, to prove just how weak your Pokemon are! A simple Glare will be enough to prove that! Do it, Purugly!!

*In the epicenter of Piplup’s Whirlpool, although Drifloon couldn’t get a solid view on Purugly’s face, Drifloon was able to inflict a Curse on her all the same, causing the large feline to let out a horrified squeal.*

Dawn, sounding confident now: Yeah! Now, send out some Will O’ Wisps to burn it too, Drifloon!!

Mars, sounding distraught: Purugly, try and Slash your way out of the Whirlpool, or something!

*Try as Purugly might, the torrent of water stays firm, allowing the flaming Wisps to connect to Purugly’s flailing body, even amidst her watery entrapment. In the end, however, Purugly soon faints to all of her various ailments.*

Mars, sounding irritated: Alright, you’ve had your fun, kid…but now, it’s time to get serious! Bronzong, charge up a Shadow Ball, and fire!!

Dawn, sounding concerned: A Ghost-type move? Sounds like something Starly should handle instead. Starly, hit it with a Heat Wave!!

*Dawn quickly calls back Drifloon, who swaps out with Starly. Bronzong tries in vain to blast the little bird with various Shadow Balls, but Starly merely Flies through them all, with Heat coming from her wings, all the while. Her flight is cut short, however, upon bonking her head onto Bronzong’s steely exterior.*

Mars, cackling: What? Did you expect that tiny bird of yours to do anything to Bronzong here? Give me a break! Bronzong, finish that bird brain off, with a Charge Beam.

Dawn, seeming confident still: Starly, just…generate some more Heat! Come on, I KNOW you can do it!!

*Bronzong raises its arms, before firing off a stray Charge Beam of electricity from its ‘forehead’. Starly quickly goes down afterwards, in spite of how vigorously she had been flapping her wings to generate another Heat Wave beforehand.*

Dawn, sounding a bit shaken: Ugh…you…you meanie!! Drifloon, Will O’ Wisps, now!!

Mars, snorting unexpectedly loudly: Seriously?! You realize that Bronzong’s Heatproof ability shields it from Fire-type moves like that, right? If you’re little bird couldn’t do anything to him, your balloon won’t either! Pop that thing with a Shadow Ball, if you would!

*Bronzong’s Shadow Ball ends up plowing straight through Drifloon’s little Wisps, and knocks it out cleanly, to Dawn’s dismay.*

Mars, shoving Dawn out of the way, upon realizing she was out of Pokemon: Outta the way, kid. I’ve got a Mythical Pokemon to grab here, you know.

Dawn, after letting out a yelp, upon hitting the ground: You know…if there was ever a time and place to make a wish right now…this would probably be it…!

Old man, chuckling: Normally, I would agree, little girl. But let’s just say…we have the proper means of keeping Jirachi safe. Mew, come forth…and Teleport us both, to a faraway place!

*Dawn gasps, upon the sight of a different Mythical Pokemon suddenly appearing before her eyes, before enveloping the two elders in a bright light, before they all warp away. Now, with only Dawn and Mars left in the room, Mars glares down at Dawn, in disgust.*

Mars: You meddlesome little bitch! If it wasn’t for you, I could have just killed those two from the start, and grabbed that Jirachi no problem! But you…you just had to mess things up, didn’t you?!

Dawn, sounding offended: I messed things up?! You’re the one who wanted to rob those old timers of their Mythical Pokemon!

Mars, rolling her eyes: And you weren’t essentially here for the very same reason? Give me a break! Bronzong, Hypnotize the girl, before we bring her into the HQ.

Dawn, stuttering, as Bronzong slowly approaches her position: W-wait…using attacks like that against a human is…highly…illegal…

Mars, after propping Dawn’s sleeping body onto her shoulders: Irritating girl…but Cyrus should be happy that I was able to deal with her at least, if nothing else. Well, Bronzong? Teleport us back to HQ.

*Bronzong complies, and in mere moments, Mars found herself back in Cyrus’ office. Inside, she finds herself in the midst of a Pokemon battle, between Cyrus, Cynthia, and Palmer?!*

Mars, sounding alarmed: Cyrus…don’t tell me those international police freaks already arrived!

Cyrus, shaking his head, as he turns his attention to Mars: Nevermind them…tell me, were you able to acquire Jirachi?

Mars, sighing, as she looks to the ground: No…I wasn’t. The granny’s husband called out a Mew, and Teleported themselves away with it. I did grab this pest on the way out, though…

Cynthia, sounding disgusted, on the other side of the battle: So, it wasn’t enough to try and rob my grandmother…but you went and hurt another innocent Trainer too?! Where does your treachery end, Cyrus?

Cyrus, closing his eyes: Ironic, that you should be asking me that question, Cynthia…when it was you who drove me down this path, to begin with.

Palmer, sounding confused: Cynthia…surely this creep couldn’t have known you in the past…could he have?

Cynthia, closing her eyes: He’s telling the truth, Palmer…but only half of it.

Palmer, sounding shocked: Only…half of it? Dare I ask what the history between you two is…?

Cynthia, sighing: It’s…not a story I wish to share openly, Palmer.

Cyrus, opening his eyes back up: Then allow me to tell it, in your stead, Cynthia. You see, it all goes back to when we were kids…


Dawn's Current Team:
Shiny Piplup (Bubble, Water Sport, Whirlpool)
Starly (Fly, Heat Wave)
Drifloon (Fly, Toxic, Will O' Wisp, Curse)

Mars' Team:
Purugly (Hypnosis, Glare, Slash, Dig)
Bronzong (Heatproof) (Teleport, Shadow Ball, Charge Beam, Hypnosis)

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